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Buddy's Pizza - Detroit?

Just wanted to say thanks to the thread participants for some fun memories. My grandparents lived in the Detroit area until they died five years ago and they would take my cousins and me to Buddy's whenever we were in town.

Jun 10, 2009
sweetpig in Great Lakes

Jfood needed Izzy (MSP) and it came through

We are fans of Izzy's and I highly recommend the Chocolate Dulce de Leche if you ever see it in the case. I like Pumphouse, too, but I live near Izzy's and my toddlers are not really interested in driving half an hour for ice cream :).

MSP - Brasa, great in NE and coming to Grand Ave SOON!

We love Brasa and we probably should just set up a direct deposit from our bank account to the new restaurant on Grand. We will be there as often as our waistlines allow.

Need ideas for birthday dinner, MSP

A group of friends and I get together for a restaurant dinner for our birthdays. Recent picks include Sanctuary (not overly impressed), Red Stag (pretty good), Saffron (amazing). I am supposed to pick a place for me but I am not sure what to choose; I have two little kids and rarely visit restaurants without high chairs anymore.

I love Mexican food, Middle Eastern food, upscale American, Indian and seafood. Am not a huge fan of Vietnamese. My only other requirement is that the place take reservations because I am paying a sitter by the hour ;).

Any recs? We'd prefer Mpls or St. Paul as we all live in one city or the other and don't want to trek to the suburbs.


MSP-Fav place for dinner w/ toddler

We have TWO toddlers--sons are almost 3 and 16m. We love the Birchwood, Midtown Global Market and Good Earth--super kid-friendly. Also, Indian places tend to be kid-friendly and my kids are not overly adventurous but they like Indian food. Some of the lunch buffets let little ones eat free.

Although "family-style" restaurants like Applebee's are supposedly kid-friendly, we hate the food and when we do eat at places like that, we are not impressed with the kid-friendliness. I find small places more welcoming (not Carmelo's on Snelling, though) esp. if you go around 5 or 5:30 and leave if kids get fussy.

May 16, 2009
sweetpig in Minneapolis-St. Paul

St. Paul Trader Joe's

I initially heard March but now I am hearing June. It is right in my neighborhood and definitely doesn't look ready for March occupancy, IMO.

MSP - Grand Avenue

I've also heard good things about Cheeky Monkey on Selby. On Grand, Cafe Latte is always a safe choice. Punch is fabulous but maybe not if you don't like pizza. I though Salut was all right--not terrible, but not great and expensive for what you get. Shish has good food but the service is so-so. Everest on Grand is delicious and the lunch buffet is a good deal.

Birmingham, MI--downtown on Sunday nights

We have a family wedding at the Birmingham Community House on Sunday night. The wedding is just dessert and drinks and so we need a place for an early dinner, preferably downtown. Both 220 and Elies were recommended to me but both are closed on Sundays. Forest Grill is too pricey. I will be with my parents, who prefer more straightforward food and my mom has a violent allergy to seafood, so she would not eat at a place like Mitchell's. Any ideas? Thanks.

Help with restaurant for multiple tastes--MSP

I have three friends visiting next weekend. One is vegetarian, one is vegan and allergic to gluten and one likes traditional meat and potatoes fare and nothing too spicy. Where on earth do I take them?

Visiting St. Paul 9/14-9/16

Will you have your child with you for all the meals? I have a 1-year-old and I know cabs are tricky because of the car seats. Tanpopo definitely is kid-friendly and while the food at Cossetta's is not real exciting, it is decent red-sauce Italian IMO and very child-appropriate. Another option downtown is Sakura, a sushi restaurant with other Japanese options. I haven't taken my son there but I would, if it were early. The Farmer's Market is a great suggestion and Rice Park, just outside your hotel, is a pretty little park. The Children's Museum in DT St. Paul has plenty of activities for toddlers, although it is a bit spendy at $8 per person. My son loves it. If you will have a chance to get into the Macalester or Highland neighborhoods let me know and I can suggest other kid-friendly spots.

Ring Mountain Creamery - Eagan, MN

Sounds delicious. Just as an aside, I've thought the same thing about Izzy's all summer. I've gone a few times and left with just DH's cookies-and-cream because nothing really appealed to me.

Sep 10, 2007
sweetpig in Minneapolis-St. Paul