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Omi / Take Sushi / Hiro - Recent Experiences?

Hi, I live east downtown with no car today or I would go to Zen. I was thinking of trying Hiro tonight but have read a lot of mixed reviews. Was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or recent experiences. Thanks!

The Eastender - Queen Street East

Hi, I've gone three times now since they opened. Twice with large groups of people. Found the staff to be very good. They broke the bill up for each couple, kept the complimentary bread flowing and everyone loved the food. I would say their are definitely some hits and misses but the three times I have been I would say that it was more hits... the appetizer list seems to be strong.. multiple people have had the iceberg salad which is great, people raved about the soup, the salt ribs were also a hit. The misses were definitely the the banh mi buns (far to thick, and the pork belly not very flavorful). Mains I've had a pasta dish which was nice (not memorable but good), and lamb dish which was very very good. The latter was a special. I like having something in the neighborhood that is reasonably priced, where I don't have to remember that they are 'cash only, can hear people at the table talking and where the owner seems to actually care about what is happening in his restaurant. I hope they stick around for a long time.

Steakhouse with the family

Hi, Thought I would give this thread a bit of a bump to see any new comments or suggestions. Five girls, middle of May, would love to go to Jacob's but like dmartins123 budget doesn't stretch to jacob's for this occasion. Any suggestions.... or recent comments on the state of current steakhouses in Toronto.

Restaurants around Yonge and Front (St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts)

We have a concert on Thursday night. We typically go to Biff's but were wondering if there are any other suggestions for that area for good to great food. One person has suggested Swish by Han and another person mentioned le Pappillon? Anyone have any newish feedback on those two places or any other good suggestions!

Olive Oil Recommendations?

You might also want to try olive and olives on Queen East. Great selection, tons of samples. We buy our olive oil from there in the larger cans as it is definitely better value than the bottles.

The porchetta sandwich at The Sausage King in the SLM

My SO and I really enjoyed it. I didn't mind not being able to see the toppings as the individual making the sandwiches was fantastic; patient when listing the toppings and certainly didn't skimp. I also don't know where they could put the toppings so you coudl see them. Tiny little space. BTW meat there is fantastic. For SLM I thought it was above average compared to some of the other spots.

Best Standing Rib Roast Recipe


We followed the directions from Fourunder and my entire family agreed it was the best roast they have ever had. We are definitely converts now to this method. thank you!

Jan 17, 2012
foodiefiend in Home Cooking

Best Standing Rib Roast Recipe

not too late at all. I just want to double check... we should put it in at 450 degrees in the oven for 15 to 20 (very round shape, bones are frenched). back heat off to 225 and cooke for anywhere between 2.75 and 3.5 hours. Remove from oven, wrap in tin foil and rest for an hour. put back in at 225 for a warming phase (18 to 20) minutes, then put heat up for 10 minutes once oven is pre heated at 500 for high heat blast. Please let me know if I've misread or if this correct. THanks!!!

Jan 15, 2012
foodiefiend in Home Cooking

Best Standing Rib Roast Recipe

Hi... we are doing a standing rib roast today (6.5 lbs, 4 bones) and I was hoping to get some clarification from the expert Fourunder on timing. We calibrated our oven to ensure it is reading 225 degrees. My question is from the original instructions it was 25 minutes per lb but it seems like you have adjusted your technique. We are trying to figure out how long per lb with the high heat blast and the hour long resting. Any help would be great!

Jan 15, 2012
foodiefiend in Home Cooking

Ethiopian Recommendations - Danforth

there has been a couple of great threads regarding Ethiopian in the city. I was hoping to get a fresh opinion on which restaurant would be recommended on the Danforth would be recommended for a group of four on Saturday night..... we are all meat eaters but also love veggies. I was thinking Dukem but a couple of other of folks have mentioned Le Rendesvouz (sp).
Any advice on which restaurant and menu items would be great.

sushi take out or delivery (leslieville, riverside, danforth area)


I know it isn't going to be fantastic quality but was hoping for a few delivery or take out suggestions. We live in Corktown but most places tend to deliver to us.

Tonight Indian Delivery/Take Out - Leslieville (AND NOT AMAYA)

I am looking for some suggestions for a place to order in/ pick up for Indian food tonight (greenwood and queen area).

We have tried Amaya... ever since they became a food dynasty not nearly as fresh, hot or tasty. BBQ-Hut was a disaster the last time we tried from them. A couple of people at work mentioned take out from Lahore Tikka House?

