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Thanks for your reply. We ended up choosing a different hall because Borgata didn't have our availability in the end. They had seemed pretty flexible and accommodating though - there was another couple already tentatively holding our date (they ended up booking).

We were communicating with Marco over email who was awesome, very timely, responsive and flexible. For our appointment we had 'Joe' who was ok but just seemed a little withdrawn and timid.

I didn't like the fact that the tastings were only once every couple months. We couldn't wait so long to do our tasting because we were holding our date at another venue.

I'm sure the food will be great and their package options were pretty extensive.

All the best on your wedding date!

Reviews? Catering from "La Primavera - on the GO kitchen"?

Hi all

Just wondering if anyone has had any experience (positive, neutral, bad, etc.) using catering from La Primavera (77 Woodstream Blvd. Vaughan, ON)? They have a catering division called "on the GO kitchen."

The prices seem pretty competitive and La Primavera seems to have pretty good reviews as a banquet hall itself.

We'd like to use them for catering for a wedding reception of about 375 people but I haven't been able to find any reviews.

Any feedback would be really appreciated!!



Hi all,

I'm searching for banquet halls with packages around the $80 price range --- it's been tough for a Saturday evening wedding reception for about 300-350 guests.

I came across BORGATA WEDDING AND EVENT VENUE in Vaughan and their reviews seem pretty good.

Their packages start at $68.95 a person.

Has anyone attended a wedding there recently? Any feedback about food quality, service, ambiance would be really appreciated!!


Markham Event Centre reviews???

Hi all,

I'm having a really tough time finding a reception venue in the greater Toronto area that can accommodate a group of 350-400 for under $100 / head.

We visited Markham Event Centre this afternoon and really like how new, clean and open it feels... and the chandeliers are beautiful!

The only thing is that I haven't been able to find many reviews of their Western menu (standard) packages? They seem to have high reviews of their Chinese wedding banquets though.

Any feedback on their food, ambiance, service... would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you :)