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Austin Burger Smackdown!

Any of these places serve free-range organic beef? Specially the thin patty ones?

Sep 28, 2011
rochowski in Austin

5 days in Portland for burntout restaurant folk

Oh wow, just wow... the complete opposite form -- I like In and Out but Burgerville is just so much tastier, so much more interesting, so much healthier, so much better in every way.

In and Out is a slight step up from the global fast brands in that it has a better customer experience, including a better presentation, especially of the burger.

But Burgerville is a league all of its own beyond Fast Food and is so much better than In and Out it's ridiculous. Top reasons why:
- No grey torture meat; all meat comes from the same free range ranch in Eastern Washington state
- No cow factory dairy products; ice cream and cheese sourced locally from either organic or at lease free range dairies
- Seasonal, local berries, fish, and cheeses are incorporated into menu (fish and chips is excellent)
- MUCH BETTER french fries than in and out or any other fast food joint
- Incredible milkshakes, made with real ingredients.
- All of the above comes with your basic, fairly priced, non-pretentios, fast food vibe. Easy, clean, and fast place to eat.

When people come to Portland, I always point them to Burgerville... best burger and fries on earth.

Sorry, but it's just an insult to put In and Out in the same sentence as Burgerville. And if you seriously think the former is better, you missed something. Go back and try again.

8218 NE Glisan St, Portland, OR 97220

Sep 28, 2011
rochowski in Metro Portland

Cuban in Austin?

Hi, visiting Austin for a while and craving Cuban like you can get at Habana Inc, in nolita. The Google only revealed a couple of Cuban joints in town, one looks semi-fancy dining and the other is a trailer. Anything else worth looking into? Perhaps a more generic themed eatery with a Cuban sandwich?

Sep 28, 2011
rochowski in Austin