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Will there be a wait at Robertas on a Monday night?

The hipsters who do delivery these days are the worst. "Oh look at me, I brought your food on a BICYCLE." I hear they like irony, so I give them an ironic tip.

Mar 13, 2014
scooter in Outer Boroughs

Will there be a wait at Robertas on a Monday night?

My solution to the problem is to avoid any establishment that doesn't serve matzo ball soup. I don't order it every time, mind you, but it has to be on the menu.

Mar 12, 2014
scooter in Outer Boroughs

Just moved to Bay Ridge - looking for advice (restaurants, provisions, etc)

In addition to what others have said,

Tanoreen for middle eastern
7523 3rd Ave
they deliver. It's true that their selection of entrees is limited but it's still good stuff across the board

Brooklyn Beet Company for farm-to-table eastern european comfort food (and a weird-but-cool burger
)7205 3rd Ave.

Uncle Jimmys Backyard BBQ is decent when you are in the mood for junk food
8727 4th Avenue

Highly recommend Grand Sichuan, David's Brisket, and agree that Pho Hoai (the vietnamese place 8616 4th Ave) is at least worth a shot.

Feb 06, 2014
scooter in Outer Boroughs

Attention Fairway shoppers

Yeah, it's a law in some states (like CT) that they have to do that. Wish we had it here.

My wife grew up working in grocery stores, so she would sometimes intentionally pick up obscure items that she KNEW were likely to be mismarked.

Dec 08, 2013
scooter in Outer Boroughs

peter lugers

Disagree about Keens vs. Luger for a special occasion. Keens is the better overall "experience" IMO -- much nicer atmosphere and better service, deeper menu. (i.e. oysters, lamb...)

We just went to Lugar recently with the intent of comparing, and while it seemed like technically a more refined preparation we just didn't prefer it, we are so used to the way Keens does porterhouse now.

Nov 09, 2013
scooter in Outer Boroughs

Brooklyn Beet Company

The notion of "farm to table comfort food" with strong Czech influence was certainly confusing at first, but we had a great time on our first visit for dinner.

I had Apple-Potato latkes with carrots and a delicious creme fraiche on top, my wife had the spaetzle w/ duck, and together with some appetizers and a bottle of tocai it was a blast, our best dining experience in Brooklyn in quite a while.

Oct 13, 2013
scooter in Outer Boroughs

Bensonhurst/Bay Ridge weekday lunch

Actually, we now have an authentic hipster "farm to table comfort food" spot called the Brooklyn Beet Company. We've only made it there once so far, but we thought it was fantastic.

Brooklyn Beet Company
7205 3rd Ave

Wax up your moustache, grab your conspicuous-consumption cash, and go.

Oct 03, 2013
scooter in Outer Boroughs

Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn

seconded on Franny's, also maybe look at Bar Corvo,
791 Washington Ave (at Lincoln Pl.)

Sep 06, 2013
scooter in Outer Boroughs

Lioni's--your favorite sandwich?

Yeah, before I saw this post I was unaware of Lioni's, so I went and checked it out. And...I will be back! It's an easier trip for me than Defontes, and it obviously has a very deep menu and quality ingredients.

I got the #99 which was veal cutlet, fresh mozzarella, and "bruschetta", which was great. I liked it better than the #132 which was a little too funky.


Jul 07, 2013
scooter in Outer Boroughs

Peter Luger- Steak for 2 vs. for 3 vs, for 4 Debate???

From what he writes it sounds like the waiter assured them that steak for 4 was the same cut or somehow better than steak for 2, then once they were served rperst pointed out the difference.

Jun 28, 2013
scooter in Outer Boroughs

Spicy cucumbers like at Szechuan Gourmet? (Brooklyn)

Yes, that is an exciting little dish. I'm pretty sure I tried to make it once. I open up "Land of Plenty" by Fuscia Dunlop and this is what it says:

Take 2 cukes, peel and cut into rectangles. Toss w/ 3 tbs. salt., set aside for at least 30 mins, pref. 2 hours or more. Drain and pat dry.

Heat a wok, add 2 tbs. peanut oil. Lower heat to medium. Add "8 long dried chilis" cut up into 1 1/2 inch pieces, 2 tsp whole sichuan pepper, toss briefly until fragrant.

Toss the cukes in this for 10 seconds, remove from heat.

In another bowl toss the cukes in 3 tsp sesame oil. Let it cool to room temp.

