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Charlottesville- need recommendations

Jimmy John's does last second catering and depending where you are, delivery even. Takeout is also possible. I don't know what area you're coming from, but there's one up north at the corner of Rio and 29, and other on The Corner near JPA [there's short term parking behind the store in the red roof inn garage, just make sure to go to the JJ's spots and don't camp out there, they will tow you if the driver's need their spots, but you should be fine for takeout only].

As for lunch and what-not for the mothers, if you like beer, there's South Street Brewery that my husband loves and for wine there's a wine-bar on the downtown mall that I want to try when I turn 21. South Street has great food as well. If you don't feel like dealing with the parking down there, then I don't really know what to tell you for the drinking part, but for lunch there's a little Mediterranean place by Giant on 29 that I really liked, Mykonos. Alternately, my favorite chinese grill and food bar is right in that area as well, Asian Fusion Grill [with lower lunch prices than dinner :) ].

If you're really looking for wine, here's a page that may be useful, as well:

Mykonos Restaurant
1810 Michael Faraday Dr Ste 18, Reston, VA 20190

South Street Brewery
106 W South St Ste 202, Charlottesville, VA 22902

Sep 29, 2011
melecity in Mid-Atlantic

dinner/grocery delivery ideas in charlottesville -- please help!

She seems to be close to the university, so might work for her. Basil, Jimmy John's and Pizza Hut also deliver, but aren't on there I don't think. Campusfood is cool because you can get coupon's on occasion, as well.

Pizza Hut Restaurant
540 W South St, Frederick, MD 21701

Sep 29, 2011
melecity in Mid-Atlantic