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One night in Dallas - with a 13 year old and a 10 year old.

Babe's Chicken House is fun

Where can you CURRENTLY buy raw goat's milk??

There are pick up locations in Mansfield and Burleson. It is a co op, every other Saturday morning. Search for ROCK coop on Facebook. I have been so pleased with the products, particularly the meat and eggs.

Where can you CURRENTLY buy raw goat's milk??

I know of a place, but pick up is north of you. Let me know if you are still looking.

32nd Wedding Anniversary Dinner in Dallas! Please Help Me!!

You might try it again. I felt like they went through a bit of a slump but have better again the past year. However, maybe that's a mix of sentiment, how nice the staff is to our kids, and ambience trumping food. Although, food was really good the last time we went.

I miss those little huts they had before they moved.

Editing to add: we'll have to try those dishes at the others once I can have dairy again. Thanks for the suggestions!

Frisco Help

L&L Hawaiian BBQ is fun to try if you've never been.

In McKinney, Hutchin's BBQ is fun to try. I like Thai Noodle Wave in McKinney as well (well, wasn't *as good* last time we went but normally is). Gloria's in Frisco and in Fairview has some good lunch specials.

32nd Wedding Anniversary Dinner in Dallas! Please Help Me!!

We have done dinners at Queen of Sheba in Addison. They have an Italian menu that is good for people not interested in Ethiopian. Side room you could request.

Must-Eats in Ft. Worth

We go to Joe Ts every few months, but we go for lunch. They have more selections at that time (although I've heard you can get those items at dinner). I like the mini beef chimichangas.

Anyways, life changing? Eh - but it is a great patio and a unique experience.

Corner Bakery & Cafe?

It's my favorite office. That is, unlimited coffee and booths.

I get baked goods frequently. As mentioned, muffins are good - especially if you ask what's fresh. I'm not a big fan of the food, but that's because I like my own breakfast food. Better than other chains, though.

May 06, 2013
sarahintexas in Chains

Does Trader Joe's have a good jarred spaghetti sauce?

For the price, I like them. But, I agree, better doctored.

Apr 09, 2013
sarahintexas in Chains

Whats are some Favorite/Specialty items you buy at Central Market and Whole Foods?

My parents shop the FW CM and have great luck by finding the cheese guy and asking his favorites. Lots of samples; slow process.

Picky Adult

I'm a believer in retraining. That may sound a little manipulative, and I'm sure it depends on the person/age/aversions/etc. Worked for us! ;)

In other words, if someone says "I don't like garlic in my food," but you know that person orders garlicy pasta or stir fry in restaurants (only garlic isn't listed on the menu) - start putting those things in the food slowly. Build up. Now if I don't put those things in the food, my husband says things are bland. A good place to start would be marinated meat. Take what he does like, and then "up" it.

I do not cook anything separately. I do not expect my husband to eat straight up grilled onions or dip his food in sour cream, though.

Dec 28, 2012
sarahintexas in Home Cooking

Are you addicted to home 'world cuisine' changes?

I have when I have not had a good restaurant of that ethnicity near to me. We used to cook Thai at home, and we used to cook Indian. Now we have great restaurants near us (in an expanding area).

Now we do as someone else mentioned -- generic Asian. We also BBQ ethnic food, and that seems to hit the flavor profiles without all the labor and ingredients.

Dec 24, 2012
sarahintexas in Home Cooking

cooking while pregnant

I've been craving Thai this pregnancy, too!

I'm past the yucko phase (hope it passes for you too!). However, when I was feeling bad, I didn't cook anything that took more than a few minutes. This meant a lot of peanut butter sandwiches and soups made ahead of time. I'd also keep "fast food" (as in prep time) ready - like things for burritos - or rice and vegetables. Eggs for protein if you can stand them. I'd do smoothies for vegetables and fruit. And I ate what I craved: made something light for the others and picked up what I wanted (Thai or Vietnamese).

As an aside, candied ginger helped me some (nothing helped the first pregnancy), and I've heard that some people do better eating small meals all day long. That didn't help me.

During that phase, I felt bad about my nutrition, but now that it's passed, I am able to eat better.

Dec 23, 2012
sarahintexas in Home Cooking

What's the wait like at Joe T's on a Friday night?

An hour is possible. We've not been on a prime night in since this Spring, though. Got right in on a Sunday last month, but I know that's no help.

We've found that if you're flexible on being inside or outside, then the wait can be shorter. They have heaters on the patio now.

Recommendation for Crock Pot Cookbook

We've used the "Not Your Mothers" book quite a bit.

My husband threatened to throw out the "Fix It and Forget It" book.

Dec 08, 2012
sarahintexas in Home Cooking

Trader Joe's Yea/Nay Thread - November 2012

That's funny; my Panang curry had quite a few veggies (ones that aren't my favorite). I would have traded you. ;)

Nov 16, 2012
sarahintexas in Chains

Quick visit with kids

If you're in Fort Worth, I'd venture that Lonesome Dove would be okay with well behaved kids at lunch. You could call them to ask about an early dinner. Compared to other cities, this area is pretty family friendly. They sometimes will seat you at a particular area of the restaurant if you have kiddos (at least this has been my experience a few times - a secret kid section).

