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Annual trip to New Orleans for Thanksgiving!

Hi Chowhounds,

My father and little brother will be visiting me in New Orleans for Thanksgiving this year. I am currently a senior at Loyola so its their last Thanksgiving trip here! In years previous we have had Thanksgiving dinner service at Commander's and August. both amazing but I am looking for something a bit more low key-more of a local delectable favorite versus the over the top August experience.

Could anyone tell me if Coquette or Lilette are open for Thanksgiving dinner? Or any other suggestions for a quaint, low key but intimate Thanksgiving dinner spot?

Their trips always revolve around good food and drink so this is the list I have so far. Suggestions welcome!!

St James Cheese-lunch
Bouligny Tavern-lite dinner and drinks
Patois-Sunday Brunch
Luke or Domenica-Dinner
Il Posto-Lunch

3637 Magazine St., New Orleans, LA 70115

Oct 01, 2011
crnelson in New Orleans