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Zepter cookware: why?

To prepare meat you don't need to use oil because zepter technology allows meat to be cooked in its own fat. Please follow the instruction:
1. Put dry pan on the burner (medium heat), cover with a lid and wait approximately 10 min till the arrow on the thermocontroller reaches place between yellow and green field.
2. Add few drops of water and if you see them "dancing like pearls " it's a sign that you should start cooking. To fry meat you should not use a lid.
3. The meat should not be wet. Put it on the pan and press it few times with a fork.
4. Wait 1-3 min and try to overturn the meat on other side, if it's not easy --STOP! wait another minute and try again.
5. Then fry as usual. We recomend you to don't use salt because meat is salty enough and it will allows you to feel the taste of real meat.
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Sep 09, 2011
zepter in Cookware