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Hearthstone Grill ~ Jamesburg

It is the best restaurant that has been in that spot. The owner is serious about food- makes his own dough and pulls his own mozzarella for the pies, which are excellent- def not your standard pizza joint pie, and comparably priced. The wood grill adds a great flavor. We've had the pork chops, rib eye, sausage, the smoked & grilled wings- all great. (He smokes his own stuff, too.) Sides served in cast iron dishes- they stay hot- great mac & cheese and asparagus. It is already drawing a crowd- there was a 20 minute wait on the last Thursday i went there. I don't drink, but he serves local micro brewed beer, and is starting to brew his own. I cannot recommend it enough. We used to go to Fiddleheads in town for a step up, re: food (though they had a tendency to get too cutesy with some stuff that didn't work). Hearthstone has displaced them- cheaper and to my taste, better.

Nov 27, 2013
sburns54 in New Jersey

Jimmys Greek American Grill - Spotswood

NO WAY related to Stewarts's, which isn't even as good as the grease trucks for real junky food! Jimmy's seems to be pretty authentic greek... just waiting for them to add grilled octopus (I've called and asked for it a couple times using a different voice so they might get to it). We've been there several times now, always good. A few specials each night. Big gyros, moussaka is A-1, falafels are not over- oily, their paninis were good- a very welcome addition to our cruddy dining scene in Spotswood. Much better than the Cambridge Inn (ugh), Ryan's down Devoe Ave., the Thai place next door to them, the Tung Hsing house, etc. Reasonably priced, worth your support. I've been in there a couple times by myself- actually, it's very comfortable, pretty nice, and the lady that owns the place is a card. Menu is at

Nov 19, 2012
sburns54 in New Jersey