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Coconut Ice Cream

What do you do with the other 2/3 of the cream mixture?

Feb 02, 2012
cateo1 in Recipes

Galileo III - Don't Go There

Oh wow. This makes me really sad. I took my parents to the chef's table at the original Galileo for my 40th birthday. It was a magical experience. I've hesitated to try any of his other restaurants because of the bad reviews - I didn't want to ruin that memory. Glad I didn't.

Looking for wineries with good food between DC and Hot Springs, VA

Is Crozet Pizza still open? A classic venue!

In-Home Catering for Dinner Party

I'm throwing myself a birthday party! It's a milestone year and I want to celebrate in a BIG way. So I'm looking for a company that will bring the party to me. There will only be 25 people at this event. I'd like to do it buffet style, with a couple of choices of meats, veggies, salads, etc. My kitchen is tiny (8' x 10'), so the company/chef either needs to prepare the food off-site or be up to the challenge.

My friends and family are sophisticated, but not super foodie, so I'm looking for something elegant and fairly simple. I'd like a one or two servers to keep pouring drinks and cleaning dishes.

I searched the board before I posted and came away with a few ideas. I find it hard to believe that Windows or Occasions or any of the other biggies would be interested in my business.

A web search has come up with Spilled Milk and Susan Gage (she may be too big).

Anyone have any great ideas? I appreciate your feedback - thanks!