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Shawafel -- Best Inexpensive Food in the Atlas District

Nah. What I'm saying is that TU is really really good, probably the best in DC. Sakuramen is on its way though. Everyone should go give them a try as well. However, Ippudo and Momofuku is on a level by itself. Yeah - there should be a separate thread just about all the H street eats.

Best non steak house steaks.

My friend and I were having a discussion about how we want a good steak but was tired of "steak house" steaks and sides. Anyone got any recommendations on good restos that serve more creative steak dishes?

Shawafel -- Best Inexpensive Food in the Atlas District

& Pizza is pretty good and decently prized. I think Toki's really hit their stride. There was one time really late night the noodle was over, but that was one time only. Every time I've been there it's been great. Their dumplings improved as well. Still though. Ippudo and Momofuku is amazing.

Love H street.

Chinese Buns

I don't know where to get the buns, but there's this place in Kensington (I think it's called Hong Kong) where they serve these buns - only slightly different and just as good. (Difference is that the pork belly is crispier and not as fatty).

Ren's Ramen, Bethesda

Where do I begin.

Let's start with the fact that actual "ramen" in the DC area is as hard to find as a chaste intern on the hill. With that said, we can pin point the few attempts on one hand.

A few years ago Temari would have taken the title by default. Yea, not that it was that great but it was pretty much the only place you could have anything that resembles a "ramen." Since then while still barely serviceable, it's really fallen by the wayside of some of the other authentic japanese "diner food." - now THAT's something you can't get the the Rockville area.

Now that brings us to Ren's Ramen...

Rich oily broth with heavily hints of caramelized onions floods chewy noodles in this rendition of "sapporo style" ramen from Ren's Ramen in Bethesda.

Frankly, it was a great bowl of noodle. Great flavor (if on the salty side) and excellent noodles with just the right bite.

However, this is not your grandmother's ramen. My biggest problem is the not only the faux interpretation of the "ramen," but the ridiculous cost of a bowl of noodles.

Really? You want to charge me 2-3 dollars for a pinch of sprouts or a slice of thick sliced bacon? In THIS ECONOMY???

I'm sorry I know that for some inane reason Japanese cuisine is priced SO much higher because of sushi, but frankly in both instance of Temari and Ren's, there is NO REASON to charge such ridiculous prices for such dishes. *Ramen purist back off because I realize truth ramen takes an artist after life long dedication to prefect - I hear ya.*


Temari Cafe
1043 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852

Mandarin Wok in Kensington, MD

Hey sorry. Nicholson Lane is like Rockville Pike no? It's pretty distant from Kensington.

what to order at joe's noodle house???

As much as I'm the first person to say that Joe's is overrated, I'd have to agree that poster really didn't order to the "strengths" of Joe's. But still - some of you make Joe's out to be the second coming. IT IS NOT.

Not to mention that last time I ordered take out they completely messed up my order (gave me the wrong thing) and when I called back to ask about it they basically said, "what do you want me to do about it?"

No sorry, no nothing - basically the attitude is that we've got lots of customers so go f yourself. I was REALLY offended that a customer would be treated this way. The person who make the mistake on the phone wouldn't even admit she make a mistake!! Um. I think I know what I ordered. (I ordered squid and got beef).

Anyways, I know that chinese places aren't "known" for their services, but at some point it crosses the line.


Bourdain in DC

kung pow!! lol.

Nov 16, 2007
MFoxM in Food Media & News

DC and Ramen

I've been to Temari quite a few times and their ramen is pretty close to the real thing. The noodle, however still isn't quite the right firmness and consistency. The broth is sometimes a little too salty. But 8 out of 10 times it's going to be a good bowl of ramen.

Some of the other posters also got it right because this place is as cozy and as a mom-and-pop place as it comes. Some of the other japanese home cooking is spot on. From any of the broiled fish (goes so well with sake) to the omuraisu, to the japanese style curry (very different from what you think is curry) it's all pretty good.

