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DTW. Dead chef estate sales

Craigslist? Estate sales are worth checking. There is a free email that lists estate sales in your area (whatever that area is) and will often give some details on features at listed sales (special furniture, 4 sets of kitchen stuff, mostly clothing, etc.).

Apr 07, 2014
HillsofBeverly in Great Lakes

Wow...Royal Oak, MI Restaurant Week sounds *horrible*!

Entirely non-food/drink related, sadly. That's just where the $$ that used to go to fun dining adventures and better wines now goes...

Apr 04, 2014
HillsofBeverly in Great Lakes

Wow...Royal Oak, MI Restaurant Week sounds *horrible*!

At least the Cafe Muse dinner should taste good. I don't go there all that often (putting money into a business now more than eating out) but the food is generally better than most of the other establishments (and I can't believe that Woody's, Star Lanes, etc. got in on Restaurant Week - WHY?).

Apr 02, 2014
HillsofBeverly in Great Lakes

lidia bastianich cookbooks -- which one do you like to cook from?

While you wait for her books to arrive, I've made this bone-in pork shoulder roast from her website three times this winter - the pan sauce is AMAZING. As are the crispy bits on top. Fabulous. BTW, I never have porcini and this recipe is fantastic without them. http://www.lidiasitaly.com/recipes/de...

Mar 30, 2014
HillsofBeverly in Home Cooking

Cantoro, Plymouth, DTW?

I heard on WWJ that it did - ONLY noticed and listened to the story because this CH board had me curious too.

Mar 19, 2014
HillsofBeverly in Great Lakes

DTW: least sucky restaurant in RO

I've had bad luck with Lily's, good luck with Muse. Don't know Ronin.

Mar 07, 2014
HillsofBeverly in Great Lakes

$1 Oysters in Ann Arbor?

Freshest, certainly.

Mar 01, 2014
HillsofBeverly in Great Lakes

Julia Child Corned Beef - great spices, too salty (help!)


About two years ago I bought a plain, raw brisket and did the Julia Child corned beef recipe (salt, spices, cure in fridge). It was delicious but too salty so I didn't make it last year.

I fear making it again and soaking it pre-cooking to remove salt, only to remove flavor too. Has anyone found a solution to corning that is spicy and flavorful and not lethally salty?


Feb 24, 2014
HillsofBeverly in Home Cooking

Extra Peanut Butter

Funny, I've never had extra peanut butter (for long, that is). Eat from jar, spread on toasted wholegrain bread, put into satay sauces, eat w/an apple or banana. If you really hate it and no one in the household will eat it, birds and squirrels love it (especially in cold climates for energy).

Feb 10, 2014
HillsofBeverly in Home Cooking

Stella Trattoria Traverse City MI

I've had similar thoughts. If any place is haunted, that one would be a contender. I had a wild boar pasta there about 6 years ago. Very tasty, very expensive, where the beautiful people of TC go.

Feb 08, 2014
HillsofBeverly in Great Lakes

Happy Hour @ Townhouse/Birmingham - DTW

Thank you! A lot of my business contacts are around Birmingham but I have my own biz going and a lower budget than the big banks and law firms. $20 for a drink or two and something I love (like crispy Brussels sprouts) is very appealing! I know where to meet my M&A buddy next time. I would have passed this over as a "Trust Fund Baby" joint otherwise.

Jan 26, 2014
HillsofBeverly in Great Lakes

Blimpy Burger (Ann Arbor) update

So much to say about this..."investors" and "donors" are different things, I used a loan and my own savings to start my own business (but if you all want to send me $19,000 in exchange for some tees and stickers I'm game), is there no other collateral to get a loan? Whatever, not my thing. I've given to friends' campaigns for their art project or movie but won't to this.

Jan 25, 2014
HillsofBeverly in Great Lakes

Seasoned nuts problem


This recipe really does work - the spice/sugar mixture sticks nicely (and the heated sugar/butter/vanilla/rum prior to tossing with nuts smells divine!).

Jan 14, 2014
HillsofBeverly in Home Cooking

I didn't rinse the brine. Mistake?

I've wondered about this too - if you brine, how much salt does brief, pre-cooking rinsing really remove? Some on the surface, sure, but not anything absorbed in a meaningful way. I've done Cooks Illustrated's home corned beef twice - first time didn't rinse and it was too salty for me. Second time did rinse and it was still pretty dang salty.

Jan 01, 2014
HillsofBeverly in Home Cooking

Restaurants open Christmas Eve in Southeast Michigan

Too late, but maybe this will be useful in 2014 - I drove by Eddie Merlot's on Woodward after 8 pm Xmas Eve services last night and they looked open, with cars at the door picking up diners. Check them out in 2014 if you wish (so far my 2 experiences with them have been better apps and drinks than dinners, but a few quite good apps).

Dec 25, 2013
HillsofBeverly in Great Lakes

Why is Trader Joe's Sushi so off-putting?

It's like Starbucks baked goods, also trucked in from another state. "Someone" is buying the stale scones and banana bread slices too.

