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North Carolina Barbeque


Jul 26, 2012
chili555 in Southeast

First time in Charlotte, NC

I agree entirely. I also concur that Charlotte is sorely lacking in quality BBQ. However, since my background is Kansas City and East Texas, I may be a bit slanted.

I do think Midwood is pretty dang good, although I'm certain it disappoints those Carolinians who favor watery vinegar-based Q (yuck) or mustard-based Q (double-yuck).

Apr 02, 2012
chili555 in Southeast

Country Style or Country Fried Steak in Charlotte NC

Based on your comments, my wife and I ate lunch there yesterday. I thought the country fried steak was amazing! My wife enjoyed black-bean quesadillas and gives them rave reviews. My only regret was that there was no room left for dessert! Next time I will start with dessert!

We can recommend Dish whole-heartedly.

Sep 22, 2011
chili555 in Southeast