I am open to any and all suggestions.


1574 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON M4G3B7, CA

2011 Food and Resto CLOSINGS

Anymore info on Weezie's? I can't imagine they would close as they are always busy and the food is always very good.

354 King St E, Toronto, ON M5A1K9, CA

Meating on Queen...I owe you an apology

I think Rowe Farms also does well as they move into neighbourhoods with a ton of pedestrian traffic and people who are wandering about and decide to pick up a 'few things' for dinner. We now go to Meating on Queen but in a pinch in my 'hood on a Sunday at 4:00pm i've been known to walk into Rowe Farms and pay their crazy prices as it was convenient.

Rowe Farms
912 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M, CA

Now available: Chicago-style deep dish pizza - downtown Toronto

Hi, Orderit.ca who is managing all of the deliveries charges for delivery and they also automatically add in a tip for $4.50. You can change the latter and it is just at the last step. I think they would be more successful if they figured out delivery on their own but probably a heck of a lot easier right now to go through orderit.ca

We ordered the meat one on Friday plus the artichoke appetizer. We both loved the artichoke appetizer. I found the meat one to be too meaty? Loved the tomato sauce. I would definitely try it again. I've never had Chicago pizza so nothign to compare it too but nice to have another 'pizza option' for delivery.

Great Dog by Dinah Koo (fusia)

Just stopped in at Fusia Dog for lunch. I had the Fusia Dog - kimchi, daikon/carrot slaw, wasabi mayo, all beef hot dog wrapped in paratha. My SO had a Boston Dog with baked beans. Very friendly service, the home made potato chips were perfect. They were also giving out free samples of the two salads that they also offer. But back to the dog... really really enjoyed it. A bit messy but manageable. The daikon/carrot slaw was nice a crisp bite. Kimchi could have been a bit spicier. Definitely going to go back while the weather is nice. Looking forward to making my way through the menu.

Ethiopian - Queen and Parliament

Does anyone have any info on the new place or rather old place re-opening? the sign now says Keffir - breakfast and coffee. i live in the neighbourhood and always meant to try it when it was an Ethiopian restaurant but they were never open in the evenings.

Favourite Niagara wineries to visit?

I agree that some of the reds at Marynissen Estates are excellent. Also Pondview.... they opened to the public this past year. Thoroughly enjoyed one of their reds and a rose.

Colbourne Lane

I'm not sure of the budget. All I know is that reservations are at 9:00pm. I like food... have never tried molecular. Any recent reviews of Colbourne Lane?

Pumpkin Pie - Toronto

Thanks for the suggestions. Ruby Eats pastry chef has made pumpkin pie filling. I am hoping i might luck out and still get a jar and find a frozen pastry crust or that the good folks at sweet bliss call me back as they apparently have been using real pumpkin. I had no idea about the pumpkin shortage.

Colbourne Lane

Hi, A group of four are going to Colbourne Lane on Friday night. Any recent comments or recommendations of what to order. This will be the first time going for everyone.

Pumpkin Pie - Toronto

Any recommendations on where to get the best pumpkin pie? We have tried a couple of people in the North End of SLM and used to order from Dufflet's but would love to try something new.

Or if anyone can recommend a frozen pie crust! That would work too.


787 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

Steakhouse with the family

I know a lot of families still go to the Steak Pit. Avenue and Lawrence. reasonable prices, old school vibe. I can't comment on the steak as I haven't been in several years.

Steak Pit Restaurant
1666 Avenue Rd, Toronto, ON M5M3Y1, CA

SUKHO THAI - what's going on?

I agree with the above comment. I've pretty much given up ordering from them as trying to get through has been crazy. I love their thai and my husband loves them compared to Mengrai but it just isn't worth it. The last time I called and got through they said the wait time was going to be 1.5 hours. I was fine with it but they were really surprised and said it could be closer to 2. I'm glad other people have had more luck. Actually I'm just jealous. I miss sukho thai!

82 Ontario Street, Toronto, ON M5A 2V3, CA

Turkey - Thanksgiving

Hi, I would love to get some suggestions of where to order a good turkey for thanksgiving. I live downtown. The best turkey I have ever had was an organic free range turkey from a local farmer. Unfortunately I missed the cut off this year.

Where to find Raani Foods products?

They are in the North Market on Saturday mornings at SLM. As well, I saw the baked samosas at Sobey's (front and Sherbourne).