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great flowers in nyc?


I lived in New York in the 90's, and loved the emphasis on flower arrangements that many of the restaurants had, such as Lespinasse. I've long since moved, but still visit frequently and have yet to find a place that hasn't decimated their flower budget to reflect the new economy. Can anyone recommend a restaurant that has those giant scale, lush arrangements that I miss so much?


Sep 06, 2011
kjkcle in Manhattan

Teaching children to behave at restaurants


We brought our kids to more grown up restaurants as babies and toddlers, and had great success with ordering their main course as we had appetizers, and then their dessert during our main course. The dessert was a welcome treat in exchange for keeping their "bottoms in the chair", and it worked very well until they were old enough to eat each course with us.

I would also agree with so many others -- we all have our days. If your child can't handle the restaurant, ask the server to bag your food and leave as quickly as possible.

Sep 06, 2011
kjkcle in Not About Food