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Pupusas in Denver?

Hi Mimi -
Yes, I've tried La Praviana on Broadway and it's a good place to get your pupusa fix. The price is right and they have the usual kinds (con queso, queso con chicharron, frijoles, etc).
I was raised with the stuff in Miami and it's as good as it gets in Denver.
I've been meaning to try the pupusa place on East Colfax - I don't even know the name but pass it now and again...little shack, looks more like take out - east of Colorado Blvd.

Good luck!

Oct 10, 2007
popcorn_denver in Southwest

Authentic mexican, middle eastern, thai restaurants in las vegas, requested

I've eaten at Viva Mercado's Mexican Restaurant...the place is absolutely delicious - it's where I held my wedding reception a month ago. Everyone in my party complimented me on my choice of restaurant. We had carne asada, some lovely garlic shrimp, really good (not afterthoughts) rice & beans. Anyway, the menu was huge and the ambiance just right.

Good luck.

viva mercado's mexican
las vegas, nv, las vegas, nv

Sep 26, 2007
popcorn_denver in Southwest

Denver for Great American Beer Festival

IslayMan's got you covered nicely on most of the finer sit-down establishments in downtown. All great recommendations for that area.

I'd like to submit the cheap eats portion of this broadcast. Also, if I know anything about the Great American Beer Fest is that you'll want a good place for hangover food. Of which, I'll start with Sam's No. 3 on 15th and Stout. It's a Denver institution - quick, cheap. They serve a solid green chile burrito here and open all the time.
Also, for pizza you may want to get a slice at Two Fisted Mario's on 16th & Market or go for yet more burritos and tacos at Illegal Pete's - ok, but cheap.

Denver's nightlife is in LoDo (Lower Downtown). I haven't participated in a few years now, but back in the day there would be a street vendor or two selling homemade burritos on the corner of Blake & 22nd where all the clubs were. It made for great after party noshing. Not sure if that still occurs. Otherwise, forgive me for the reminisce. :


Good luck.

Sep 20, 2007
popcorn_denver in Southwest

Ruth Lafler on NPR

I thought it was the funniest sound bite! Really made you sound like a true food adventurer, so don't worry about it.

I took particular interest in the piece because my hubby and I do taco tours (as we call them) all the time. Being from Denver, it's easy enough to get lost around the city looking for the best taco truck or taco place. Anyway, we found ourselves in San Francisco late last year and took public transport from North Beach to the Mission District to sample some of the best tacos ever. Like five taco joints on every block - it was amazing and a fulFILLING experience.

Great piece and if you ever find yourself in Denver, make sure to give me a shout out - we'll go taco trekking.


Fun with Plantains

In the same can make up tostones OR fry them up nice and thin and use them as you would nacho chips for a beef nacho platter.
I've brought this to pot lucks and it's impressive when you make a mound of them...they soak up all the beefy goodness... gets a smidge messy, but it's the price you pay for being the rock star who brought the plantains to the party.

Sep 14, 2007
popcorn_denver in Home Cooking

I would like to discuss stock.

Aww jeez, upon reflection it sounds like I'm hijacking the conversation by posting a different question. Sorry 'bout that!

Soylent - I'm going to agree with fayehess using his/her quote "You can cook this anywhere from 1 hour to 4 depending on how rich you want it"

Stock, to me, is always ready to use, but never "done", when you've let it simmer at least for 1.5 hours and it all depends on numerous factors
1 - type of bones
2 - how rich do you want it
3 - what's the application - soup, sauce?

Sep 14, 2007
popcorn_denver in Home Cooking

I would like to discuss stock.

This thread has inspired me to make stocks again...I've been rather lazy during the summer and haven't cooked anything that takes longer than 20 minutes to finish.

That being said, has anyone ever tried getting bones from mass supermarket butcher shops? I live in Denver and King Soopers or Safeway are our everyday grocery stores. I'm sure I can get bones at a butcher shop, but thinking I'm thinking about convenience here.

Other methods by which you come across your bones??

-Laziest gourmand ever!! ;)

Sep 14, 2007
popcorn_denver in Home Cooking

Gourmet Food stores in Denver?

Agreed with all the aforementioned suggestions. But to make it a little easier on a newbie, I got your list with locations:

Parisi - everything you need Italian. Most everything imported. They also have an excellent to-go menu and deli case with items such as their risotto you can finish at home.

Greek Market - They have the best gyros here and it's such a tucked away little place. They have a great deli with different cheeses and yogurts as well as imported Greek products.

Avanza Supermercado - The grocery store of Mexican imports. You can pick up fresh corn tortillas, horchata mixes, guava paste, and a pinata all in one trip. Lots of interesting cookies/sweets, too. Locations are all over, but I like the one on Federal Blvd simply because there's a lady who sells tasty homemade green and red chile tamales just outside their door. Probably not legal, but Avanza doesn't seem to care - so neither do I.

