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Bamboo on Danforth

I love this place. I order take out from them, and it's the best Chinese delivery I've found in Toronto. So, tonight I'm craving it, and I call and no answer. No answering machine, no message nada. I hope it is just because they are closed on Mondays and not because they went out of business between Jan 11 and Jan 16.

5 days between U Toronto and Downtown Sheraton: looking for authentic Chinese, Indian and Korean

I don't know Indian well, but I work with a lot of people from India and south east Asia, and they took me to Kama on King at University. Everything I chose at the buffet was great and they had some specialty dishes that I had to "learn" how to eat.

Chicken Pot Pie

Summerhill's used to be great, but for the last year it's just been meh.

Chinese Takeout East York

Just ordered from here and it was great. Best Chinese delivery I've had in Toronto in the last 11 years. Fast, hot and really good. Thanks for the recommendation.

Bamboo Cafe Chinese Restaurant
494 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4K1P6, CA

Looking for a personal chef or food prep service near Bothell WA

Thanks molly.

Looking for a personal chef or food prep service near Bothell WA

Thanks Fresh and Firecracker. I'll check these out.

Looking for a personal chef or food prep service near Bothell WA

I'd like to find a good quality service to provide prepared meals for a friend in need who lives in Bothell.

I don't know what communities are closest to Bothell to start my search. If any local hounds can help me narrow my search, I'd appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.

Family Lost in the Kitchen

I miss my serated knife. Mr. DnD sharpened it in the automatic sharpener and now it is just a knife. He claims he researched it on the web. I wonder if the folks at Henkel put that out there so I'd have to buy a new one.

dumb restaurant names [Moved from Ontario Board]

I remember the GOOF. Good times.
There was a Chinese restaurant I used to frequent in East VAncouver called:
Wong Kee. I loved there wonky wonton soup. I often wonder if these Asian places really get the play on their names or if it is accidental.

5 Kitchen Gadgets you can't live without???

My grandmother had great advice regarding mixing bowls. She said always choose the biggest bowl you have for the job. And you know, she is right. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten part way into a recipe and realized I should have chosen the next size up and had to dirty two bowls or risk having the ingredients flying all over the place. Such common sense.
My Padernos are pretty enough to double as serving bowls in a pinch as well. Good luck finding a nce set.

Jan 14, 2009
dinin and dishin in Cookware

5 Kitchen Gadgets you can't live without???

flourgirl, you must have arms of steel. Any previous attempt to use such a simple device usually ends in total frustration. I am more likely to dislocate an arm than a cork with one of those.

But I know how you feel about misplacing a favouriite. I have a lever style opener that I obtained as a waitress some gazzillion years ago, and I when I misplace it, I rip the place apart. I also have one of those new fangled, Oprah-promoted devices that is really good for parties when the opening of bottles is fast and furious. But my old lever style one has a very sharp knife for cutting the foil, and more often than not, I end up opening bottles with my old standard rather than reaching for the fancy device. (which is also so big - complete space hog)

Jan 10, 2009
dinin and dishin in Cookware

5 Kitchen Gadgets you can't live without???

1. good chef's knife
2. baking stone
3. set of 3 Paderno ceramic mixing bowls
4. kitchen shears
5a. food processor (not an everyday thing, but when needed it's invaluable)
5b. glass of wine (definitely everyday thing and always needed)
5c. good wine opener (I can't believe I'm the only one here that feels this way)
5d. wine pourer (spouse or guest will do)

Most useless stopper ...pfft, I mean really, leftover wine?

Jan 10, 2009
dinin and dishin in Cookware

French restaurant recommendation needed

Pop Bistro has always been good to me. But I think they had a chef change. The first time I had a whole grilled fish that was among the best I'd had. The owners and the small size make for an entertaining and intimate evening. But the last time, the food had come down a notch. But I'll go back to check up on them again soon.

While I liked Batifole, it was deafening to the point that my husband and I had to yell across our table for two just to hear each other --- painful. I wish they would work on that and I would go back.

Also, no one's mentioned Avant Gout. I haven't been back since they moved. Heard rumblings that the move may have prompted a decline in service and quality.

All three of these are in the same league as far as casual bistro style versus impress-a-first-date style.

Family Lost in the Kitchen

ouch. what were they thinking?

