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Unique Game...Squirrel, Frog?

I know, I know.
Im looking for squirrel. Mastering other meats, I want to head to the more unique game. Im looking to find some, does anyone have a source?

I get my rabbits, quail, etc from WI mostly, but I do not know of an institution which has squirrel. Furthermore, I would love to find some LARGE frog legs...

May 21, 2012
ashii in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Where to take some visiting Food Snobs?

I think you would be surprised of the food here- La Belle Vie or Meritage for french.

If not french- Piccolo would be a nice seat.
If that is out of your price range, then Alma, 112 Eatery, Sanctuary (people might gasp when I say that).

May 21, 2012
ashii in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Downtown Minneapolis No Carb meals

Anywhere. There are not many places that dont have options. Steak houses obviously, or seafood (oceanaire). Salad often has lots of carbs, so for no carbs you keep with protein.

Even mcdonalds you can remove the bun from the burger, no ketchup and stack the beef, bacon and cheese high. (not the most nutritious however). Subway, eat some chicken breasts with cheese and bacon dipped in ranch.

Buffalo wings, omelets, burgers, roast chicken, sushi, etc. Possibilities are endless. Once you start thinking like a low-carb- it becomes second nature. Just be careful about things that have been marinated or things with sauces (kebabs, chinese) they often have hidden carbs in the form of sugar or corn starch.

Apr 30, 2012
ashii in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Scott Ja-mamas

Try the rib place down nicollet a few blocks. 47th or so if you are looking in the area.

I never had a good experience at Scotts. I had one good experience at this other joint on 47th- cant remember the dang name.

I am a rib snob, i spent half of two summers trying to perfect my recipe for sauce, rub and process. I got it down to a science! However, when discussions come up about ribs, there is usually bloodshed (especially if someone asks if I use pork or beef, im liable to blow a gasket). Vinegar, mustard, tomato, dry rub, smoked, baked- Different regions, different people, they all make them different. But they should never be 'tough and chewy'. IMHO. After going to famous daves, and the like, nothing beats my ribs, im actually taking them to competitions- we will see if other people agree.

Apr 30, 2012
ashii in Minneapolis-St. Paul

The Bachelor Farmer - who has been and can comment

Ive been a two times. The food was good- very fresh, but lacked a little character for me. For that price, i was expecting a little more personality. Furthermore the place is filled with hipsters-, but the hipster wait staff are not foodies- in fact, our waitress couldnt comment on food because she does 'eat things with heads' so to speak.

The whole place reminded me of a place called The Angry Trout in Grand Marais, but without the wonderful knowledgeable staff and beautiful view of lake superior.

Nov 17, 2011
ashii in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Top 5 Restaurants for B'day Dinner

I would try the upstairs for 112 then, not as cozy and unique, but nearing there- and the service is excellent.

Nov 17, 2011
ashii in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Top 5 Restaurants for B'day Dinner

Or Cafe Maude, good drinks, ive never had the food.

Cafe Maude
5411 Penn Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55419

Nov 17, 2011
ashii in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Lunds/Byerlys Bakeries: Best Kolachky this side of Prague and Chicago !

Potica comes from only one place in MN and that is Hibbing- Sunrise. The rest is absolute dog poo.You cannot buy even close to decent Potica in the freezer, or bakery section locally, you have to order directly from the source.

Nov 15, 2011
ashii in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Top 5 Restaurants for B'day Dinner

1. Piccolo- fantastic food, laid back atmosphere for foodies
2. La Belle Vie- old world formal
3. 112 Eatery- somewhat casual if you are looking to relax
4. Sanctuary- romantic and unique
5. Sea Change- stylish

Note: Saffron- Absolute disappointment each time.

112 Eatery
112 N 3rd St, Minneapolis, MN 55401

La Belle Vie
510 Groveland Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55405

Sea Change
806 Second Street S., Minneapolis, MN 55415

Nov 15, 2011
ashii in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Best Pho?

Pho at Vina is the worst i have ever had. And ive had it there 4 times :(

Jul 19, 2011
ashii in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Seafood Restaurant (Non-fried)


Jul 19, 2011
ashii in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Seal/Hunington Beach Visit- recomendations food and fun

That is tough i love everything, there is nothing i dont enjoy.... I like strange ethnic, french, contemporary, American, and much more
Vietnamese is hug in mpls, so i may stop there, but i have my Pho down to a science from living in LA and mpls. I will be there for a week so during the week but so far i have compiled this list:


Barbeque in Seal Beach:

Soul Food/Traditional in Seal Beach:

Casual Seafood:

Outdoor swimsuit seafood, specialty caught- fish tacos:

Contemporary, Bar scene/hot spot:


Contemporary/Fun on the beach:

Breakfast/Lunch: Wed-Fri: 8:00am to 1:30pm
Sat-Sun: 8:00am to 2:00pm

Lunch at Crystal Cove after Hike:

Brunch Saturday and Sunday:

Jun 25, 2011
ashii in Los Angeles Area

Seal/Hunington Beach Visit- recomendations food and fun

Good suggestions. Anything worth the drive for something downright amazing?