That sounds pretty close to Szechuan Gourmet's, huh? All you need is a trip down to sunset park for some peppercorns and dried chilis.

Jun 04, 2013
scooter in Outer Boroughs

Arriving at JFK... Next stop Pizza!

I would remiss to not mention Bushwick's Roberta's, which is my #1 in the city for pizza.
261 Moore St

Unfortunately, it fails condition #4 (no wait) and maybe #2 (comfy). But it is great.

My reco for you would be Giuseppina's in Southern Park Slope

691 6th Ave (at 20th st
)(718) 499-5052

It is great pizza, essentially the same as Lucali which you will read about in much more detail here. But this sister restaurant is

#1 driveable. I would take Belt Parkway W to BQE, get off at 39th st., 5 minute schlep from there. The neighborhood is parkable, which is the most important thing.

#2 comfy enough

#3 I seem to remember good beer.

#4 it is laid back enough that you won't have to worry. We've actually never had to wait, ever, though we tend to show up early.

Maybe someone can recommend something more LIE-oriented, since that's a more direct route from the airport to where you are going.

May 04, 2013
scooter in Outer Boroughs

Arriving at JFK... Next stop Pizza!

Where are you going after JFK? It would probably be easy to pick something good that is en-route to Manhattan or whatever. Or is it just a layover?

May 04, 2013
scooter in Outer Boroughs

Early Dinner near BAM?

We've enjoyed Scopello (63 Lafayette Ave).

Feb 28, 2013
scooter in Outer Boroughs

Red Hook Fairway news?

My wife was at the Harlem Fairway the other day, and they had news on the video ad monitors or something --

they plan to be back up and running in MARCH :(

Jan 11, 2013
scooter in Outer Boroughs

If Lucali and DiFara got in a fight?

Oh, well, I'll vouch for Guiseppina's. It's wonderful and much less crowded than Lucali. Because it's so laid-back we've enjoyed it more than its popular sibling. Yelp claims it's open until 11:00 but you want to verify that.

If the OP could get a car (like, say Aricebo or even snag a cab coming up 4th ave. it would be a quick hop. down there.

Jan 07, 2013
scooter in Outer Boroughs

David's Brisket House - New Location in Bay Ridge

We schlepped over from the third avenue festival to give this a try, and were very happy with it. Pastrami was nice and juicy. Staff was also friendly.

Oct 02, 2012
scooter in Outer Boroughs

Child Friendly Bay Ridge

I would think Gino's for italian would be very family friendly, though I doubt you would get your fish.
7414 5th Ave

There are a few seafood places in the 80s, though none of them scream "bring kids."

Jun 09, 2012
scooter in Outer Boroughs

Near 65th St. & 12th Avenue in Brooklyn

Rocco's on Ft Ham just above 65th St. is kinda fun.

Also, I'd recommend getting off at the 8th Ave stop on the N and exploring Brooklyn Chinatown. I like the Lanzhou Hand Pulled Noodle shop at 5924 8th Ave (and 59th st.), and No 1 Ice Cream
6410 8th Ave (btw 64th and 65th). Searches for Brooklyn Chinatown will undoubtedly yield more interesting recos.

Jun 03, 2012
scooter in Outer Boroughs

After the Ball Fields

Well, that location is a tad remote, but you've got two basic options. You can go deeper into Red Hook and explore Van Brunt St. etc, or you can trek over to Carroll Gardens and do Court St..


Some people are enthusiastic about snacking at Ikea, which is a few blocks from the ballfields. I think that's pretty boring.

Further afield there is bakery and coffee at Baked, lobster rolls at Red Hook Lobster Pound, a fantastic bar called Fort Defiance which specializes in lovingly crafted cocktails, and Defonte's sandwich shop for delicious deli sandwiches.

The Southern tip of Carroll Gardens includes Buttermilk Channel (good for bloody marys and comfort food) and Prime Meats (another great bar), probably some people can think of something snacky you could find over there.

May 20, 2012
scooter in Outer Boroughs

Real Sichuan food in Bay Ridge

Yeah, the ma po tofu has definitely changed over time. We started ordering it "not too spicy" because it was hurting us in ways I wouldn't care to discuss in detail...but now we don't bother - it's just not spicy. :(

Apr 22, 2012
scooter in Outer Boroughs

Googa Mooga Food Festival in Prospect Park

Giving away free tickets two months in advance seems like a bad plan. At least half of those tickets will go unused and you'll shut out people who really do want to go.