Family Lost in the Kitchen

Oh if we could solve this then world peace wouldn't be far behind.

Mr. D&D causes me endless grief. Unfortunately he fancies himself an accomplished chef. I know my limitations and I read, listen and learn..AND I know how to follow a recipe. Him, not so much. For example, I learned the simple rule: heat the pot, heat the oil, then add the food. It really works to prevent sticking in non-teflon pans. I've tried to impress this on him, but everytime I turn around, there it is, the cold fry pan, the cold oil sitting in it, the cold ingredients on top, all waiting to be heated at the same time. Argh. It makes me insane. I'm also trying to wean him off teflon, but to no avail.

Mr. D&D's brother is an amazing cook. He's well-travelled and has the fundamentals down pat. This allows him to shoot from the hip. My hubby tries to emulate his brother, but with sometimes disasterous results. (can you say Maple Syrup Muscles).

It's one thing to suck it up with a visiting relative for holidays, but I have to deal with this on a daily basis. My current pet peeve--reheating things in tupperware - repeatedly until the plastic starts to breakdown. I'm in the process of replacing plastic containers with glass, but even then...Oh, I have to stop now...this is an open wound.

you asked for examples of acts of deficiency, I'm looking for examples where someone found a way to deal with it...beyond just pouring another glass of wine and leaving the room.

Many women would love to have a man who cooks for them. I have to fight for the right to cook in my own kitchen. It's a warzone I tell ya. The control freak in me twitches and chokes through each meal. Is there a therapy group for this? Can we star a new chow board?

Most Underrated Foods

lol kate. Truth be told, one of the reasons I love potatoes is that they are the perfect delivery vehicle for several vices -- butter, salt and sour cream. That they can carry all three at once makes them truly amazing.

Most Underrated Foods

Now that this part of the thread has drifted through potatoes, perogies and latkes, I must add Sour Cream to the list of underated food. Such a perfect companion to both savory and sweet food. I simply must lick the spoon when I'm done serving it. It has the ability to elevate both the potato and pancake to new levels.

Most Underrated Foods

Kate, you had me right up to the bit about the sugar. I always think of these as a savory dish. Is this a common practise or your own unique spin on it? :)

While googling the device, I came across another CH thread on the subject. Sounds like latkes are much like all of my grandmothers recipes, more based on feel than exact science. I usually use green onions, but now I will have to try them with a manly man's onion and see what the difference is.

this is the thread:

This is the device I found:
(not sure I can explain this one to Mr. DnD.


Now I have to add Sour Cream to this list of underated food.

Thanks for posting this Kate.

Kitchenaid 12-C Food Processor and Bread Doughs

gnomatic, I'm in the process of searching for a replacement processor. My 15+ year old Braun is on it's final legs. I didn't see a dough blade listed among the Kitchenaid 12 cup accessories. Do you use the cutting blade or do you have a special dough blade? Thx

Dec 27, 2008
dinin and dishin in Cookware

5 Kitchen Gadgets you can't live without???

I'm on my second AccuRite in under 2 years. It works alright, but it is not very durable. Just before Xmas ours went wonky, then stopped working and finally the battery holder thingie broke when we tried to put in a new battery. Consider it a disposable gadget - which you would expect for $10.

Dec 27, 2008
dinin and dishin in Cookware

Most Underrated Foods

Kate, will your brother share the recipe? I've been thinking about making latkes for the last couple of week. While I like my usual recipe from a vegetarian recipe book, I am always looking to try a new version. Sadly, latkes are not a traditional food in my family, so I have no reference point about what they should taste like beyond my own and the sad, sorry storebought versions that have disappointed me.

