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Portland with children

Oops. Somehow missed these threads:

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Will digest these. If anyone has any updates, though, I'm all ears.

Jul 01, 2012
timyu in Northern New England

Portland with children

Hi all,

We are traveling to Portland in 3 weeks with two small children. Thanks to all of your advice, our mouths are watering with reports of all of the great food to be had. We are working our way through the restaurants that many of you have mentioned, but as we do this, our question is this: which of these are foodie family-friendly? Our kids are 2 and 3, well-behaved, and we are not shy about taking them out, but we don't want to get kicked out of a fine dining establishment either (at least not until we've had our meals!).

We're obviously not worried about several of the places mentioned in the brewpub category. Many, though, sound a bit more upscale. Any thoughts on these with kids, yea or nay?

Street & Co
Fore St
Cinque Terre

Jul 01, 2012
timyu in Northern New England