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Emily Luchetti's Grandmothers' Cake?

Thanks so much! So I made the cake, and it was FANTASTIC! I still can't believe the amount of brown sugar but it certainly worked. Everyone loved it.

I'm intrigued by your chocolate mousse cake! Is it cake with mousse? Sounds so yummy!

Thanks for your reply.

Nov 12, 2013
indkitchen in Home Cooking

Emily Luchetti's Grandmothers' Cake?

Hello, wise bakers. I have started making Emily Luchetti's Grandmothers' Cake from the Stars Desserts cookbooks (a favorite cookbook but a new recipe for me). She calls for 2-3/4 cups of brown sugar. Could that be?!?!? Ina Garten's chocolate cake recipe calls for 2, so maybe its totally off. I generally follow baking recipes very carefully, but I'm about to lop 3/4 c of brown sugar from the recipe. Would that be a mistake? Has anyone made this cake before? Need help, asap. Thanks!!!

Nov 08, 2013
indkitchen in Home Cooking

Hong Kong / China- Help with Restaurant itinerary please!!

We were in Beijing in December and had a great meal at Da Dong. One of our best dinners as at Lunar 8, which I don't see on your list. Have a good trip!

Sydney with Kids

Hi! We are a family of 5 (kids ages 5-10) and we're going to Sydney next week. We are very excited about our first trip to Sydney! We would love some recommendations for fun spots to enjoy with kids. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

What to do with Green Apples from a Sonoma Farm?

Hi there! I was given a bucket full of green apples from a farm in Sonoma. They are tart and dry with a a little bit of juice. Any suggestions on what to make (besides applesauce)? I don't know what type of apples they are and I am often confused about which apples to use in baking. I'd love your suggestions! Thanks.

Sep 20, 2011
indkitchen in Home Cooking