WestendBistro - Lots of Room for Improvement

How brilliant is Eric to serve staff meals (the fish burger) to the DC public!! lol.

Sounds the place is hit/miss at the moment. But I have no doubt that Eric will straighten this place out.

However, there are just SO many bistro's in area nowadays and West End will really need to be something special to justify the Ripert name.

Nage or Brasserie Beck?

The menu looks pretty good if not a little bit on the pretentious side...with all the duxelles, gastriques, and emulsions. Also sounds like they've got a vat of truffle oil back there, just waiting to be drizzled on anything that's edible. lol.

With that said, I'd love to know if they excute the dishes well. So please report back!!

Oh and Beck is Beck. Good food, good beer, not too expensive. Solid B+

Bourdain in DC

Did any of you asked any questions? I thought the hangover cure question was the best...especially since she blasted the guy's question before

Where did you guys go to eat before/after?

Nov 08, 2007
MFoxM in Food Media & News

Leg of lamb -- better ideas?

Try some dijon mustard with pine nuts and basil to make a pesto like paste. To make lamb you CANNOT escape garlic/thyme - but you can keep it light for a subtle accent instead of the main note. Also a sprinkle of curry and tumaric and paprika will give it just a little bit of a kick.

The other thing you can do to give the lamb a different note is the type of root veggies you use. I'm assuming you're browning it and then putting it in the oven? Try putting pears and apples along with your usual onions (a must) carrots, celery to give it a sweeter accent. (dont forget the taters!)

Listen. Leg of lamb is all about the lamb. So the best thing is usually to keep it simple, season it well, and enjoy the wonderful bambi flavor.


What carbs are you thinking of serving with this? You can be super creative with the sides!!

Nov 07, 2007
MFoxM in Home Cooking

Bistro Du Coin

Alright. I searched through the board and while this place have been mentioned, there's no thread strictly about it.

I've been to this place (based on recs here) a few times, and here's what I have to report.

First time was a Thursday night after a movie. My overall first impression was good. This was definitely the type of place I could see coming on a regular basis. I like the noise, the hustle/bustle, and the old school french menu. However, the food on that night missed the mark. My partner and I ordered some basic favorites - steak tartare and duck confit. The tartare was mush and under seasoned while the confit was stringy and over seasoned. However on that night the service (we ate at the bar) was right on point. The bartender was attentive and made a great martini.

Second time was a complete opposite. Wednesday night around 9:30. The place was still pretty busy so we stood at the bar and ordered a round of drinks while waiting for spot at the bar to open up. After about 15 minutes a patron leave only to have the bar stool I've been patiently waiting for to be taken away to someone who've came in way after our party. I asked the bartender (a different one from last time) why did he gave the barstool away. He said that the other patron ordered food while he was standing up, and when I said I too was going to order food if I was given the chance he said, "OK FINE!" Wow. Food was good this night because we ordered steaks. (yes - we all can grill up some steaks....)

Long story short - he subsequently made me a wrong drink, didn't provide our party with plates and utensils, and was basically dismissive and rude. I know this is supposed to be french bistro, but I'd bet they didn't need to (falsely) flash the french attitude!

Anyways. I'm sure lots of fellow chowhounds will think differently - but this is my experience there and honestly I give it my "take a good look around...." ratings because chances are I'm not going back.

Honestly - Bistro D'Oc got much more authentic food (hello boudin noir!) and better service. I knew I shouldnt have wasted my time.

Bourdain in DC

Yeah - just saw him tonight at the Lisner. Even though it was pretty much a promo tour for his new book/new season, it was still pretty cool to hear him answer questions and talk. The thing about him is that he really knows that this (what he's doing now) is so far away from "the line" and the kind of life he used to live. He stayed afterwards and signed books for like 2 hours and (even though obviously exhausted) still managed to put on a smile and posed for photos. (I know - rough life right? But the fact is that if he was really a diva, he would have just left and had a time limit....but he stayed.) Anyways, I think if you were cooking one day and a month later you're travelling the world and signing autographs, you'd be grateful too.

