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Bars/Restaurants that start with "X" or "Y"?

Yada Yada Cafe, in the Seaport.

Dutch food in Boston

Try Karl's Sausage Kitchen and European Market in Peabody. They also have a cafe there.

Karl's Sausage Kitchen

Anyone tried the Sugarbells at Wilson Farms? Or other outstanding sweet citrus elsewhere?

This is my favorite time of year for citrus. The Florida grapefruit at Market Basket has been delicious and juicy.

I also picked up Sunkist Minneola Tangelos this past week at Calareso's in Reading, and Star Market in Boston. They were some of the best I've ever had; sweet, bright flavor, easy to peel, and seedless.

I love Florida honeybells but the season is short, just a window of weeks' availability in January. Having them shipped is an option, though growers won't ship if it will be below freezing.

Birthday Dinner Recommendations (~12 people, early-mid 20s)

I've had good experiences at Kingston Station for a birthday and other group outings. There is a farm table in the middle of the dining room. We also had a holiday get-together with about a dozen college friends in their private room. The staff was wonderful and very accommodating about separate checks, etc. if that's a preference.

Kingston Station
25 Kingston St.

"Real" Eggnog

Our neighbor gave us a bottle of Shaw Farm eggnog from Dracut one year. Since then I have bought the Shaw Farm products at Wilson Farm in Lexington. At the link there is a list of stores that carry their items.

Shaw Farm

Silly debate going on... What was the People's Republic in Cambridge called before...

It was indeed Drumlin's Pub until new ownership in 1997, when there was a proposal to change the name. I now remember some tempest-in-a-teapot over this, that some residents would find the name The People's Republik 'offensive.'

'But by the time the [Cambridge Licensing] Commission conceded, bar owner Philip Blair was irritated.' - read on...included as part of a 2004 Harvard Crimson compilation of A Communist Guide to Cambridge: http://www.thecrimson.com/article/200...

$1000 mandatory minimum bill for a large group?

My professional group planned a casual networking social gathering for a Saturday afternoon in August. We contacted a few places in Back Bay / Fenway area to see if they could take an estimated group of 20 people at about 3-4 p.m., thinking it would be a slower time between the Red Sox game and drinks / dinner hour.

One place said yes, but that the group would have to spend $1000. This seemed kind of a steep bite for drinks and light stuff to eat in the middle of the afternoon. I realize this is their own business and they can charge whatever they want, but it seemed a little off-putting.

Is this something that is more of an expectation now for a big group that isn't doing private dining?

Shaw's > Star

Not really interested in the cosmetics. I asked one of the associates about the Essentials store line, and he said that was staying. I was glad about that because I like those products, and they seem to be the same as the Publix store brand which is a well-run chain.

Frankly I am very glad to see they brought back cashiers and got rid of the self-check out. I frequently noticed things that people had left behind from their transaction in the bagging area, and I appreciate the interaction and having a person there.

Mother kicked out of restaurant for changing baby's diaper at table.

My sympathies are with the parent, who may not have had a choice. This is why public places need to have changing stations in BOTH the women's and the men's restrooms; it is unsanitary to change little ones on a public bathroom FLOOR of all things.

Aug 11, 2014
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Best Soft Pretzels in Boston Area?

I just had one of the Pretzel Stix from Swissbakers, they were at the Boston Public Market today(Monday afternoon). They are $1.50, add mustard sauce for .50. A good little snack after a long hot walk, and right across from the Greenway.


Student Prince (Springfield) is closing this weekend [moved from Boston board]

That's just so sad. We loved The Student Prince; a friend of ours from Springfield took us there and we tried to visit when we were traveling on the Mass Pike or out at the 'Big E.' I can understand that it is a LOT of work to operate, combined with owners getting on in years and the changing economics. But it is such a shame, and ironic since that kind of food is now taking off again.

There are some recipes at the charming, early-1990s Student Prince website: http://www.studentprince.com/

Where can I BBQ at the beach in Boston??

A nice alternative would be to have the group go to the Boston Harbor Islands. You can go 'island hopping' and a boat circuits the three of them that are close together, and there are food and drinks that you can purchase there. You could augment it with your picnic too of course. The catering company will organize a clambake if you want to do that. Here is information about it: http://www.bostonharborislands.org/fo...

The caterer also offers a BBQ and cruise, which might be the easiest of all: http://www.bostonharborislands.org/en...

Otherwise I would contact the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, which manages parks in the city and state. There are several places with large covered shelters that you can rent for a group.

Department of Conservation and Recreation
Group Day Use: http://1.usa.gov/1lV14AU

You also might show this to your college librarian and they can connect you with more resources too.

Ice Cream Trucks near Waltham or anywhere near Boston/Metro West that carry FrozFruit

I passed by an ice cream truck in Back Bay dubbed 'The Cool Truck' yesterday and saw he had multiple FrozFruit flavors.

Ice Cream Trucks near Waltham or anywhere near Boston/Metro West that carry FrozFruit

I used to love those too. Banana, coconut and pineapple were my favorite. I am pretty sure I saw these at Symphony Market, a convenience store in the Fenway.

A second choice is the Whole Foods 365 brand of frozen bars. They don't have all of these flavors but the Strawberry and Caribbean ones were quite good.

