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Basic Caramel Sauce

I make an awesome caramel/butterscotch sauce using brown sugar, butter,(equal amounts of both) boil these down until the brown sugar is dissolved, then I add 35% cream a spoonful at a time while stirring vigorously, until I think the colour and the texture are right for my family. The final step is to add a splash of vanilla at the end and stir until completely incorporated. I usually pour into jars and seal. My jar of caramel sauce is butter thick when cold, but becomes liquid again when microwaved for a few seconds. My jar has kept in the fridge (using some every few days) for the last 2.5 weeks now. It's yummy and goes great on apple slices!!~

Oct 26, 2012
diamond645 in Recipes

Why Does Ketchup on a Hot Dog Piss People Off?

I am not a big fan of Ketchup to start off with.....hubby puts it on just about anything and everything....and you know what??...BIG STINKEN deal! If you like ketchup on your dog, then eat ketchup on your dog. Since when has Canada and the US become a dictatorship on what condiments we should be putting on our food? We are individuals and have individual tastes, so stop HARPING on what people eat with their dogs!!! If it's not life threatening or morally threatening...who gives a damn!!!

Easy Mushroom Broth

@PommeDeGuerre, I think that kimerleyp meant to puree and freeze it AFTER she extracted it from the broth. I think it's a grand idea and was wondering the same thing until I read your comment kimberleyp. I shall try it!!

Jun 08, 2012
diamond645 in Recipes

Roasted Baby Carrots with Herbed Mustard Butter

I always buy regular carrots and cut them length wise and about 4 inches long. I place them in a bag with oil, salt, pepper ana a little sugar. Allow to sit for about an hour, then place on the BBQ directly on the grill at med to low heat. What a delicious treat. I usually add zuchinni, onions, peppers ans sometimes potatoes too! So if you can, put the baby carrots on the BBQ for a great treat!!

May 10, 2012
diamond645 in Recipes

Pork Industry Not So Cuddly After All

I've seen how hogs are treated on commercial's disgusting. I've bred hogs for many years, ours are free to roam the barn and the fenced in yard. Our sows usually all birth within days of each other. They choose their birthing places in the open stalls and there is NO fighting among them. They actually form a community and take care of each others babies. THe Boar is with them as well and we have never had any problems. We need to STOP shopping at the major food chains and start shopping at our local farmers. Processed foods of every kind is what's giving us cancer and killing us. Stay natural and live!!! Plant a container garden for healthy living!!

Apr 20, 2012
diamond645 in Features

Spring's Hottest Accessory: Pig

I've been farming for many years and we actually do our own slaughter and butchering. I have no problem looking at dead animals that I will consume, I do however have a slight squeamish side about seeing them craddled as though they are still alive. I find it sad, and feel sorry for the animal. I guess for me personally, it's a maternal thing. I've cuddled many piglets and have lain with the sow while birthing...but to see it dead while being cuddled, just brings back feelings of loosing a cherished pet as opposed to killing my supper! It's all about personal choice and personalities. Well put! The article however is well written.

Apr 20, 2012
diamond645 in Features

Seafood Risotto

This looks awesome, but I've never made a risotto with rice. My risotto is always made with barley!
Can't wait to try this! Thanks for the recipe!!!

Mar 24, 2012
diamond645 in Recipes

How We Rediscovered Meatloaf

I make meatloaf as often as possible, and if we manage to leave any for the next day, meatloaf sanwhiches are the best. My ingredients always depend on what's in the house. I try to follow a simple Dutch Meatloaf recipe, with slices of real Mozzarella cheese in the middle and I always, always cover the top with Thai Sweet Chili Sauce!! My meatloaf is always juicy because I line my loaf pan with tinfoil and cover the meatloaf for cooking! There is no "1 right recipe"...all the recipes are as great as your own individual tastebuds!!!!! ENJOY!!

Mar 17, 2012
diamond645 in Features

Easy Waffles

@divadmas...nobody is trying to kill you. Like any good cook, you have the option of omitting or substituting any ingredient. I don't have a waffle iron, but I make a similar batter for pancakes. I merely use a bit of butter on top when it's cooked and top with my hubby's homemade syrup. I never add oil or butter to the batter....but that is my choice, just like any recipe on this site or any other site it's YOUR choice whether or not you want to use it, or rearrange it. NOBODY IS FORCING YOU AND NOBODY IS TRYING TO KILL YOU! Please be realistic and take responsibility for what YOU put into your own body. I do, that's why I am now cancer free, because I choose to eat only locally grown food, not processed stuff we buy at the stores!! EAT AND COOK RESPONSIBLY!!! Thanks for the recipes!!!

