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Have you ever eaten at a restaurant that got made over BEFORE the makeover, and then saw it on TV?

I am always curious when watching shows like Restaurant Impossible and Kitchen Nightmares what the customers who have eaten in those places before the makeovers think when they see how disgusting the place was, especially the ones with vermin and massive health code violations. What do you think? Have you ever eaten at a place and then saw it made over on TV? Would you eat there again after the makeover? Some places I would not eat at even after the makeover, because you can tell the owners aren't really going to do things differently than they did before...

May 11, 2012
tipsygypsy in Food Media & News

Help! I cannot make anything with chickpeas to save my life

Try peeling the canned chickpeas - it is a bit of a pain but changes the texture of the dish dramatically. Rinse them very well, then dump into a large bowl of cold water and start squeezing them until the skin pops off. It takes about 15 minutes to get through them all if it is worth it to you.

Sep 30, 2011
tipsygypsy in Home Cooking