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Classic Macaroni and Cheese

The box is still easier. Grew up on Kraft Mac and cheese in the box.....

Aug 17, 2012
hesshaus in Recipes

Grilled Country-Style Pork Ribs

These ribs, if you can call them that, have long been one of my favorites for the grill. Tasty and filling, they are a great choice for grilling.

Jul 09, 2012
hesshaus in Recipes

Purging the freezer

With the increase in grocery prices, perhaps a little "hoarding" turned out to be not so bad after all ..

Oct 06, 2011
hesshaus in General Topics

"Foodie" Men Are No Help in the Kitchen

Good article. I can see myself in it. My wife is a great cook, can make about anything well. But, after all those years of cooking, she's grown tired of being in the kitchen. I've always had an interest in food and food preparation so little by little I've taken over the kitchen from shopping for groceries, cooking , and more importantly, cleanup. My wife now comes into the kitchen when the meal is on the table, and leaves at the end of the meal.

Enough of me patting myself on the back. Where my wife cooked regularly, the meals were simple and tasted good. Now I spend a lot of time pouring over my many cookbooks including the ones that I check out from our public library, looking for new recipes in cookbooks and on the Internet for variations on the ones that I use. Do I really need a dozen different recipes to make a meat loaf? She cooked many of her meals in a three quart pot. I have at least six different sized pots to cook something with. She had two skillets, a large one and a smaller one. I have nine skillets, including four cast iron skillets of various sizes. My point is, I have become the Man Chef described in the article. Gives me something to think about.....

Oct 05, 2011
hesshaus in Features

Ocala Eats

I can vouch for Ipanema, it's all that they say it is!

2023 S Pine Ave, Ocala, FL 34471

Sep 29, 2011
hesshaus in Florida

New England Hot Dog Buns

Haven't tried them, but the SONIC drive-ins are advertising a Chicago Hot Dog@ $1.99

Sep 29, 2011
hesshaus in Florida