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Where Have All the Greek Restaurants Gone?

They were in that area because there was more of a Greek population concentration, My friend who was Greek lived there when he was in college for that reason. People moved on and out of the city; from the volume of Greek churches and food festivals in the summer it seems like there still is a substantial population around the region.

I like the Aegean which has a location in Framingham and one in Watertown. Both are great. The Framingham location is much larger.

257 Cochituate Road, Route 30
Framingham, MA

640 Arsenal St.
Watertown, MA


Mar 21, 2014
latertater in Greater Boston Area

March 2014 Openings and Closings

Walked over to audubon circle yesterday with ambitious hopes of sitting on the patio to find it closed with a sign on the door thanking everyone for 18 great years, and look for a reopening in April under new management.

Some other people pulled up in their car and bounded out, ready to go and were similarly surprised and saddened.

I'm a longtime fan of the owners' other spots - Miracle of Science, Cambridge 1, middlesex, Tory Row so will be sure to check those out.

Remebering some good times and good eats at audubon circle. Hope the next iteration of audubon circle is good - great place to go before going to Coolidge Corner or just after work spot.

audubon circle:

Mar 12, 2014
latertater in Greater Boston Area

Searching for a great Hot Dog as winter winds down.

Fred's Franks, the truck and Big Green Egg can be found off Route 128 at Exit 40, at the head of the lake in Wakefield.

He has Pearl franks grilled to order, with some sausages and he had jalapeno ones last summer. Also has sauerkraut and many homemade condiments. Really nice guy, too.

His website says he will be opening for the season in March.

If not Fred's Franks, we really like grilling the Pearl Kountry Klub hot dogs from the deli counter. Their website has a directory where their products can be found.

Fred's Franks

Pearl Meat

Mar 04, 2014
latertater in Greater Boston Area

Where are You Going for Chinese New Year?

We enjoyed Mandarin Reading with another couple on Friday night. There is a special New Year's Menu, in addition to the regular menu. The "Derby Cup" from the New Year's menu was everyone's favorite.

They are also offering a buffet, as well as lion dancing in the parking lot, at two occasions next Saturday(you will need a reservation for lunch).

I have been to Chinatown for Chinese New Year, it is a fun and festive time - with A LOT of firecrackers, that's for sure.

Mandarin Reading

Feb 03, 2014
latertater in Greater Boston Area

Where to find Ancho Chiles in Boston or Metrowest?

I got some at Joppa Fine Foods, if you find yourself in Newburyport. I am now hooked! They add a lot of flavor and you don't have to use too much.

Joppa Fine Foods

Jan 30, 2014
latertater in Greater Boston Area

Valentine's Day weekend in Memphis

Alas, I mostly got up early and went to the conference which started at 8 am each day...if I went back I would definitely go to Alcenia's, which wasn't far away.


My husband loved Westy's. Their menu is pages long. Get something with wild rice.


Have fun!

Jan 30, 2014
latertater in Kentucky & Tennessee

Need recipe from blue ginger in Wellesley

Hi, I have not tried it but many of Ming Tsai's recipes are on his site, Ming.com. I've seen his show, Simply Ming on PBS and made some of them - all were winners.


He also has cookbooks that you could get from your library via Inter-Library Loan.

Jan 25, 2014
latertater in Greater Boston Area

Valentine's Day weekend in Memphis

I was just in Memphis for a conference. I loved McEwen's, which is a southern-infused menu. You can take the trolley there. Or it is maybe 7-10 minute walk from Beale Street.


Other conference attendees enjoyed Flight, where you can order flights of tastes and wine.


Majestic is a very nice room, big space and the menu looked good too - that's also close by.

Majestic Grille

All of these places are right near the trolley line.
Have a great time!

Jan 22, 2014
latertater in Kentucky & Tennessee

Quick bite before the Celtics game

The Tip Tap Room has eclectic appetizers and a lot of taps as can be expected.

It is maybe a 7 min. walk, at Cambridge and Staniford Streets.


We went to the Celtics game a little over a week ago, the first in some time. There are two beer gardens inside the TD Garden complex. Did not go on that occasion but might be something to check out.

Jan 13, 2014
latertater in Greater Boston Area

Anchovies -- anyone been lately?

I have not been there in some time but I always enjoyed it, particularly the littlenecks. Specials were always good. It has staying power in a place with a crowded field. It has late hours, and for this reason a lot of wait staff from area restaurants go there.

Jan 13, 2014
latertater in Greater Boston Area

Symphony 8 Space

Not sure what's happening there. At one point someone said they were going to change it up to a destination for symphony hall attendees(yes!!) rather than a students' bar. Never happened.

There is a new place called Ichiban. It's a yakitori house at 14a Westland that had some fans, though I haven't been:

I took a client to Ginger Exchange for a business lunch which is an Asian fusion restaurant in the former Betty's space that I thought was surprisingly good.

The Pho & I on Huntington, Pho Basil on Mass. Ave., and Symphony Sushi on Gainsborough are all good - and always jammed before the Symphony.

It is saturated with pan-Asian choices. Not sure how the market can sustain it.