Restaurants between Toronto and Quebec City

Not sure how much time you have, but here's another suggestion. You can take the train from Toronto to Kingston or even to Ottawa. Book premier class and you'll get a lovely meal and wine etc. It is really lovely way to get through the Ontario part of the trip (not there's anything wrong with Ontario, but the 401 from TO to the Quebec border is really long and boring). If you have more time and want to wander a bit more, I'd take the train all the way to Ottawa which is a great city to visit with some interesting museums etc. From there you can drive to Le Chateau Montebello (Fairmont). It is a very historical and unique log hotel, which has been host to many famous people and world leaders. We didn't stay there when we went through, but I will again next time we go back that way. From there you can go through the Laurentians and then down to Montreal. Great food is to be had all along the way. I agree with Tatai that you really should spend some time in Montreal - especially the old part of the city - before you go on to Quebec City. The last time I was in Quebec City, the best meal we found was outside the touristy area. Sorry I can't remember the name, I suggest you post on the Quebec board for specifics...and bon voyage.
(for train info go to )

Most Underrated Foods

Well put KevinB. You made me drool.
I know the list is already long, but in the cold of winter, let's not leave the perogy in the periphery. What a perfect way to combine the potato with all the best complementary ingredients, butter, onions, sour cream and cheese...and served all wrapped up like a little Christmas present.

Bacchus Roti closed?

Meatatarian? Are we talking about the same Bacchus Roti on Queen? The owner is one of the sweetest people I've ever dealt with. (the wife)

I didn't see the makeover, but I've been in to see the work done. It is definitely an improvement over the previous. The light fixtures don't really seem to fit (IMHO), but the rest was okay.

More importantly, the first roti I had after they reopened was the best I'd had from them in years. The roti wrap itself was amazing. The next time I went, it was also good, but I had to travel with it for about 15 minutes, so I can't say that didn't affect the quality somewhat.

I just hope they don't fall to the Restaurant Makeover curse.

Cleaning a gas stovetop. Any suggestions?

Yes, it would probably work and be less abrasive than some of the other options. Of course for abut $40-50 you can replace the hood with something basic, unless it is one of those high tech special ones. That's about the same price as buying a bunch of cleansers and repainting it before you move. Very easy to install. Just a thought. :)

Dec 16, 2008
dinin and dishin in Cookware

Cleaning a gas stovetop. Any suggestions?

Linda, have you tried the citrus based cleaners -- especially the ones with orange oil? I find them very effective on that type of sticky grease when used undiluted.

Dec 16, 2008
dinin and dishin in Cookware

Prices on Specials [split from Ontario]

I guess there is really two issues here:

1. Should restaurants provide the price of specials when presenting them to guests? My answer is yes, either verbally or, preferably, in writing...for the comfort and convenience of their guests. (even though, like you Princess, I do glazeover, but I would definitely prick up my ears if I heard an exorbitant price)

2. Should you ask the price if it is not provided? Again, my answer is yes of course, well really my answer is ahh...duh...yeah if it is something you are considering ordering.

But more importantly, if a special is priced at a level significantly higher than other items on the menu, I think it is their duty to tell the customer. Even if it contains ingredients like fois gras or caviar, not every patron is a foody or a frequent restaurant goer or understands the prices of certain foods. And not every patron will be comfortable asking for any number of reasons.

Restaurants are in the "hospitality" business--their income and survival is completely dependent on contented customers who return and speak highly of them - but still most of them seem to fail to understand this basic fact.

The relationship between restaurant and patron is one that is fraught with expectations and disappointments on both sides--everything from tipping on their side to food quality on our side. I think whatever the restaurant can do to alleviate some angst is GOOD BUSINESS.

Allens, the restaurant that started this thread, does not even put the price of the "famous" burger on the printed menu, which also forces patrons to ask. I mean really, what possible reason could they have for that? Totally annoying practise.

Cleaning a gas stovetop. Any suggestions?

I use a product called Cook Top Cleaning Creme that works well. I usually find it in hardware stores, appliance stores or department stores that carry appliances. And along with that I have razor blade scraper that actually came with the stove. It works the same as scraping dried paint from windows. Very effective for the baked on gunk.

Dec 14, 2008
dinin and dishin in Cookware

Most Underrated Foods

Homegrown potatoes, freshly dug from the garden, boiled but still firm, melted butter and salt. They are amazingly easy to grow. Even raw, they have the texture of apples and no starchy taste. MMMmmmmm...can't wait for next summer.

Actually anything homegrown and straight from the garden.

Messini on the Danforth

They do have lamb gyros. I ordered it and the cashier said I should try it first and brought me a sample. Her reason was that it had a higher fat content and that some people didn't like it...I went with the pork.

So here's my next question, shouldn't they take the meat from the skewers and not from a pan on the stove? I am feeling a little ripped off because this is what I received. I think next time I will make sure it is fresh from the skewer.