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Substitute for Vegetable Shortening in Parker House Rolls

Thanks for the tips. I used butter and it worked out great. This was my first time making rolls and they were quickly gobbled up. Would recommend again.

Nov 04, 2012
rmk3034 in Home Cooking

Substitute for Vegetable Shortening in Parker House Rolls

I would like to make Parker House rolls for a dinner this weekend ( but would rather not use vegetable shortening (or lard for that matter). Would butter work here? If so, in what ratio?

Thanks so much for the advice!

Nov 02, 2012
rmk3034 in Home Cooking

Help With Celebration Dinner

Wanted to solicit some advice from the crowd. I have recently been promoted and wanted to take my significant other out to celebrate. I have narrowed down my options to: Eola, Obelisk, Ardeo Bardeo, Palena, and Birch and Barley. I've eaten at the last three before and enjoyed all of them though am wondering if the first two are worth checking out in favor of the others. I'm looking to spend around $250 for two people (including alcohol). I prefer fish and vegetarian while the SO will eat almost anything.

Thanks for any thoughts!

Drive to Yosemite

I'll be heading to the SF area for a week and as part of this trip will be driving to Yosemite Monday morning. Is there anything worth eating along the way or is it better to fill up in SF before we head out for a week of grilling? Vegetarian friendly preferred but not critical.

Thanks for the recc's.

Dinner with Work Colleagues (no small plates!)

I'm coming to Chicago for a conference in a couple weeks with some co-workers and am looking for a moderately priced dinner spot (entrees high teens, low twenties). I like lots of different foods but co-workers are less adventurous. Also, since they are coworkers, would rather not do small plates since I think it would be awkward to share with these people (though I know Chicago has some amazing small plates places).

We are staying at the Courtyard Marriott on Michigan Ave so somewhere within walking distance would be preferable. Similar places I like in DC (if anyone's familiar) include Busboys and Poets, Birch and Barley, 2 Amy's.

Thanks so much for everyone's help!

Nov 17, 2011
rmk3034 in Chicago Area

Need help for my boyfriend's birthday!

I will be in Miami for a few days next week with my boyfriend and this coincides with his birthday! I am looking for some type of beer tasting/cocktail tasting/scotch tasting/cigar bar that people know of as an event we can do together. I am more the foodie than he is so a nice restaurant is really more a gift to me than him. Any ideas of unique Miami places that might do something like this?

Thanks so much!