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Enoch Turner - wedding caterers (Daniel et Danile et all are duds)

I'm surprised at the quote you got from 10Tation.
We were considering Enoch and 10tation got back to me right away with 3 quotes (one for an alternate venue) and all were under $15, 000 for 100 people, no chicken.
I agree, I wasn't overly excited by the menu...

D et D took a while to get back to me (more than a few weeks I think) but also gave a very thorough quote, but with a chicken main. To be fair, we had stressed afforability.

We ended up booking St. Lawrence Hall because you can choose any caterer you want, no hertiage fee. We just tasted with Noble and are checking out Food Dudes.

I have to say in regards to Noble, it's a little weird to have a tasting at a diner in an industrial area and I thought some of the food was great (tequila lamb app), some was ok (goat cheese and pepperdew) and some wasn't that good (the salty beef main with the greasy wonton thingy).
I was very impressed with Tina who put up with my M.I.L. grilling her like crazy and the chef and staff were very personable. If we go with them we will definately tweak the menu we chose.

I am excited about tasting with the Food Dudes! The menu they gave us looks amazing. I'm just nervous because they don't break down the quote the same way the bigger companies do and I can tell from their staffing prices they are slightly higher. Check out their website if you want something a little more fresh menu-wise. Good luck and enjoy!

Toronto Wedding Caterer - Food Dudes?

Just wondering if anyone out there has used the Food Dudes to cater their wedding...

I'm looking into En Ville, 10tation and Daniel et Daniel but can use ANY caterer for our venue and would like some input from anyone who's gotten married recently. I'm finding all the quotes a little high, but maybe that's just how this City is...

Any help would be appreciated!