Mar 09, 2012
scooter in Outer Boroughs

OK!!!! Who has the BEST Hot Dogs in Coney Island...... and Knishes?????

whoops, thanks for correcting. I always confuse Atlantic and Flatbush.

Mar 02, 2012
scooter in Outer Boroughs

OK!!!! Who has the BEST Hot Dogs in Coney Island...... and Knishes?????

A few seasons back I seem to remember that a few of the boardwalk vendors were selling dogs with natural casings, which IMO are superior to what Nathan's serves. (I like a dog with a little snap to it.) I was kind of loyal to the stand on the same block as the Cyclone.

But with all the real-estate turmoil the place is evolving rapidly and who knows if it is the same, even, as it was in '09 or '10. Really once the warm weather comes back someone will have to do a systematic survey.

My favorite recent arrival on the boardwalk is actually the Peruvian chicken joint.

If I were really on a hot dog pilgrimage I'd head elsewhere - Bark Dogs in the Slope (Bergen St., just south of Altantic), Crif Dogs in the East Village & Williamsburg, the italian dog stand in Elizabeth, NJ, even Shake Shack.

Bark Hot Dogs
474 Bergen St, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Crif Dogs
555 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Shake Shack
409 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Mar 02, 2012
scooter in Outer Boroughs


Tanoreen is indeed very good family-style middle-eastern.

I forgot Pizza Wagon, which is kind of a cult favorite. It's thin, a little greasy, stick-to-your-ribs pizza. The space is pretty divey, which is probably why I didn't think to mention.

If you really want destination pizza I'd drive up to the south slope for Giuseppina's -- it's just like the much-hyped Lucali but a delightfully low key -- no wait, easy to park. Some of the best pizza in the city.

In general the slope is a much more interesting neighborhood to eat in than most of bay ridge.

7523 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209

Pizza Wagon
8610 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209

691 6th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Feb 16, 2012
scooter in Outer Boroughs


Rocco's is a solid neighborhood pizza purveyor. Kinda like Famiglia, maybe? (Thicker slices, lots of cheese.) Nothing from there that has blown my mind, but I haven't tried the calzones. I do like their pie with sliced-up meatballs on it.

Feb 16, 2012
scooter in Outer Boroughs


Heh, people debate whether L & B is the same as it used to be (some insist yes, others no), but it is true that it is usually soft, a little gooey, and heavy on the sauce. I like it but some apparently find it unacceptable.

Feb 16, 2012
scooter in Outer Boroughs


Peppino's would be adequate - some vaguely upscale toppings (I really like the vodka pie with prosciutto & mushrooms), a little pricey. Atmosphere to sit down is pleasant.

Gino's is a family restaurant that does inexpensive italian favorites well. Their pizza is pretty standard issue. It's a "real restaurant" though which seems to be what you want.

johnk makes a valid point about traveling to bensonhurst for L&B which is always fun, for "sicilian" squares. It has a pizza side and a restaurant side -- in winter the indoor seating on the pizza side is pretty crummy but I believe you can get pizza in the restaurant.

Gino's Restaurant
7414 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209

7708 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209

Feb 15, 2012
scooter in Outer Boroughs

Sorry to be lame, but looking for Prime Meats type vibe/quality that is not Prime Meats

You could do a Fort Defiance / Good Fork combo in Red Hook. (They are a few blocks apart.) Fort Defiance definitely has cocktails as delicious as Prime Meats, and Good Fork is solid but a tad more funky and "creative" than Prime.

Another place I can think of with a nice bar and food is Franny's, though the vibe is on the crowded / hectic side.

295 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

The Good Fork
391 Van Brunt St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

Fort Defiance
365 Van Brunt St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

Dec 14, 2011
scooter in Outer Boroughs

Fresh Direct unreliable

Actually, everything has a barcode on it, so I'm sure there's computerized inventory control involved as well. In what is presumably an assembly-line-like format there shouldn't be very much distance between the scan and the box.

It just seems odd that (in this case) I would be invoiced for a specific piece of cheese (that weighed .49 pounds, not .52 or .53) and it wouldn't make it into the box.

And, I've had particularly bad luck lately - two of my last three orders have been short in this way (with an item billed but not there.) 3 of my last 10 have had an error.

I'm not mad, just kind of frustrated and disappointed. It is actually reassuring, in a way, to read that it's a common problem (clearly more than the 1-2% error rate claimed above.) I just gotta lower my expectations in the very least and reassess whether I want to keep using them.

Oct 31, 2011
scooter in Manhattan