Pearl Jalapeno Beef Frankfurters

I like that little market, thanks for the information.

When I went to Fred's Franks, the hot dog cart with the Big Green Egg, he had these and I tried one - spicy and tasty. I haven't been this season, but it seems like something he should offer regularly.

Fred's Franks


Thank you for this cookbook recommendation. I remember going to Mandalay with my parents before the BSO with a high school friend. I think we must have had a 'pre theatre' selection because the curry chicken is what I remember being so good. I'll see out the book!

its fiddlehead season yeah

They have a subtle but wild flavor to appeal to foragers.

I have made soup with them and once tried sauteeing them but my husband became ill from that - they have to be cooked pretty well.

The Wilson Farm cream of fiddlehead soup recipe is quite good: http://www.wilsonfarm.com/recipes/lyn...

Which Boston-Cambridge restaurants have been around since the 1980s?

I found a website of this architectural firm that worked on several restaurants in Boston in the 1970s and 1980s. Check out Cricket's...such a 1970s fern bar.

I don't remember the Copley Court at all, I can't even picture what is there now.


Which Boston-Cambridge restaurants have been around since the 1980s?

I think it is where the Pizzeria Uno is now.

Which Boston-Cambridge restaurants have been around since the 1980s?

I just remembered over the weekend: Club Cafe. The first time I went there was for lunch in the restaurant. It was the first time I ever saw hummus on a menu and tried it. This was 1988.

I was also walking along Gainsborough Street past Our House East which proudly says on the awning: Since 1981. Thought of you guys.

Our House East

Delicous Pizza Dough

That is my husband's favorite dough. It says it is made in Wakefield, MA and has a red-and-green bag. Usually in the deli area.

We also like Calareso's dough for the quantity.

Also tried out beer-flavored pizza dough from the Portland Pie Company, which was found at Hannaford's.


Which Boston-Cambridge restaurants have been around since the 1980s?

I loved Spasso and they had one of the best things I ever ate in Boston. They had this thin crust pizza called Funghi with a mushroom sauce. It was so good. I also remember having penne with sun-dried tomatoes there which I had never had before...this was about 1992. Thanks for the reminder!

Which Boston-Cambridge restaurants have been around since the 1980s?

Here are some more suggestions:

Dali (1989)
Papa*Razzi (1989)
Skipjack's Back Bay location, 1988
Sunset Grill and Tap, 1987

The following are from the 1970s, but were popular in the 1980s:

Casa Romero
Sol Azteca

Which Boston-Cambridge restaurants have been around since the 1980s?

Davio's on Newbury was purchased by Steve DiFillipo in 1985:


also see Ciao Bella. Not sure when it opened, but it has been there at least twenty five years.

Ciao Bella
Fairfield and Newbury Streets
Back Bay

study snacks for a crowd

Maybe Taco Party could cater a taco bar for you, they do catering. Or one of the other food trucks?


Where Have All the Greek Restaurants Gone?

They were in that area because there was more of a Greek population concentration, My friend who was Greek lived there when he was in college for that reason. People moved on and out of the city; from the volume of Greek churches and food festivals in the summer it seems like there still is a substantial population around the region.

I like the Aegean which has a location in Framingham and one in Watertown. Both are great. The Framingham location is much larger.

257 Cochituate Road, Route 30
Framingham, MA

640 Arsenal St.
Watertown, MA


March 2014 Openings and Closings

Walked over to audubon circle yesterday with ambitious hopes of sitting on the patio to find it closed with a sign on the door thanking everyone for 18 great years, and look for a reopening in April under new management.

Some other people pulled up in their car and bounded out, ready to go and were similarly surprised and saddened.

I'm a longtime fan of the owners' other spots - Miracle of Science, Cambridge 1, middlesex, Tory Row so will be sure to check those out.

Remebering some good times and good eats at audubon circle. Hope the next iteration of audubon circle is good - great place to go before going to Coolidge Corner or just after work spot.

audubon circle:

Searching for a great Hot Dog as winter winds down.

Fred's Franks, the truck and Big Green Egg can be found off Route 128 at Exit 40, at the head of the lake in Wakefield.

He has Pearl franks grilled to order, with some sausages and he had jalapeno ones last summer. Also has sauerkraut and many homemade condiments. Really nice guy, too.

His website says he will be opening for the season in March.

If not Fred's Franks, we really like grilling the Pearl Kountry Klub hot dogs from the deli counter. Their website has a directory where their products can be found.

Fred's Franks

Pearl Meat

Where are You Going for Chinese New Year?

We enjoyed Mandarin Reading with another couple on Friday night. There is a special New Year's Menu, in addition to the regular menu. The "Derby Cup" from the New Year's menu was everyone's favorite.

They are also offering a buffet, as well as lion dancing in the parking lot, at two occasions next Saturday(you will need a reservation for lunch).

I have been to Chinatown for Chinese New Year, it is a fun and festive time - with A LOT of firecrackers, that's for sure.

Mandarin Reading

Where to find Ancho Chiles in Boston or Metrowest?

I got some at Joppa Fine Foods, if you find yourself in Newburyport. I am now hooked! They add a lot of flavor and you don't have to use too much.

Joppa Fine Foods