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Brunch Rec needed in the middle of nowhere!

Hey Hounds,

I have friends from out of town coming into the city.
We'd like to do brunch, but there are some restrictions that make it tricky.

A) They have a 3 mth old infant with them, so traveling around the city is a bit difficult.
B) They're staying on 6th ave. and 39th Street.....I know there's a dearth of good things in this neighborhood, but I need to find something

Please help. Any Brunch recommendations within walking (10 minutes max) distance of 39th and 6th ave. are greatly appreciated.


Oct 22, 2008
Insatiable in Manhattan

Restaurant Week Recs near Lincoln Center??

Hey chowhounds.

I'm looking for a nice place near Lincoln Center for a pre-theater dinner with the folks. Preferably particpating in restaurant week, and not too much of a scene (the folks are not fans of excessive noise)

any and all recs are welcome.



Jul 17, 2008
Insatiable in Manhattan

Need Help Taking "Extravagant" Down a Notch

OK. Chowhounds,

My fiancé and I have a tradition of taking each other out for Extravagant dinners on our birthday's. In the past we've done Daniel, Babbo, WD-50, Bouley, Hearth, Nobu, etc.

But this year I'm a student and we're also saving for our upcoming nuptials. So we've agreed to take the B'day dinner tradition down a notch.

I'm looking for excellent food at not so sky-high prices. We appreciate all kinds of cuisines and are very adventurous. I'm looking for things along the lines of Chubo, ALOE, Salt, Haru, etc. All of those are excellent places, but we've done them on other occasions.

All recommendations are appreciated.


Jan 08, 2008
Insatiable in Manhattan

NOBU Recs?

Dear Chowhounds,

I'm taking a friend and his wife to dinner at Nobu on Saturday as a wedding present.
I've searched the boards and haven't found anything recent on Nobu.
So Chowhounds, I'm curious. What are your recommendations? What are the must-haves, and the things you could do without? Should we order dessert there, or go elsewhere.

Any and all guidance is appreciated.


May 24, 2007
Insatiable in Manhattan

Need Unique B'day recs.


My girlfriend and I have a long standing tradition of taking each other out to excellent and possibly unique restaurants on our Birthdays.
Past Dinners have included WD-50, Babbo, Annisa, Hearth, Bar Jamon, Chubo, etc.
Well, her birthday is fast approaching and I've been swamped with work. I've done no research and am scrambling.
Newer places are a Plus, Tasting menus are a plus, and we don't shy away from unique flavors and ingredients.
I have just under a month - - so reservations are not a huge problem at the moment.

What tops your lists???

Dec 11, 2006
Insatiable in Manhattan