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Integrated refrigerators? Thermador vs sub-zero?

I really want an integrated fridge!
"Where's the fridge?!" Haha (:
Okay so I'm not made of money, therefore I'm alittle skeptical about sub-zero... But Thermador is cheaper right? How much are the sub-zero & thermador fridges?
I want a 24" deep fridge (I know its not deep but my cabinets and counter need to be that length), and a french door, with a freezer at the bottom.
Are sub-zero fridges much better than thermador? I'm no cook or anything, just need a good fridge that won't show it's hinges. (:
p.s. And please tell me what the pros and cons are about the 2 fridges if you know!

Aug 17, 2012
ilovefoood in Cookware

What does edible stick together? (tylose powder - CMC)

People use it on fondant, but would it stick together these?
(copy and paste the list and just put an "x" beside it if it will NOT stick them together):

-cake on cake
-jube jube on cake
-twizzlers (licorice) on frosting
-twizzlers (licorice) on cake
-gummy worms on frosting
-gummy worms on cake
-cookies on cake
-chocolate on cake
-jelly beans on chocolate

Oct 02, 2011
ilovefoood in Home Cooking

What can edible glue stick together?

I know edible glue (tylose power mixed with water) sticks together fondant. But can it also stick together candy, chocolate, frosting and cookies together? Can it just about glue together anything? Or better for just fondant?

Oct 01, 2011
ilovefoood in Home Cooking

Can I bake cake in a lasagna tray?

I have a lasagna tray and no metal tin deep enough for cake. I don't want to go out and buy one, but if its nesessary, I will. Is a metal tin or a glass tray better for cake baking? Which is relatively cheaper?

Oct 01, 2011
ilovefoood in Home Cooking