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Langer's vs. Oinkster (vs. Katz's)

I haven't tried Langers OR Oinkster YET, but I'm putting my $ on the fact that neither comes close to real NYC pastrami at Katz's deli.

I'll be keeping my tastebuds on vestal virgin status to LA pastrami until a clear winner is decided upon by this thread.

Only then will I sample these Hollywood goods!

Feb 16, 2011
uberchef in Los Angeles Area

Sripraphai - Your Favorite Dish(es)

Alright y'all! Thanks for the great range of responses...when me and Lady Monica went last week, we had a great meal as per usual. Switched it up a bit and got a big hit coupled with a little miss. But, learned a new fave along the way, a staple from the North of Thailand:

BBQ Chicken. Yes, this inauspicious menu item rocked my world. Taste sensation! Juicy chunks of bone-in bird, stained yellow with mysterious marination. Served with a spectacularly spicy dipping sauce. It was fantastic, especially paired with a healthy serving of papaya salad. Zing!

The miss was an item off the special list. It was Northern-style curry noodles. There was beef and pork involved along with several fresh/cold ingredients a la pad thai (sprouts, nuts, lime, etc.). In anycase, it was super mild, no spice factor, and really reminiscent of a thai-style italian meat sauce. So weird, and unexpected, and frankly, underwhelming.

C-17 Pork leg chili basil was sublime as per usual.

We're heading back tonight for some more of that chicken and tom yam! Also, per your requests, will probably try the Penang curry...and the watercress salad...mmmm!

Adios amigos~

Oct 04, 2007
uberchef in Outer Boroughs

Sripraphai - Your Favorite Dish(es)

With only hours to go before cutting out of work and heading out to Woodside to enjoy a lovely Thai dinner, I was wondering what the favorite dishes of some of the resident CHs were!

For me, no visit to Sripaphai would be complete without:

Papaya Salad
Fried Boneless Pickled Pork Spare Ribs
Roast Pork Chili Basil (C17)
Whole Fried Fish
Coconut or Lychee Ice Cream

With a trip to Thailand on the horizon in November, I've made a point during my last few visits to Srip of trying some new dishes that I've never had before. To varying results...and to be honest, nothing that I'd come out and order again:

Fried Pork w/Chinese Brocolli (greasy and bland)
Some sort of Catfish chunky curry (tasty, but too many bones in that there catfish to make it a fun eating experience!)
Chicken with Pineapple (this was very chinese-food esque...very unremarkable...hey, it was the waitresses recommendation)

So chime in here y'all, and share your favorite dishes for the mutual benefit of the CH community!

Sep 25, 2007
uberchef in Outer Boroughs

A Solid Table for 8

Greets fellow CHs,

Got some friends coming in to the city the first weekend in October, primed and ready for a delicious dinner...the onus of responsibility has fallen upon me to select the venue, and I wanted to source out the palates of the venerable CH society :)

The formal request email from my friend was as follows: "I want to have an amazing meal... Must be slightly veggie friendly (at least one option), top quality service and food. But it doesn't have top be crazy expensive/fancy, etc."

So I don't have any restrictions on cuisine type, but off the charts expensive is not on my hit list. Also, there will be 8 of us, so I suppose smaller restaurants are not realistic either. I'd personally like someplace offering seasonal ingredients and a cool vibe in general--nice service and atmosphere.

All said, it's a pretty open request, but if anyone has a suggestion, it'd be very much appreciated!


Sep 11, 2007
uberchef in Manhattan