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The Basics: How to Make Seven-Layer Bars

My mother used to make these but she substituted a cup of oatmeal for the cracker crumbs! Yum! It added another layer of texture and we could use the excuse that they were 'healthy' because of the oatmeal! LOL!We always remembered the recipe by 'CNBC' crumbs, nuts, bits, coconut......never needed a recipe!

Apr 10, 2012
mer609 in Features

New to Prescott Valley

Sapa! You are my new best friend! LOL!
Prescott, for me, is just another neighborhood in my new NV I was 25 miles from the nearest town, so no worries that you are not so familiar with PV, there doesn't seem to be much here with the exception of my immediate neighborhood (Robert Rd).
A great bagel place is a SCORE for me! I am from the NYC metro area and would DIE for a bagel all the way like I get back home!
Really would like to find some where to go dancing with the hubby.....his style are the dances at Taj Mahal but I would rather go for hip-hop or good old fashioned rock n'roll.....a compromise being Latin hip-hop! If we could find a cool club in a reasonable traveling distance that plays Latin hip-hop I could have my cake and eat him too! Oops! Fruedian slip! LOL! Even a recommendation for a club in Phoenix would go into my 'pklaces not to miss' file! Whiskey Row is on that list for right brother-in-law is a non imbiber and DD so I think I see a WR pub crawl in my future! Thanks, Sapa! Talk to you soon, k? You can find me as Marielena Suales on Facebook!

Dec 05, 2011
mer609 in Southwest

New to Prescott Valley


Nov 30, 2011
mer609 in Southwest

New to Prescott Valley

Thank you for your recommendations, allenym! I will be sure to try out both places! I'll bet the Italian place with the BYOW policy can be a real friendly place if you bring enough wine!

Nov 29, 2011
mer609 in Southwest

New to Prescott Valley

Thanks, Sapa! I appreciate the 411! How about the Taj Mahal and the Greek place on the corner? I went to a dance at the Taj Mahal and the people there seem to be the real (Indian) deal! And I have been 8 years without decent Greek food! Unless I make it! Are the bars on Whiskey Row worth a trip from PV to check out? Thank yopu my new friend! Love, Mer <3

Taj Mahal
1781 E State Route 69 Ste 33, Prescott, AZ 86301

Nov 28, 2011
mer609 in Southwest

New to Prescott Valley

Does anyone have any recommendations for the PV area? I like diversity! What rocks this area in dining and in nightlife? Thank you, new friends! Mer

Nov 23, 2011
mer609 in Southwest