Babe's is a fun restaurant and very Texas (I'd pick it over Love & War). There is periodic dancing and chicken fried steak. There are a couple locations.

Near the stockyards, I'd pick Joe T Garcia's, but lots of people hate it. Joe T's is Tex Mex / limited menu / family friendly. My almost-three-year old likes their bean and cheese nachos, which isn't on the dinner menu.

I also like - still in Fort Worth - Reata for lunch. VERY Texas. Again, gets some mixed reviews, but I've also had good food and drinks there.

Aside from the cattle drive, the Fort Worth Science Museum is really a kid's museum and a lot of fun for 2 and 6 year olds. I'd also pick either Dallas or Forth Worth even though Pecan Lodge is probably tops for BBQ.

Shamefully easy slow cooker recipes?

We'll make Lucky Chili -- which you can find online in Not Your Mother's Slow Cooker Cookbook. The beef stew recipes (skip browning if busy) have been consistently good, too.

Although not very healthy, we'll do ribs in the slow cooker. Dump ribs. Pour BBQ sauce. Texture isn't great, but it's so easy.

Nov 06, 2012
sarahintexas in Home Cooking

Just moved to Tarrant County - kind of depressed about the food scene here

Have you seen this thread?

For Ethiopian, I like Queen of Sheba in Addison, but I know that's partially for sentimental reasons. Compared to living elsewhere, I know we do more driving to get good meals in the Dallas area. :)

Time for BBQ

They have been closed on Sundays.

For whatever it's worth, I heard some grumblings about places selling out on Memorial Day weekend; I'd beware on Labor Day weekend. Since OTB is closed Sunday, I am sure people will be going on Saturday, and some things will be sold out if you go late. You can call, but they don't always answer the phone if they're swamped. In short, you might try calling. Or go early. They really are wonderful ribs, and I can compare to City Market, Arthur Bryants, etc. (although I haven't had Pecan Lodge - shame on me, huh?). I prefer City Market, but I'd take OTB over Bryants if I had them all in a row.

From I-20, you can take Collins north rather than 360 - might be a stitch faster unless there's a wreck or something.

Five Guys vs. In-N-Out? [moved from Los Angeles board]

Agree with everything here. Maybe it's regional, but the FGs in our area always seem sort of bland - like the patty tastes sort of watery - not beef like?

We spent $20 something there (two adults, one toddler) this week, and I know that would have been better spent at INO.

Jun 30, 2012
sarahintexas in Chains

Trader Joe's coming to Fort Worth, I hope

Any word on the Plano opening date?

In N Out Burger question for a newbie

People in Texas do this thing with Whataburger and other drive-through burger chains where they pick up a burger/fries/shake, go back to the office or home, and eat maybe 15-20-30 minutes later. As someone pointed out, a burger place with no drive-through signals to eat there so people feel differently about it -- and eat immediately. The Texas In-N-Outs don't have that much table space so it's a little annoying to stand around like a vulture waiting for a table to sit down, but you can't comfortably eat in your car without the engine running.

Whereas, in California, it seemed like so many people would get In-N-Out and eat in the parking lot (engine off/windows down) or at the restaurant patio; in Texas, they often drive-through and eat somewhere with air conditioning. And, no, 20 minutes later, it's not that good. I think that's why I hear all the time that other fast food places are just as good or better. In-N-Out doesn't travel as well because it's fresher.

Anyways, OP, go! Eat there right away. It's a great fast food burger. I get an animal style burger, no salt. Chiles on the side. Extra spread on the side. If you just want to try it, get it cut in half, too. For what it costs, why not?

Jun 02, 2012
sarahintexas in Chains

Graduation Lunch

Might try posting this in the Dallas board.

Babe's Chicken is our default "here's a large out of town group with kids" place. - an Indian buffet - is great if your group likes stuff like that.

May 05, 2012
sarahintexas in Texas

Good/Best Ethiopian Restaurants in DFW?

I like Queen of Sheeba - there are combo plates at lunch time.

Might try this thread, too:

Dallas to Austin Road Food

Thanks for this! I didn't realize that they were made fresh 24 hours a day. I always figured we had to make it to West to go to Village Bakery post-Dallas rush hour but pre kolache-stock-depletion.

Best place for Ethiopian in Dallas?

On Inwood, south of Belt Line. No more huts, though.

Best place for Ethiopian in Dallas?

Queen of Sheba is our favorite - but part of that is probably nostalgia since it's been around (first in another location) for so long. We had a wonderful meal there this past weekend.

Crock pot cooking--best ideas???

Have you thought about "freezer cooking"? Example:

This works well for us since it's hard to find good slow cooker recipes that fit when I have time to prep/start the slow cooker.

Sep 10, 2011
sarahintexas in Home Cooking