Dec 17, 2013
HillsofBeverly in Chains

Trader Joes... Please, just ring up my groceries.

Maybe this is a regional thing? I'm in Michigan, a cross between the talkative East/Chicago and introverted Midwest, so my TJ's cashiers are all just "normal." Some are pleasant but have nothing to say - which is fine - others will say "these are new and people love them, let us know what you think" but none of the crazy nosiness. Now we DO have crazy nosy people working in other stores ("may I help you?" in face, for 10th time - "NO, THANK YOU, I'M STILL LOOKING")...

Dec 17, 2013
HillsofBeverly in Chains

Anyone else cook the Feast of the Seven Fishes on Christmas Eve?

Your menu sounds fantastic!

I tried a variation one year, and the salt cod puree (that no one in the family had tried before, so none knew of it's unique aroma) was such a crowd-killer that I didn't try it again. Maybe this year but no salt cod ever again...

Dec 14, 2013
HillsofBeverly in Home Cooking

Michigan meat..where to buy farm direct?

+1 to Melo Farms - delicious meat, very nice people running the farm.

Dec 14, 2013
HillsofBeverly in Great Lakes

Taco Bell vs Del Taco

In Michigan DT wins for "regular" hard shell beef tacos, hands down. As I've read elsewhere on this board - DT tacos today taste the way TB's did in the 70s/80s (aka like real food).

Dec 12, 2013
HillsofBeverly in Chains

Red Fox Pub, Royal Oak/DTW Anybody been there yet?

Good beer list. Last time I was there with a group I tried some apps and I think that VTB nails it with the comparison to Mr. B's. I think it's really more of a pub-styled drinking and hanging out spot.

Dec 10, 2013
HillsofBeverly in Great Lakes

The Burger Bubble [DTW; Troy, FH & Troy]

Is this Kewpee the same one in downtown Lansing with the olive burger? Based on my one-time order of the olive burger there I could live with or without Halo.

Dec 08, 2013
HillsofBeverly in Great Lakes

Turkey Day 2013: Lessons Learned

What I learned?

Dry brine the turkey - even one day for a 6 lb breast made it good.

Eat in, even if just turkey, mashed cauliflower and roasted brussels sprouts. For a long, boring story reason a relative wanted to eat out and "not fuss." She should have hurried back to her project and the rest of us should have eaten in, even if very simple. Out was OK but I could have done SO much more with the $$ spent. Like simple food, great cheese and good wine and bourbon.

Dec 02, 2013
HillsofBeverly in Home Cooking

Typical American Thanksgiving meal: All show, no substance.

Yep, for those of us who eat fresh food, walking up to a crockpot full of steaming Russian salad dressing, sauerkraut, melted cheese and beef bits at a potluck ("reuben dip") is a watershed moment. Fresh food, people. It's as easy to find as processed in most places!

Nov 30, 2013
HillsofBeverly in Home Cooking

Hygrade Deli in Detroit: you win some, you lose some...


Oct 23, 2013
HillsofBeverly in Great Lakes

Panera for lunch -- NEVER AGAIN!

Agreed. I worked for a company for 5 years that had Panera cater EVERYTHING. The breakfast array was always the best tasting. If I'm on the road really early now I may stop there for coffee and a whole grain bagel or egg thing. But If I ever see another Mediterranean Veggie sandwich with (gross) cilantro hummus again in this life, I'm throwing it out the window.

Oct 20, 2013
HillsofBeverly in Chains

Anything new up north (Charlevoix, Petoskey, Indian River)? v 2013

Highly annoyed - American Spoon in TC no longer has their marvelous gelato and sorbetto. That crabapple sorbetto was one of my favorite things on this Earth (along with their crabapple butter). WHY? Cost and revenue related, of course, but dammit WHY?

Carlson's smoked whitefish remains solid. Husband and I did a hotel room dinner entirely of great cheese, wine and Carlson's smoked fish from Burritt's in TC.

Oct 06, 2013
HillsofBeverly in Great Lakes

Desserts in Ann Arbor

Oh yes, I used to drive through at Dom for a fresh donut on some evenings post-outing just because I could. And because the fresh, sugary donut was goooood.

I'll agree on Zingermans value v. cost. Some things outstanding, others just pretty good (but all prices high).

Sep 23, 2013
HillsofBeverly in Great Lakes

I cry inside: Berkley MI HIller's is closing

You know, I live about 10 minutes from it and its weird location has kept me from ever visiting it. Like the other Hillers in newer suburbs. Shoulda gone when I coulda.

Sep 20, 2013
HillsofBeverly in Great Lakes

Sanders Hot Fudge Ice Cream Puffs...why are these things so expensive?

If you offer it, they will come.... Clearly, someones are willing to pay at that rate and the restaurants are probably thrilled to have such a high profit margin item. Just as good or better than booze!

I have a friend who used to get Sanders fudge on Ray's ice cream at the Town Tavern in Royal Oak. Either can be bought easily and consumed at home for, what, 1/10 of the price? But she'd still get it there (not me, though).

Sep 16, 2013
HillsofBeverly in Great Lakes