Nov 07, 2007
MFoxM in Food Media & News

Help me find the following Chinese Dishes in the DC Area.

The thing about dim sum is that even though everything's pretty yummy - it's got a lot of hidden fat. The cornstarch used to bind most of the filling plus the cheap cuts that's used makes it quite fattening even though it's steamed. The orginal purpose of dim sum was to have little bits of snacks to enjoy with your tea through out the morning...not to eat in one quit sitting like we do. Anyways - it's worth it every once in a while.

Help me find the following Chinese Dishes in the DC Area.

Exactly. The Steamed meatballs from the dim sum cart almost has a different consistency from the lion's head. It's almost...gluey? And Meimei's got it right because the best part of the dish is actually the broth that comes with it. Goes amazingly well with rice (surprise).

Kid Friendly. Good Food. Museum.

Alright more details now. Sorry about that:

10 girls, 5 moms. No diet restrictions. Does not need to be within walking distance. 5 or 6pm dining time. They're doing a sleep-over at the institute and need to feed the girls before our arrival.

Oct 26, 2007
MFoxM in Pennsylvania

Kid Friendly. Good Food. Museum.

My friend and his wife is taking their girlscout troupe to Philly on 11/17 for an overnight at the Ben Franklin. They need to find a place to eat dinner prior to the event. Any recommendations for a kid friendly restaurant near the BF?

Edited to say that they asked for places near the Ben Frankly Museum. And they will have a van/car so that general area would be great. Thanks.

Oct 26, 2007
MFoxM in Pennsylvania

Dim Sum for CHristmas?

Chinese food and a movie is the way to go.

DC Area Sushi with Genuine Wasabi?

I've had it at many places (outside of washington dc). It is much sweeter and milder than the americanized wasabi. It also has more of a texture to it. I highly recommend it.

Actually - if you ever get sushi from whole foods - grab their wasabi packets - it's much closer to the real thing than any other americanized ones I've had.

Best Comfort Food in DC

Now that I can actually feel a slight chill in the night air, I'm wondering if we can throw out some warming, comfort food joints in the DC area. You know what I'm talking about, the best stews, braised shanks, soupy noodles...all that good stuff.

And if possible, for us carless blokes confined to the metro, let's stick with inside the DC area (and not montco/nova...)

Thanks guys!!

Help me find the following Chinese Dishes in the DC Area.

My mom makes a helluva lion's head. It's a shame she thinks that it's "over the head" of most american pallets.


In need of fresh sushi grade fish for dinner party. Any one knows of a good fishmonger that carries a variety of fish? Thanks.

Truffles in MontCo

I found some at Wegman's in VA. Thanks for the IF in Springfield tip though!!

Gordon's Kitchen Nightmares

Well I'd suggest sticking to FN then.

Pointing out some of the positive things? That's EXACTLY what he does. The pub episode he focused on their pudding thus the campaign for gravy. He simplifies the menu because he's teaching these places with bloated and misguided menus to focus on fresh, cheap, local ingredients. Yeah each show's similiar because that's the show. It's like saying all FN shows are the same because they have some ingredients, they cook them, and viola - it's done.


Sep 27, 2007
MFoxM in Food Media & News

Truffles in MontCo

Ok just called Balducci and they said they only have it during the holidays?!!?

Anyways, anyone else have a good idea? Need it for a party this sat.


best spicy Asian noodle dish in DC area

Had it there and got 2 whole pieces of beef. lol. The flavor was ok though. AJ's also have them but it's not spicy. It's a real lost art to make those noodles the right way.

Braised Short Ribs with potato gratin?

Sounds like a good combo. Some people use celeriac puree, but it's essentially just whipped up starch. Have fun cooking!! Short ribs are my favorite!

Sep 26, 2007
MFoxM in Home Cooking

Best Burger?

It is really good. Great bar too. Although I would call it incredibly cheap. lol