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That all sounds like great fun. :) Wish I could teleport there right now! (Jeez, I am a dork).

Frozen Pizza

I agree.


Oh wow, your food memory brought back a Europe memory for me - stumbling to the lobby for a hot cup after long nights in Amsterdam... Coffee has never tasted so good! Thanks for that. :)


Now that football season is back, what's your idea of the perfect tailgate party???


What is a food memory that you have as far as smell goes? My grandma's house always smelled of fresh gravy. I love that smell and to this day gravy reminds me of her.

What are some of yours?

What's The One Thing You Can't Eat, even for money.

I haven't really found anything that repulses me yet. Although I have not traveled a lot, so that might be the reason.... I can think of things I would not want to eat, but given the opportunity for money??? Who knows.... a lot of fun things to read on this topic.
Thanks for the post.

Watermelon-Soju Cocktail

This sounds delicious!

Sep 05, 2011
PantryandFridge in Recipes