Jun 23, 2011
ashii in Los Angeles Area

Seal/Hunington Beach Visit- recomendations food and fun

I normally research travel locations like crazy- but the whole reason for this trip is the overwhelming stress from my business/personal and im finding it hard to get a free moment to research. So i am turning to my Chow board in hopes to get a jump start!

Im taking a trip for a week over the 4th to Seal Beach and Huntington Beach. Im a serious foodie from Minneapolis and im looking for some option in the area. Im looking for the local secrets to the best of the best in the area (we are staying in Seal Beach, but willing to drive).

And while im at it, non food related anything I should take a look at specifically? I will be taking surfing lessons, and maybe a hike? hot springs? maybe some shopping?

Furthermore im looking for the best small dog boutique with the largest selection of harnesses. (strange request i know).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Jun 22, 2011
ashii in Los Angeles Area

Lucia's Wine Bar

Reading the title 'Lucia's wine bar' in the header, I was hoping to read a little blurb about how the place was going to improve.... I was a bit taken back by the negative comments. However, they deserve it.

I took one of my clients there recently, while the food was palatable, the wine list was.... wait, what wine list? I couldnt really make a decision because none of the wines by the glass were what I desired. Maybe they will go ahead and make a change for the complementing summer months ahead....
But until then, if you want to be called a duck, then you have to do more than quack like one.

Apr 05, 2011
ashii in Minneapolis-St. Paul

VIP Theater/"Theaters at MOA"--how's the food?

I think the St louis park theater VIP food is great. I think they have one of the best cheese/meat plates in the twin cities. Cheese, meat, olives, bread, fruit, spread and a glass of wine sure beats salty popcorn and a soda.

Oh, and i believe it was 8 bucks- not bad at all.

Feb 07, 2011
ashii in Minneapolis-St. Paul

breakfast ideas walking distance from target center(downtown)

Ikes (carmel rolls the size of your head are complimentary), and the food has always been solid.
But another vote here for Hells kitchen.... mmmmmm, best bloodys and interesting menu.

Feb 02, 2011
ashii in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Looking for some awesome chocolates

I second this. Good schnitt.

Just Truffles is good, but expensive and the owner has a very bad rep. I refuse to go there any longer :(
Someone once mentioned this place on lake minnetonka near excelsior. They have a giant lit chocolate' sign. It is on a hill in a little house. I have never had them, but i hear it is good.

Jan 31, 2011
ashii in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Any healthy takeout places out there?

Im going to throw in a curve ball....
I get crazy cravings for Chinese food but with the high sodium, sugar, MSG, etc it easily becomes a diet nightmare.

However, delivering to my house a couple times a month in Xin Won chinese on 47th and Nicollet. As far as chinese goes, they dont use MSG and the have a healthier menu items that are steamed.

But the reason I love it is because nothing is from a can. We are talking huge portions of all sorts of fresh veggies. I get the Chicken and veggies (with more chicken then you can imagine-steamed with tons of huge chunks of veggies and I get the sauce on the side. Portions are HUGE and prices are so low i cant justify mkaing steamed veggies and chicken at home. Delish!

Brasa rotisserie. French meadow is fantastic for what it is- I always get the zone omelet made with egg white goat cheese and spinach. And did you know perkins will substitute egg whites in omelets for no additional charge?- not saying it makes the omelet good, just another option.

And Brasa is good fr the low carb area.

Jan 31, 2011
ashii in Minneapolis-St. Paul

downtown staying at Hotel Minneapolis

Are you thinking lunch? bfast? dinner?
I will throw a few things out.
Breakfast (these may be controversial), Ikes- they do these sticky buns at the table as big as your head which is true cure for too many cocktails the night before. They have bloodys with everything (peperoni, cheese, shrimp, pickles, onions, olives, etc) in them and it really boasts a charm like pub or steakhouse.
But if its a good bloody you are looking for I would hit up Hells Kitchen. Neat atmosphere, and unique food. They make many things from scratch like their peanut butter and their ketchup.

Dinner: you are in the center of downtown so anything is possible really. More expensive you can trot over to Diamico at Chambers, I have had two very solid meals there recently.
Of course you have the W and you can relax in the overly crowded lounge before going upstairs to Prohibition. I have heard mixed reviews.

If you desire sushi, then Seven is really swank.

Before I continue, it would be nice to know what you are looking for... you are staying in such a central location that 5 minute cab ride can take you all over the place including northeast at Butcher Block and towards uptown at Nick and Eddies.