Mar 12, 2012
diamond645 in Recipes

Sour Cream–Banana Bread

When it comes time to baking breads and loaves, I've noticed that there are many factors to consider: Type of oven and temp, elevation, humidity in the home(eg. raining outside or really hot), time to cook fully and believe it or not...a perfectly level stove! For the life of me, I CANNOT bake a loaf of bread! I make a mean pumpkin or banana loaf, but not bread!!! Have fun with all the delicious recipes!

Mar 12, 2012
diamond645 in Recipes

Easy Beef Stew

It's tradition in our house that whenever I make stew of any kind, we butter a nice thick slice of crusty bread and sit it in the bottom of the bowl, then fill it with hot melt in your mouth stew. The bread soaks up the gravy and you can eat it with every delicious mouthfull!!! HAPPY EATING Y'ALL!

Mar 12, 2012
diamond645 in Recipes

Oven-Smoked Bacon

Regardless if these recipes are better for you or NOT...I'm happy to learn how to do these without commercial interference. I have been diagnosed with colon cancer because of the foods we eat that are store doing it this way, hubby and I control what goes into the food and what doesn't. We plan to return to the land very shortly and need these recipes that our ancesters had in order to become more self sustaining and HEALTHIER with less risk of cancer. I take pride in my abilities. I make my own pasta and sauces, do much canning and freezing, our own butchering, and almost everything needed to be self sustaining. Wouldn't you like to know these recipes if ever a time came when we had to go without electricity and/or stores for a long period of time? August 14/2003 did just that. Most of Ontario and the states surrounding the border had no power for more than 3 days...hubby and I were sitting pretty. We had everything and knew how to cook with the BBQ without panic. Stay strong, stay healthy!!

Mar 02, 2012
diamond645 in Recipes

The Dark Side of Backyard Chickens

Most of the comments in here are right on. I've been raising chickens (and other animals) for quite a few years now. You want to know what happens to all the Roosters in commercial farming? Ever eat at KFC? Ever buy your chicken in a store?? Do you really think that commercial farms are going to sell ALL their females! I allow my roosters to grow with my hens, then when they begin to the freezer you go. Same for the older birds, either in the freezer for human consumption or for dog food. Either way it's a win-win. As for the prices quoted....give your head a shake! A proper coop, with waterers and feeders and a fenced in run is plenty fine. My birds DON"T suffer!! Just saying....think about what you are reading, research it, then make an informed choice!

Feb 09, 2012
diamond645 in Features

Servers: Eat in Secrecy, Please

I went to a local chinese restaurant and saw the kitchen staff eating their supper with the rest of the patrons. Nothing major...until I saw what was in their plates. Noodles piled on top with chicken head and feet....yes the actual heads with eyes and beaks and the feet with toes and claws....that was just too gross for my Canadian palate!! Hubby and I never went back!

Jan 28, 2012
diamond645 in Features

Stop Bashing Paula Deen

What does it matter if Paula has Diabetes or not and selling or cooking comfort food? Really? I know many, many people who DON"T smoke but sell cigarettes......what's your point. Her personal strugles and health issues have nothing to do with her food or her cooking!!! WE the public, can choose what to eat and what not to eat. We the public must take responsibility for ourselves. It's not like Paula is sitting beside us on our couches forcing us to watch her show or cook her recipes....Get a life.
You go Paula....don't let anyone discourage you from doing something you love, we all want to die happy!!!

Jan 21, 2012
diamond645 in Features

The Great Midwestern Pork Heist

WOW...I happen to think that people are stealing food to survive! For those of us making under $50K a year, we still live in poverty and have to do what it takes to make ends meat. The rich keeps getting richer and the rest of us can....suffer? I do farm, I do have chickens and pigs to keep my family going, but even the price of feed is getting too hard to manage. Get off your HIGH horse for awhile and come visit those of us under the poverty line!!!

Oct 16, 2011
diamond645 in Features