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Croissants - SF Dish of the Month February 2014

Hmm, I loved Fournee...reminded me of Paris...where do you like croissants? I can always use a good tip! Thanks.

Best Tortas?

Great suggestion, ML8000!

Best Tortas?

Cannot wait!

Best Tortas?

Yummy, gracias!

Best Tortas?

Lookin for best tortas, preferably in Oakland/east bay. What criteria do you use that makes your choice your favorite?

What to do with a ton of rosemary leaves?

I like using them as a bed for roasting: salmon (whole fish or filets of any kind, actually, though I think fish with higher oil content pairs best) chickens or potatoes...they impart a delightful piney scent....Lucky you!

Aug 03, 2012
JellyDoughnut in Home Cooking

Momofuku / David Chang Ginger Scallion Sauce

@LUV_TO_EAT is correct...the Indomitable Mr. Chang forgot an important step. Cooking the damn stuff! You pour screamin hot oil over the ginger/scallion mixture...

Jul 31, 2012
JellyDoughnut in Home Cooking

"Nice" Mexican in SF

Do yourself a HUGE favor and drive to Oakland. You won't be disappointed.
Tamarindo is great.

Best steakhouse in San Francisco

IF you just get the steak and a baked potato, tell them to hold the carrot, it can be delicious...All of the meats are prime and deeelish!
the other stuff tastes processed to me, like base is used to make the spinach and peppercorn sauce...
I recommend the bone in rib eye...

Bob's Steak & Chophouse
500 California Street, San Francisco, CA 94104

Help me fill in the blank: Fleur de Lys, Incanto, ________?

Bellanico is ALWAYS under the radar! But I guess it is Cal/Italian...I love Hibiscus. I think Tamarindo is wonderful! O Chame has delightful udon...

Help me fill in the blank: Fleur de Lys, Incanto, ________?

Yes Robert...Been to Plum several times since Ron has taken over...was there last night, in fact. Fantastic short ribs with braised red cabbage, peanuts and dehydrated ginger chips, yummy confit mushrooms in a japanese type dashi-ish broth, shaved radishes and carrots, also a fun tangle of frittered onions, and a steamed steelhead with turnip puree and "chiccarrones de pescado" (my phrasing: actually deep-fried fish skin)
Bar good too.