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┬┐Spanish Tortilla en Santa Monica?

Bar Pintxo serves tortilla.

Jun 22, 2008
sassypants in Los Angeles Area

Gaby's Express

I've had nothing but good food at Gaby's Express. Their chicken soup is yummy and the hummus divine. I didn't like the baba ganoush, though, the roasted eggplant flavor was too strong.

May 15, 2008
sassypants in Los Angeles Area

Chicago Style Pizza?

As divefan suggested, search for chicago pizza and you'll find an article that makes 2 suggestions. I haven't been to either of those joints, because they are too far away.

I can recommend Dino's in North Hollywood. It's not chicago style, but it's a decent substitute. Just don't use the parm cheese shakers.

Oct 07, 2007
sassypants in Los Angeles Area

Intelligentsia Coffee...boring, sanitized & oh so precious

I disagree about Intelligentsia, but coffee is such a particular thing... to each his/her own :)

I heard they are bringing an Italian barista (or would that be baristo?) for the new cafe opening next to Ugo's in Culver City. Perhaps you will finally have your Italian coffee. No word on an opening date yet.

Sep 10, 2007
sassypants in Chains