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Solo traveler, staying in midtown east, somewhat budget conscious

I eat everything and am staying at the waldorf (work thing). Have only a few days. Theatre tix near Chelsea Park. Where to eat before the play? Where to eat near-ish hotel? Any good food near the High Line Park where I will be comfortable eating solo? Lunch on the weekend somewhere in Eatily? Good destination for lunch, walkable from Brooklyn Bridge? Love most asian food, mexican. Thanks for tips.

Apr 15, 2012
elldub in Manhattan

steak and breakfast near millenium park

Thanks a ton for all the tips. I had read about Fox & Obel but I didn't know they had such a nice bakery, so we will go there also. I'll make a reso at Sable. Can't wait for the weekend!

Sep 18, 2011
elldub in Chicago Area

steak and breakfast near millenium park

Hi there - we live in Vancouver BC and we are coming for my spouse to run the marathon. We have 3 days are we're staying near Millenium Park. We love chicago (although we haven't spent much time there) and we eat everything. We are in our early 40s.

The marathoner will want a steak - I made a reso at Chicago Cut but am wondering if Keefer's might be the better bet? I have read the very helpful posts on steakhouses and I've pretty much ruled out Gibsons (it sounds a bit too much about the scene) and Primehouse (the celebrity chef thing, I dunno, it seems a bit over the top).

I think we might go to Sable one night and maybe have some pizza as well (seems obligatory!) or mexican. Our mexican food in Vancouver is quite limited.

Any tips on good breakfast and bakery near-ish to our hotel? Also any ideas on really healthy, clean sort of dinner we might have the night before the marathon?

Finally, we'll definitely spend some time at the art institute - any good breakfast or lunch nearby?


Sep 17, 2011
elldub in Chicago Area