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First food thought this morning

My first thought was a reminder to myself that today was a complimentary Thanksgiving lunch at the office (with fried turkeys!) and therefore to have a light breakfast, I ate a grapefruit after hitting the gym!

Nov 24, 2014
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Graham flour in CT New Haven/Fairfield counties

Thanks for replying to your post. I have come across a few recipes that call for it and it sounds tastier than regular flours! Had only not found it at Stop&Shop and Whole Foods in Greenwich but didn't realize it was not so readily available.

looking for a diff. stuffing recipe

Greek style stuffing is great, and very different from traditional bread stuffing.
Versions I have had are similar to this recipe, adding the raisins is a must! http://www.cooks.com/recipe/rb0hy51s/...

Oct 28, 2014
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Working in Greenwich - Nearby lunch options for take-out/delivery

I have been wanting to try Los Gemelos, will have to get there soon.
I feel like I need a shower after a Layla's session!
If we are getting lunch delivered, some decent choices that you didn't mention are Kira Sushi, Pasta Vera (good salads and paninis), City Limits Diner.
Tarry Market makes great sandwiches with fresh roasted meat.

Herbes de Provence - uses

Aside from adding it to roasted chicken or veggies, I like to make herbes de provence butter. Just add the herbs to melted butter, then pour that over popcorn, or saute veggies in it. Just recently I sauteed corn and already baked butternut squash, was delicious!

Oct 07, 2014
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USA Yogurt Recommendations

Try Wallaby, I find the texture and flavor similar to the Yeo Valley yogurt I frequently ate on a recent visit to the UK.

Sep 04, 2014
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"Cute" inexpensive lunch spot in Southern Fairfield county?

I really like Capriccio, many options on the lighter side, and great outdoor seating.
Le Pain Quotidien is nice, one on Greenwich Ave, one at Harbor Pt...although they have it in NYC.
Meli Melo on Greenwich Ave.

PALOMA, Stamford, CT great restaurant!!

I ate here Saturday night, it was very busy. (Sign of the Whale rooftop bar was also packed!)
Drinks were good, food was okay. Service was terrible. There were extended periods of time where our server was nowhere to be found, drinks took 25 mins to come out and we still had not placed our order by then. Food also took a very long time to arrive. For every food item or cocktail we asked about, the server simply said it was phenomenal, the best, amazing... not very helpful when looking for suggestions! Once the food arrived, I found flavors to be rather plain and uninspired.
Will give a second try since the atmosphere was fun and setting was nice.

What food do you wash that you're sure no one else does?

I think I wash everything but bananas. I do wash onions and garlic cloves.
Any skin or peel that will be sliced thru, transferring whatever is on the outside to the inside should be washed.
I also rinse frozen fruit.

Aug 14, 2014
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Does Excellent Canned Whipped Cream Exist?

I recently had Cabot brand whipped cream, its fairly natural and I thought it was delicious. I got it at Whole Food, I'm in CT.

Aug 05, 2014
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Whole Foods in Greenwich sells a pretzel bread at their bakery and a line of packaged pretzel rolls.

What Can I Make with Honey Roasted Peanuts?

I would try making peanut flour out of them, then use that in baking.

Jul 31, 2014
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What to do with leftover green beans.

I love stewed green beans, I usually start with fresh but probably does not make a difference if pre-cooked.
Just saute onion in oil, add canned tomatoes, then green beans and sliced zucchini, potatoes if you have. Add water just to barely cover. Boil then simmer until veggies are tender.

Jul 24, 2014
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Restaurant week dispute

Obviously, the reservation was made in order to cash in on the restaurant week deal and your group may have gone elsewhere if it weren't restaurant week. But, you do not have to participate! The restaurant loves getting you in the door then enticing you with more appealing options from the regular (more expensive) menu.
Also, women tend to like the smaller portions associated with restaurant week, as it is sometimes just the right amount of food for us. So let her do her thing and you do yours!

Love my new immersion blender

I bought a Cuisinart Stick blender, it only has one attachment. I wonder if I can buy a whisking attachment for it.

