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Opinions needed- potluck

See, I can't have gluten, so having control over my food is wonderful. I can take my own and NOBODY notices that I'm not eating what the hostess prepared. I'm not being a pain in the waiter's neck, and I don't end up sick the next day. Perfect.

Cookbook Competitions or Awards?

Does anyone have favorite cookbook awards or competitions?

I'm looking for ones open to self-published works (and new authors), so ideally not the majors like James Beard, IACP, or Gourmand.

Opinions needed- potluck

I'm sad about the store bought comment. Really, cheese and crackers?

The others strike me as fairly common-sensical (really, telling people they should have brought food that's already prepared?), but sometimes people need reminders. Particularly if you are out of practice, it's never bad to have a a list of "duh" points to review.

best place to buy bread for sandwiches?

I strongly second clear flour. I can't eat it any more, but when I could, it was my first choice in breads, both for sandwich bread and for baguettes.

When pigs fly doesn't stand up to it.

Getting Engaged - Need a celebratory dinner for after.

10 Tables in JP is fantastic, very intimate, and would leave you more leeway in the budget. You would need a reservation, most likely. I haven't been to the Cambridge one. Oleanna is also delicious and a little more off the beaten path.

Any others in Boston area taking Slow Food $5 Challenge?

I'll be participating, but away from home. Would love to hear what people end up making... I'm at my aunt's, so we'll see. Plenty of cheap free-range eggs available there though, and I'm planning to raid her garden, so we'll come in well under $5.

Yesterday, in Boston, I picked up some beautiful little orange cauliflower that I would have roasted had it been a meal at home. Perhaps roasted cauflower, lentil salad, and baked sweet potatoes, followed by an apple dessert...?

Exotic Granola: Four New Versions That Don't Use Oats

Such a pity... I was hoping for a good gluten free version, as I don't really tolerate regular oat consumption either. But, alas, all of those grains do contain gluten. Sigh.

Sep 16, 2011
StephanieBostic in Features

Pineapple and Grape Kebabs

I first thought they were olives and cubes of cheese! The larger photo, though, revealed the truth. But, add the suggestion of olives and cheese, with a little pita bread and some fruit, a pretty good meal.

Sep 14, 2011
StephanieBostic in Recipes

Gluten-Free Gnocchi Are Tragic

A pity; too many prepared gluten-free foods depend too heavily on the gums. I prefer to use flaxseeds, starch blends, and eggs to bind my ingredients together at home.

Aramek, there are plenty of homemade foods and even a few commercial ones that don't taste like despair. My favorite Western-style pasta is a quinoa-corn blend that works quite well in the place of semoline pasta. Buckwheat can make wonderful noodles, and rice noodles are a staple of Asia. I even have some 100% millet noodles I picked up in Chinatown to try the next time I feel a yen for some noodles.

Sep 14, 2011
StephanieBostic in Features