Oliver's - yes, it's a butcher shop, mainly. But they have a good selection of cheese's and condiments. Their Tabasco counter is impressive with every flavor under the sun.

Savory Spice - Best thing I like about this place is that it is absolutely affordable. $5.50 for one Tahitian Vanilla Bean - this goes a long way for the home cook.

Pacific...Asian Market?? - Can't believe I've spaced the name, but this Asian market is on Alameda just east of Federal Blvd. You just can't go wrong for Vietnamese in this area, by the way. Anyway, this market is English friendlier than most.

Mondo Vino - Wine shop in the Highlands since someone recommended St. Killian's for cheese. Both shops are on the same block and the staff at Mondo Vino have a sixth sense about wine recommendations.

Also, ditto, for Colorado & Evans - you can't miss all the Middle Eastern Restaurants and markets on the Colorado stretch. Perfect for picking up quality tahini for that hummus dish.

Good luck!

Parisi Italian Market & Deli
4401 Tennyson St, Denver, CO 80212

1035 Lincoln St, Denver, CO 80203

1320 S Federal Blvd, Denver, CO 80219

Oliver's Meat Market
1718 E 6th Ave, Denver, CO 80218

Savory Spice Shop
1537 Platte St, Denver, CO 80202

Mondo Vino
3601 W 32nd Ave, Denver, CO 80211

Sep 13, 2007
popcorn_denver in Southwest

Am I the only one who peeks at the online menu prior to visiting a restaurant?

These days just about every restaurant has its menu available online. Now I've found myself constantly checking the menu to any restaurant I visit regardless of the meal (breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner).
Friends call me to meet them somewhere? I always defer to their choice, of course, but check the menu first anyway out of simple curiousity. Unless the menu is seriously out-of-date, I usually already know what I want to try or I obsess all day between this or that.

I'm starting to wonder, is it just me? Sure it lacks sense of surprise and spontenaity but it arms me with enough information and anticipation of what I'll be ordering later that day.

Frankly, I just can't. help. myself.

Oh, and I'll be eating here tonight (first-time)... Choices!

Sep 12, 2007
popcorn_denver in Not About Food

Mexican in Denver

Thanks for the rec, vanillagrrl. Your suggestion couldn't have come at a better time. I'm meeting a friend in Lafayette next week for lunch, so I'll put this on top of our list. Cheers.

Sep 12, 2007
popcorn_denver in Southwest

Tip calculator at the bottom of the bill...?

I can't imagine what makes this "tacky". You infer that all customers can do the math when, unfortunately, that is not the case.

I read it as a gesture of well-meaning and convenience to the customer. In the end, the amount that you decide to tip is still ultimately up to you.

Sep 11, 2007
popcorn_denver in Not About Food

Secret Food Myths - Let the De-Bunking Begin!

Any food myth having to do with chocolate...especially, "chocolate makes you break out".

Sep 11, 2007
popcorn_denver in Home Cooking

Mexican in Denver

Nice posts/suggestions all around. Either I've been here a while or I like Mexican food more than I let on...

My preferences for "authentic" and by that I mean emphasis on homemade, hearty, and consistent are the following:
1) Los Carboncitos - these guys are on 37th & Pecos. Mexico-city styled food where they make their own corn/flour tortillas, homemade horchata, and serve nopales which you do not get everywhere. When you sit at a table you're immediately greeted with four fresh salsas of increasing heat - no chips. The salsas are condiments like s&p for the rest of your meal. But they will give you some fresh, hot tortillas if you want to dip them in the salsas to try. I recommend any alambre meal. Oh, and NO yellow cheese here, they use a variety of Mexican cheeses, most notably queso fresco.

2) El Taco de Mexico (7th & Santa Fe) - cheapest bet and one of the tastiest. El Taco is a cash only ( i think) joint with a few booths and a diner-style booth sitting area where you can watch the action of the cooks. All of the cooks there are ladies, it's like having your Aunt Guadalupe cooking for you. I recommend their tongue tacos. I promise, if you've never had it, you will love it.

3) Tacos Jalisco (38th & Tennyson) - mostly for their soups. They have a killer posole with tender pork, hominy, and lots and lots of veggies. Yet another restaurant that greets you with their selection of signature salsas.

Where I do not like for a variety of reasons, mostly because they are overrated and/or just not good!
1) Benny's - institution. it's just okay. but if you go, get their sopapillas.
2) Taqueria Patzecuaro - you'll find great reviews on Citysearch for this one, but I don't know why. Friendly service, but really uninspired comfort food. Bad sopapillas.
3) Mezcal - absolutely overrated. Have great ambience and decent drink specials but their food is flavorless and no thought is put into it. It was good back when it first opened, but now it rides high on reputation, not food.

And, yes, Cafe Star is such a good, consistent place. I work near there so when I have lunch there it's always a treat!


Sep 10, 2007
popcorn_denver in Southwest