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Suggestions for dinner with co-workers

That'll be a huge help -- much appreciated!

Suggestions for dinner with co-workers

Showed my ignorance about the state of affairs in SF re: food carts -- que lastima! Many thanks for the recommendations and tips.

Suggestions for dinner with co-workers

Appreciate the tip -- thank you!

Suggestions for dinner with co-workers

Thanks, those both look great!

Suggestions for dinner with co-workers

Hi everyone,

I'm coming into SF next week for a conference and would appreciate recommendations for dinner. We'll be a party of 4 looking to stay in the area around the Hilton Union Square (though, for the right meal, I'd arrange a taxi to get out to the Embarcadero or Fisherman's Wharf). Tuesday through Friday night; price range... medium I suppose? $$ on Urbanspoon kind of thing, verging on $$$.

I'm bringing some Canadians who are usually inclined to simple food, but I'm determined to liven things up. A mix of cuisines and locations would be perfect. Where can we find memorable meals and have a conversation?

(If there has already been a thread that covers this scenario, I apologize for the repeat and ask that you point me in the right direction.)

Bonus points if you can point me in the direction of nearby food carts for lunch. Thanks so very much in advance!