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Pizza Quest - DC Area. Pacci's or Pizza CS or Pizzeeria Da Marco?

Wouldn't do da Marco because though the pizza is fine, the customer relations are actually harsh. We ordered a salad that came without all the ingredients listed, and the kitchen manager fought with us about filling up the plate with what was on the ticket menu -- it took 10-15 minutes to get the salad composed. Then they continued to fight about a difference in the charges, even saying, "Why should we give you a few bucks off since you won't be coming back."
Perhaps we should have tipped for the self-fulfilling prophecy!
But seriously, good restaurants, even pizza joints, aren't just about the food. The service, the atmosphere, the interaction with the restaurant staff all make a meal worth paying for.

Dinner near Newseum

Central is known for its burgers and yes, they are good and the scene is hopping. Jaleo is one of the most creative, tastiest restaurants in the area. Went to Hill Country last week and was so impressed by the beef ribs and the beer can guinea hen, not to mention the really great sides of cucumbers and cole slaw and chipotle deviled egg salad. There is a great ice cream place -- expensive but it's just ice cream -- called Pitango, worth saving dessert there. Enjoy!

Can't master the Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker

Got a new appliance for my birthday, but Im getting milkshakes instead of ice cream. Im freezing the freezer cup overnight; leaving the mixer bowl in there too. Even put the airtight plastic final presentation bowl in the freezer...and one day later I still have milkshakes. Any tips or insights?

Jan 16, 2012
robynl4 in Home Cooking