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New Years Eve

What do you think the best steak house in Boston is? I am looking to take my wife out for our 1st anniversary and setup reservation early. She likes the the style of the old Oak Room, war lots of wood plush chairs. Been to KO Prime and Mooo; with KO being way to modern for her taste. What do people think of Grill 23?

She also love Italian, and am hoping Prezza will be back opened by then. Any other Italian restaurants as good as Prezza?

Oct 30, 2012
SSdiner83 in Greater Boston Area

Looking for some resurants in Portland,ME

What are some good italian places besides ciaola's? Everyone else wants italian, so I need a few options.

Looking for some resurants in Portland,ME

Did not really have time to check; as I am driving up from Boston right now. Thank you for the recommendations.

Looking for some resurants in Portland,ME

Leaving today for Portland,ME with three friends and was wondering if anyone could recommend some fun places to go. I need some places for lunch and dinner. Dinner will mainly be micro brews and fish, so I am hoping for some good recommendations.