Jul 10, 2014
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Love my new immersion blender

Yes, I am definitely looking forward to make a cold pea soup and gazpacho!

Jul 07, 2014
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Love my new immersion blender

I just purchased an immersion blender and love it! It works very efficiently and clean up is so easy! So far have been making fruit smoothies and plan to try soup. What do you use yours for? Any favorite recipes?

Jul 07, 2014
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You may laugh at me, but please stop long enough to answer my question

I always get new or clean the utensils if they have touched raw meat, I think it is a great practice. Another thing I don't like is when people handle the raw meat then touch the salt/pepper grinder and seasonings. If you use them on your prepared meal later you are contaminating your hands.

Jul 07, 2014
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Eats near Greenwich?

Tarry Lodge is one of my favorites. You can do a full meal or sit at the bar and just have pizza, atmosphere is classy yet casual. Also you can go around the corner to Tarry Market and pick up snacks for later. The Kneaded Bread Bakery next door is also delicious.
I also like Barcelona, it has a lively crowd later in the evening.
L'Escale is great for lunch on a nice day, beautiful views, but can get pricey for dinner. For a much more casual outdoor lunch I like Cappriccio in Stamford.

What am I doing wrong with my brownie recipes?

The recipe on the back of the Ghirardelli chocolate baking bar for fudgy brownies never fails me, the recipe is here: http://www.ghirardelli.com/recipes-ti...

Jun 24, 2014
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Best Bar to watch the World Cup

I live in southern CT but think it would be fun to watch some of the World Cup games on a Saturday in Manhattan. Any suggestions? Any outdoor venues that would be showing the games?

Jun 03, 2014
WhatsEatingYou in Manhattan

How do you use up your leftover vegetables?

Depends on what they are. If raw zucchini, eggplant, peppers, etc I will make a baked ratatouille. If root vegetable or greens I will make an asian flavored soup. If vegetables were previously steamed I will add to salads.

May 06, 2014
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How would you round out this dinner for guests?

Some sort of a potato dish, baked or mashed? Or possibly a salad or fries for the table so people can take if they want.

May 06, 2014
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Midtown Happy Hour Spot? (for tomorrow!)

I'm looking for a good happy hour spot near Midtown/Times Square to meet a girlfriend visiting from out of town. We will both be meeting after work, looking for a good social professional crowd for mingling. Rooftop or outdoor space preferred since it should be a nice day tomorrow! Also will want to have dinner either at the same location or somewhere nearby that also has a lively atmosphere ($30 and under for dinner spot). I live in Southern, CT so suggestions are much appreciated!

May 06, 2014
WhatsEatingYou in Manhattan

Current obsessions?

Currently, its making everything Asian style ...loving sesame oil, rice wine vinegar,and peanut sauce on any vegetable or meat!

Foodie Gift for hosts in Caribbean

I will be staying with friends in the Caribbean and would like to bring a high end foodie gift. I am thinking something local (I'm in Southern CT), or high end chocolate, or booze from duty free. But feel like these gifts are a bit uninspired, any suggestions?

Mar 20, 2014
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Who still drinks soda?

I drink sodas, but nothing with high fructose corn syrup and nothing diet, don't like artificial sweeteners. I really like the San Pelligrino sodas and natural ginger ales. At work though, diet coke/pepsi is very popular among others.

Chocolate Chip Cookies - What Am I Doing Wrong?

I always reduce the sugar and the butter when I bake cookies. I do not notice a significant difference. But try making them smaller or flattening them out before baking so that they are not so dense. You can also use some honey or molasses for some of the sugar and peanut butter for some of the butter.

Feb 21, 2014
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new flavor triscuits: what do you think of them?

I tried the roasted tomato and the sweet potato ones. They are rather oily and fairly high in calories. I will probably not buy them again.
The flavors were ok but I think chips taste better when flavors are added, I like more plain crackers.

Feb 20, 2014
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Tried Graeters Black Raspberry Chip for the first time, but...

I've had the original from the shop and the store bought, definitely is a very thick creamy consistency! I can't say the flavor is super strong, but they're chips are the best!

Feb 18, 2014
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