As a regular BSO goer I'm in agreement with you that area desperately needs something new.

Jan 09, 2014
latertater in Greater Boston Area

Polar Seltzer Limited (Winter) Edition

I went to the Polar site to see the seasonal flavors, inspired by this thread(and we drink a lot of Polar seltzer).

Here is the selection:

Sorry Egg Nog and Candy Cane won't be making an appearance this year, will have to check out the others.

Nov 12, 2013
latertater in Greater Boston Area

Gluten Free Dining

The Elephant Walk restaurants - Cambodian and French - have arguably some of the most gluten-free options:


I'm not a gluten-free diner but from what I've observed most restaurants around here are pretty accommodating.

The Chubby Chickpea Food Truck also has a lot of vegan and gluten free selections, I just happened to notice:


Nov 04, 2013
latertater in Greater Boston Area

What's your favorite dijon mustard and where do you buy it locally?

I saw that article too in Consumer Reports. I am a fan of the Trader Joe's Dijon mustard which does say that it is made in France. It is good for sandwiches and not too watery.

Trader Joe's had a gift pack of four flavored mustards at the holidays last year that they said was made exclusively for them in Dijon, France. It looked like a nice set or a neat gift. I didn't try it though:


I usually buy Maille Dijon mustard as I use it for salad dressing. I'm also a fan of the Maille Old Style Whole Grain mustard to make potato salad:


These last two are usually in most stores, and at the Farmland in Wakefield, Mass.

Nov 04, 2013
latertater in Greater Boston Area

Apple orchards suggestions welcomed - missing Phil's Apples

We are sadly missing Phil's Apples out in Harvard, its wonderful cider pressing 'til December, and especially its proprietor, Phil Rymsha.

Apparently someone bought it and is trying to continue the operation although it isn't open this year.

Any fans out there that can recommend an alternative in that area? Looking for a place that is more about the apples than agri-tainment, though I know that is important to sustain a farm these days.


Oct 06, 2013
latertater in Greater Boston Area

Best NY Style Pizza

Regina Pizzeria, ordered and enjoyed in the North End restaurant, is my favorite.

I recently tried Santarpio's on Route 1 Northbound in Peabody - decent prices, size(not enormous), and really liked the hot peppers topping. Both of these places offer anchovies too, which is a must for me.

Regina Pizzeria


Oct 06, 2013
latertater in Greater Boston Area

See's chocolates at Jordan's Furniture in Reading

I buy one box a year at the holidays for my family, who really enjoy them. They have them at Lord & Taylor at that time, and also a pop-up store at the Prudential mall at the holidays.

Oct 06, 2013
latertater in Greater Boston Area

Best Soft Pretzels in Boston Area?

Swissbakers is great - we enjoy their pretzel rolls with sausages. They also have a bread called Pajazzo which is kind of pretzel-bread like. Try the seeded one. http://store.swissbakers.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=Pajazzo

I know the query was about soft pretzels but the sourdough hard pretzels from Snyder's http://www.snydersofhanover.com/sourdough-hard-pretzels.html of Hanover are really good and generally in most supermarkets.

Allston, Reading, and at the Prudential plaza farmers' market on Wednesdays.

Oct 06, 2013
latertater in Greater Boston Area

Newburyport area?

Just had a couple of memorable Newburyport visits so I'll chime in. We stopped into Ceia over the summer and enjoyed it so much I opted to return for a birthday dinner last month. It is largely Iberian with some French / Italian. We enjoyed everything, particularly the charcuterie appetizer..

We had lunch from Starboard Galley yesterday which has been there forever. It has just about any kind of standard seafood you would expect, some distinctive specials, decent prices,and what looked like a recent upgrade to the dining room with a great view and outdoor deck. A crate of apples in the bar from the fruitful tree outside - take one for your pocket on the way out. Very nice staff, too.

38 State St.

Starboard Galley
55 Water St.

Oct 06, 2013
latertater in Greater Boston Area

Anything good to eat at Market St. Lynnfield?

Wagamama is quite good. I've gone there with friends and for a business lunch and they are great for both of those things. Accommodating for particular diners too.

They are a UK-based chain and Boston was their first foray into the US market. Everything I've tried there was excellent. The Boston Globe reprinted their Yaki Soba recipe when they opened here and I enjoy making that.

OTTO Pizza of Portland, Maine will be going into MarketStreet soon.

Aug 29, 2013
latertater in Greater Boston Area

The ‘Perfect’ Fish Taco and Where I’ve Found It

I really liked the fish tacos from the Baja Taco Truck. It was parked outside the Boston Public Library and it was a long line and a long wait - too long for a taco, but it attests to how good they are.

Here's the menu:

The truck can be found in Boston, Brookline and Waltham. If you are a Twitter user, it may be followed at @BajaTacoTruck

Jul 18, 2013
latertater in Greater Boston Area

The best frozen, mixed berries in an area grocery chain?

I know you mentioned mixed berries, but I like the little Maine Wild Blueberries which you can get at Market Basket (it is the store brand).

Trader Joe's also has good frozen products.

