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Drip Coffee Maker recommendation

Hi Politeness,

Just read this thread. I realize this is an old thread, and CocoaNut has already made a purchase, but see my post on thread, "Looking for great coffeemaker".

Oct 15, 2011
rhymeswithteeth in Cookware

Angus Beef (It's only a marketing term)

How did he taste?

Looking for great coffee maker

Many things influence the quality of the coffee you make: Quality and freshness of the beans, the grind of the beans, water quality, water temperature during brewing, size of the shower head (diameter of the shower head, and diameter of the holes in the shower head), drip volume (how fast the water flows from the shower head. An insufficient flow does not adequately soak the grinds or flood the filter basket)

I like my coffee strong. After 20 years, my Proctor-Silex machine gave up the ghost. I purchased a Black & Decker machine on sale for $59. The coffee was very weak. I returned it a got a $79 De Longhi (sp?) machine. Same thing. Weak coffee. Upon inspection I noticed the grinds were not thoroughly saturated. The upper outside edges were not even wet. Upon further inspection I noticed the shower head was very small with very small holes.

On a trip to my local super market/drug store I looked at some coffee makers there and discovered a Sylvania machine with the kind of shower head I was looking for. I made the purchase. At home, using a digital meat themometer, I took the temperature of the coffee between the bottom of the basket and the top of the carafe. The Sylvania temp was 197. The De Longhi temp was 167. The coffee from the Sylvania was full and rich. I had a winner!

The price for the Sylvania? $13.99 (Canadian). Yeah, that's right. $13.99!! Of course, at that price you don't get programmable. You get an on/off switch. I know how hard it is to turn on a coffee machine in the morning (that you set up with coffee and water the night before) before you hop in the shower (sarcasm). But, for the price difference and the quality difference maybe it's not too much trouble.

Oct 05, 2011
rhymeswithteeth in Cookware

Our de buyer Carbon Steel Cookware Experience

Hi gang. I'm new to adding comments to forums, so I hope I'm doing this correctly.

I've noticed some comments about the smaller de Buyer pans tipping towards the handle. Could this be remedied by taking the pan to a local machine shop (or into your own garage if you're a handy-man) and having them drill some holes up the length of the handle? This would possibly also remedy the problem of the handles getting hot during frying, and could be done to all the pans not just the small ones. Providing the holes were not too large, it shouldn't seriously diminish the strength of the handle.

Oct 02, 2011
rhymeswithteeth in Cookware

The Basics: How to Make Roasted Chicken Breast

Mix dejon mustard with lemon juice, brush on boneless skinless breast (you can also marinade if you have time), top with bacon, bake 'til done. Thank me later.

Oct 02, 2011
rhymeswithteeth in Features