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Recommendations for Fort Collins?

Okay - so no one shoot me but for some sense of the Fort The Rio (now on Mountain) is a place for a marg and some people watching. I was there when it was a dive on College with sticky floor from margs being spilled. It doesn't have the greatest food but on a cold winter day a bowl of their green chile and a marg or two can warm one up. Fair warning - the margs are potent and the FtC police are active so don't drink and drive. Chains have taken over but I second Jay's (although it feels a little too proud of itself for food that doesn't compare to Panzano's - Denver, The Kitchen - Boulder), Bisetti's for funky local atmosphere, Young's for Vietnamese. Sad but true is that the chains have taken over. There used to be a ribs/sandwich place on Harmony - moved from downtown??? For a lovely day trip go to Boulder and The Kitchen - or any one of the other great places!

909 17th St., Denver, CO 80202

Sep 21, 2011
Maryonthefarm in Mountain States