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Venue recommendations for an office Christmas party in downtown core for 50-75 people

Although on the west side of Spadina, The Richmond would probably be a good spot.

5 Guys Burgers and Fries: Still don't see what the big deal is?

"BK's whooper will satisfy me more that a 5 Guys burger..." You should have just started with this, we would have known not to take you seriously.

One local's guide to Niagara-on-the-Lake and surrounding area (long!)

Thanks for this write up. Appreciated now and in the future by many i'm sure!

Bad Service - Libretto's on Ossington

Where is Libretto's on Ossington? I've been to a similar place in the same area called Pizzeria Libretto and have always had good service. ;)

shawarma question

I like Liberty Shawarma in Liberty Village, but I found Palace in Ottawa to be bland.

Embarrassed to ask about a Tim Horton's donut... but that pecan tortoise donut looks kinda good...

frogsteak is kind of the duckdown of 2014. Where is duckdown anyway?

Food Truck Bylaw Debate at CityHall

The discussion was about burrito vs burrito, If you read earlier in the convo which is all attached. I guess I shouldn't expect people to read. High end was never part of the conversation nor did I EVER say anything about them stealing business from "great restaurants". You put words in my mouth. If the food truck market is too attractive to people who do cheap eats, why would they ever open a cheap eats location when they can just go wherever they want in a truck? I never said anything about stealing business. Its about a business not opening in the first place because they decided to go the Truck route. I want little hole in the wall places to go sit and eat in. There needs to be a sarcasm font!

Food Truck Bylaw Debate at CityHall

FrankD look up what False Dichotomy means and come back to me. My statement was rather sarcastic. I was playing devils advocate. There is middle ground. I am talking Cheap eats vs Cheap eats, Jimmy Choo vs Payless is hardly a good analogy. How you came up with this from what I said is beyond my understanding.

Food Truck Bylaw Debate at CityHall

I miss those days.

Food Truck Bylaw Debate at CityHall

I called my own statement a false dichotomy, suggesting there was some middle ground. I've eaten street food around the world and realize Toronto is a completely different creature. Streetfood offerings in most other countries are tiny little places with a few items with one worker. Not a mobile restaurant like foodtrucks. I would like to see more small vendors.

Food Truck Bylaw Debate at CityHall

They can choose to forego. Then we won't have any cheap eats places you can sit down in and a city full of ugly trucks. I guess that is kind of a false dichotomy, but I don't think the city should bend over to accomodate these trucks. I can see it now ,one side of sidewalk foodtrucks for 8 hours a day. The other side, empty spaces where great restaurants could have been. What do you think this street will look like at the end of the day when the truck packs up and leaves.

Food Truck Bylaw Debate at CityHall

Not so fast. the difference here is your second burrito business will be paying a similar rent and taxes to the guy underneath, putting you on a more equal footing and making your prices probably fairly similar based on the similar product. Food trucks have a huge advantage in this case and in some cases, can undercut a restaurants. Also, trucks take their money they earn back to wherever they live. Your burrito restaurant will contribute far more to a city than a truck.

Salt Pork in the GTA

I have purchased it at Highland Farms before.

ISO the best Candy in America

Great List! These are all new to me! Can't wait!

Dec 29, 2013
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ISO the best Candy in America

Ive eaten Kinder since I was a kid, but never this version. Thnx!

Dec 29, 2013
ThoughtForFood in General Topics

ISO the best Candy in America

I am on a search for the best Candy in the USA. I have a couple guidelines. I am looking for what you think is a must try. For example my must try is The Red Licorice Made by Wiley Wallaby in Minnesota. Its above and beyond the best Red Licorice I have ever had, everyone who tries it agrees. It is expensive, gourmet, but a special treat.

I am basically looking for specific treats which you think are the best in show of all brands with passion for a specific product. kettle corn, fudge, taffy, or even something I've probably never heard of. :) Thanks for your help!

Dec 29, 2013
ThoughtForFood in General Topics

THE BEST Burger I have tasted - Patty N Franks on Danforth

"I am not a huge burger fan in general" you lost me.

Christmas dinner options!!

I was looking for the same thing a couple of years ago and ended up at the Old Mill. I was completely underwhelmed.

Breaking Bad Series Finale

Know of any venues throwing viewing parties? I don't have cable and would love to watch the finale live! Any suggestions are much appreciated.

Aplogies from Canada

Agreed. The commercial is just bad taste and not funny. Whoever gave this the green light should give their head a shake. They made the actors filthy and nasty....... how does that make me want to eat your food? It is a parody of a dirt poor southern family and is meant to be funny but obviously fails. Not really offensive. The taste of Boston Pizza's food will offend Southerners far more.

One of the sickest piece of 'foodie related' news this year!!

Meh...... this intersection is an absolute mess at all times of the day. I cant see a Walmart being approved here. But regardless, I highly doubt it will affect Kensington. Charles your title is very misleading and actually kinda!!!!!!Hilarious!!!!!!??!?!?!?!?!?

electric mud bbq

Last time I went to Popeyes at college and spadina, I found 3 chicken backs in an 8 piece box. WTF?

Milk wedding cake in TO

Bucket & Whisk is the only company I have seen do this style of Cake. It's called a Naked Cake. Huge trend right now. They are more of a Sweet Display company but I know this type of cake is their specialty. It's the only type of cake they do.

What's the best "American Cheese" in Toronto?

Another thing to add is that processed cheese melts in between the cracks of the burger and stays melted. Standard cheese just sits on top and tends to harden quickly. If you make your own as I do and use say an 8 year old baldersons cheddar, you get the best of both worlds. Completely disagree with Kage on this front.

What's the best "American Cheese" in Toronto?

I make my own and you should also. It is the only way to get the good stuff outside the states. You can control the sharpness to your liking. Kraft "sharp" singles are a good replacement but ridiculously expensive.

I recommend Harbord Bakery for burger buns. But you can also order Martins rolls(used at shake shack), they ship to Canada now. Worth every penny.

NY Times Article - No Pics of the food Please - I agree

Completely agree. Moderation is the key as is with most things in life.

NY Times Article - No Pics of the food Please - I agree

I have a bad memory. I snap pictures unobtrusively to have restaurant memories. My wife and I look back on past restaurant visits and remember flavors, presentation, service, stories, and our time together. One look at a picture can send taste memories flooding back, and maybe even make you want to return to the restaurant. I don't have a photographic memory, but I do own a camera.

"id rather see Tuscany with my eyeballs rather than through the lens of my camera." - Can't I do both??

Best hot chocolate in Toronto?


Fuzz Box: East Coast donair in Toronto

Made it here not that long ago. Walking in is was kind of a WTF moment. The owner was a very nice guy and I enjoyed the Donair immensely. In fact I loved it! Donair poutinne was greasy, but strangely delicious. I will absolutely frequent this place when in the neighborhood.

Fat Girls

Poorly handled by management as well. "We apologize, your bill has been taken care of and here is a gift card.........we just hope you will give us another chance" would be the only way to handle this. Not taking off 25-50%.