Jun 28, 2013
latertater in Greater Boston Area

Searching for recipe from Dini's Sea Grill

Thinking about this today, I thought maybe it was evolved from an old standard like the Boston Cooking School Cookbook. Here's the recipe supposedly from the 1896 edition. I think I'm going to try this myself, it sounds good - lots of pickles, herbs.


The Boston Cooking School Cookbook
By Fannie Merritt Farmer (1896)



• 1/2 teaspoon mustard.
• 1 teaspoon powdered sugar.
• 1/2 teaspoon salt.
• Few grains cayenne.
• Yolks 2 eggs.
• 1/2 cup olive oil.
• 1 1/2 tablespoons vinegar.

• 1/2 tablespoon Capers, finely chopped.
• 1/2 tablespoon Pickles, finely chopped.
• 1/2 tablespoon Olives, finely chopped.
• 1/2 tablespoon Parsley, finely chopped.
• 1/2 shallot finely chopped.
• 1/4 teaspoon powdered tarragon.


Mix mustard, sugar, salt, and cayenne; add yolks of eggs, and stir until thoroughly mixed, setting bowl in pan of ice water.

Add oil, at first drop by drop, stirring with a wooden spoon or wire whisk.

As mixture thickens, dilute with vinegar, when oil may be added more rapidly.

Keep in cool place until ready to serve, then add remaining ingredients.

Source: http://www.foodreference.com/html/tar...

Mar 13, 2013
latertater in Greater Boston Area

New Swiss Bakers in Allston

Just wanted to show our love for Swiss Bakers. I am a huge fan of the Reading location, and I am thrilled that they are expanding. Inside a tiny room in the Reading train depot is an amazing operation, with the most enthusiastic and welcoming staff!

One side of the room is a mural that looks like a Swiss Alps panorama, and the other is just bursting with a million tarts and treats. Our favorite are the pretzel rolls and the Swiss Sin cinnamon rolls.

They also make a giant pretzel that is big enough to share - a great hostess gift or to bring along to watch a game:)

They also serve coffee in the European style - to go of course, but small and intensely flavored. Illy or Lavazza or something along those lines. Try them out!

Link to their site showing the store:

Mar 05, 2013
latertater in Greater Boston Area

Is there anyplace locally to buy Honeybells? Or something equally sweet and juicy?

They are a favorite of mine. They have a short season and are shipping now. I did find some at Market Basket; called Honey Bells but were Minneolas. Some places use these terms interchangably. A Minneola is a cross between a Dancy tangerine and a Duncan grapefruit; a true Honey Bell is a tangerine crossed with a pomelo. Both are juicy, easy to peel, and a great cross between tart and sweet.

Jan 29, 2013
latertater in Greater Boston Area

Place for a meeting in Copley around 4:30pm?

There is bar 10 in the Westin lobby. It is a very nice room and opens at 11:30 a.m. The website makes it seem very lounge-y but it is a sleek and professional place, in the afternoon.

bar 10

Jan 19, 2013
latertater in Greater Boston Area

B&B or Inn under an hour from Cambridge w/SlowFood bent, or near rest. w/same?

Hello, The Stonehedge Inn may be a little more than your 1-hour limit but in the zone. I haven't been here but had flagged it to check out sometime; I treat myself to maybe one spa visit a year in the depth of winter and thought about getting the husband to go with me for lunch to try it out, with a spa visit. The menu is more like a formal restaurant than a relaxed, rustic, slow-food place but it looks very nice - if not too adventurous. Impressive wine cellar.

(If anyone has been, please report back.)

You also might consider the Berkshires; there a lot of places to dine and stay like you are describing there within a three-hour drive from Cambridge. Berkshire Grown has a map and search function to find restaurants, inns with locally sourced food: http://berkshiregrown.org/map-o-licious/

Stonehedge Inn & Spa
Tyngsboro, Mass.

Jan 19, 2013
latertater in Greater Boston Area

best fun bar for college chums to gather around the holidays. note: we graduated in 1985

Read this review in the Metro recently and was reminded of this thread: Daddy Jones is a new bar in Magoun Square, Somerville that manages to serve Greek food and 'craft' versions of 1980s drinks(along with 1980s sitcoms)


My own college pals do this around the holidays and we might check it out ourselves. If anyone has been, report back.

Daddy Jones
525 Medford St.

Dec 05, 2012
latertater in Greater Boston Area

New Mexican chiles?

OK, you were referring to Hatch chiles. I clicked and thought it was New Mexican chiles (the dried ones). If anyone is interested you can buy these around the area in large, resealable packages by the brand Badia. I just got some: http://www.badiaspices.com/chilis/new...

Oct 17, 2012
latertater in Greater Boston Area

Biscuits and gravy?

M3 in Somerville does offer biscuits at brunch with a choice of gravy or their house-made apple butter. I haven't been but have been wanting to try it. I'm a huge southern food enthusiast - which is very trendy now - as half my family is from there. We're a little particular about biscuits and gravy though. Let us know if you try it out.

M3, Meat & Three in Davis Square

Oct 16, 2012
latertater in Greater Boston Area