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Best Steak House in Boston

Hey... what is your favorite steak house in Boston? Abe & Louie's? Morton's? Ruth Chris? Hubby is turning 40 and this is his request!

Thanks in advance!

Apr 04, 2014
FloCo in Greater Boston Area

Sacramento x 2

I will be in Sacramento on business this coming Sun.-Tues. and was hoping for 2 good recommendations. I am going to dinner with a vegetarian friend on Sunday night and would love a rec. for a great middle-of the road place ($ wise) that has good vegetarian options. It doesn't have to be a strictly vegetarian place, but somewhere w/ a fair amount of great veggie options would be wonderful!

Second... out for a business dinner on Monday evening. Any suggestions for another middle-of-the road place that is downtown with a wide menu that would appeal to many?

Thank you, thank you in advance!

Jan 23, 2013
FloCo in California

A Unique Long Island Wedding

I have a somewhat unusual request. I am from Long Island originally but have lived on Boston for all of my adult life. My boyfriend and I are planning a wedding on Long Island for the Fall of 2012 and I am having some trouble finding a unique venue. I'm simply not knowledgeable after so many years away... and the thought of getting married in one of the many interchangeable Long Island Catering Halls is enough to make me want to elope!

Food is very important to both my boyfriend and I and will be a focal point of our wedding. We would also like our reception venue to be unique and interesting... somewhere slightly unusual. Perhaps a restaurant? I think that it would be really cool to have a reception at a great restaurant that looks great, has enough room for 75 or so guests to drink, dine and dance and that also serves great food. Reasonable prices would be a plus of course!

So please have pity on this wayward Long Islander and tell me.... where shoud I get married????