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Rochester - anything great?

This is too late for josephnl's visit to Rochester, but for a great summer daytime (especially) experience, try Tony D's (address: Corn Hill Landing, 288 Exchange Blvd., Rochester). Great Italian food on the river front in a trendy downtown neighborhood. Open 7 days but just evenings on weekends. Loved their rice balls!!

Onion Roll Deli - Royal Oak, MI - DTW

This is truly, truly sad. They will be missed. The first victim of my diet. Sorry!

Jul 15, 2012
pamg1950 in Great Lakes

Dining solo Friday night near Columbus Circle - need recs

For the "great dining," "price is no object" experience (phrases I kind of overlooked) I agree with the above suggestions!!

Jul 10, 2012
pamg1950 in Manhattan

Do you love Banana Bread? What's your favorite banana bread?

Oh my: Aunt Sara's! To your favorite recipe add 3 or 4 maraschino cherries per loaf, chocolate chip, and walnuts.

Jul 09, 2012
pamg1950 in Home Cooking

Dining solo Friday night near Columbus Circle - need recs

Recently enjoyed two visits to Kashkaval, 856 9th Ave bets 55th and 56th streets. Cozy, unique space. Cheese and prepared food shop in front, small dining room in back, very informal and welcoming to single diner. Also sit at long friendly bar. Great fondue, small plates, lovely wine. (My bill for one: $39 plus tip) Not high gourmet experience but what's better than cheese?

Jul 09, 2012
pamg1950 in Manhattan