Jan 31, 2011
ashii in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Which Is Grosser: Taco Bell or Boca Burgers?

If you cant pronounce it, do you eat it? Im not niave thinking that for 1.00 im going to get a freshly made tortilla with fresh produce, premium meat and herbs and spices that were gathered from the garden earlier that day. Nope, Taco bell is mid day or midnight gut bursting, grotesquely satisfying- tispy food. Its really hear no evil, see no evil- 'i know nothing!'.

But when im at home, I know whats in my burger.... I try to keep the high priced fillers/additives/unknown ingredients away from my fridge.

Jan 31, 2011
ashii in Features

Low Carb?

Have you read the book? If you have then you can eat almost anywhere.... go ahead and name 10 random restaurants and you can find many things on the menu... if nothing more you can substitute sides for a side salad with blue cheese or ranch.

Jan 09, 2011
ashii in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Quick: Lunch place- requirements

My father has suggested lunch tomorrow...
His girlfriend suggests 'Something light'
My father suggests 'Nothing downtown or uptown, moderately priced, with parking and not too terribly busy'- he wants ease of access and directions. He is 70 yrs old and doesnt enjoy traffic or action much.

If i am going out to eat, i want something decent, however I only know the inner twin cities, not the edges. Last time we went to Tavern on France, and that worked out well, no complaints from the peanut gallery. Anyone have suggestions off the top of their head?

(He lives in apply valley, i live south mpls), thanks much, i know this is last minute...

Tavern on France
6740 France Ave S, Minneapolis, MN

Jan 01, 2011
ashii in Minneapolis-St. Paul

I think I've found the best sandwich in MSP

Ill have to try that... for me, its the Longhorn at Blackbird. Something about it rubs me just the right way.
braised beef brisket, caramelized onions, tomatoes, provolone, horseradish mayo

Dec 31, 2010
ashii in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Philly Cheesesteak in Minnesota

This may sound a bit odd, but here we go...
I remember having a good one at the corner store called 'Loon grocery' on 25th and Lyndale. This however was maybe 5 or 6 years ago, and i had just left a beer tasting event (so this info may not be reliable- i had a lot of liquor in me), but it might be worth a try if you are really on a mission.

Dec 31, 2010
ashii in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Potica Bread in the twin cities?

Sunrise makes GREAT stuff and they will ship it... but they dont have it at Lunds.
Lunds carries some other stuff (similar prep to Kramarczuks-not very good/wrong recipe) which is made in Chisholm.

Dec 25, 2010
ashii in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Potica Bread in the twin cities?

Some Potica is made in a bread pan, so it stays tall and more moist. What they make at Kramarczuk is an example of one that is not, so it flattens out and becomes very dry by comparison- however it is not pre-packaged so im sure it must be better than what i have found at Lunds. But they are SOLD OUT! blast.

Rocky Mountain also makes it very thin and in a bread pan, they way i learned to make it growing up. I should have just made it, but I ran out of time before the holiday season.

Here is an example:

Dec 24, 2010
ashii in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Pork belly... Restaurant which has it on the menu?

This is what i found so far:
Pork Belly=
The Strip Club: 378 Maria Ave, st paul
Pork Belly squash, apples, cashew foie gras-nola, Uncle Pete’s mustard glaze $22.00

Porter and Frye: 1115 Second Ave so. Minneapolis
Pork belly, baked beans, bacon, and apple onion compote 17.00

Sample room: 2124 Marshall Street NE, Minneapolis
Pork Belly Confit – with ponzu sauce 5.25

Ngon Bistro: 799 University Ave, St. Paul
Braised Pork Belly Fischer Farms pork belly braised with our pho spices,
served with micro greens & cilantro sauce 8

WA Frost and Company: 374 Selby Ave. St Paul
Hidden Stream Farm Pork belly confit, radicchio Treviso, quince mostarda, Stickney hills goat cheese foam 9.50

The Strip Club
378 Maria Ave, Saint Paul, MN 55106

Porter and Frye
1115 Second Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55403

Dec 23, 2010
ashii in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Potica Bread in the twin cities?

Im looking for potica bread, i know lunds and byerlys carries some -kinda. The stuff i have found here in the twin cities is strange shaped, flat and fairly stale. Not soft, tall and sticky like stuff i can get way up north (hibbing).

Im looking for some non-prepackaged potica-walnut. Any ideas where i can get it in the twin cities?

Dec 23, 2010
ashii in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Pork belly... Restaurant which has it on the menu?

Blackbird has sandwhich style preparation involving tons of cheese. And of course there is the BLT style, but im looking for a more elegant prep.

Dec 23, 2010
ashii in Minneapolis-St. Paul