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Honeymoon to San Francisco in September 2012

Thanks for the suggestions. Yes, I realize this is primarily a message board about restaurants in the San Francisco area. My apologies for the mostly off topic post. I searched for San Francisco message boards and this is what I found. I realize it is a little early and realize as the food scene changes and restaurants close, but I am a planner and as we are staying for two weeks I like to have a general idea of what there is to do/what we are doing. A general guideline/schedule if you will. Since we are going to be there for two weeks, yes for part of the time we will be renting a car and will be exploring outside the San Francisco area, like wine country.

Thanks for being kind. I will check back for more dining suggestions.

Honeymoon to San Francisco in September 2012

My fiancee and I are starting to plan our honeymoon to the San Francisco area and are wanting suggestions for restaurants, attractions,superb hotels, etc. Our wedding is September 21, 2012 and we will be flying out the next day. I am particularly interested in seeing the ocean as I never have. I have heard that San Francisco, especially this time of year, does not have the best swimming beaches, and that is fine, I just want to see the ocean. Also, we are wanting to camp, but as we are flying out, we cannot bring any sort of camping equipment. In addition to the great tips and suggestions you give, could you refer to us a store that rents our campers (preferably an airstream) or a tent and other camping equipment.