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Discontinued at Trader Joe's: July 2014-December 2014

Frozen Spinach Pizza… haven't seen this long-time favorite in my local Los Angeles area store for a few weeks now. Any ideas on its return?

Sep 27, 2014
greysky73 in Chains

BBQ Pork Shoulder on my Weber

OK, it turned out GREAT. 7 1/2 hours of cook time produced a stupidly tender, moist, flavorful beauty that everyone went crazy about. Also that wasn't even the end of the 'fuse' - reckon I could have pushed it another two hours which would not have hurt at all, maybe longer had I figured out the venting earlier to keep the temp consistently at or below 250. Here's one trick I added, a simple variation on tossing a foil pack of smoking chips on the coals: I used hickory chips rolled into two curved, aluminum foil 'sausages' with some holes poked in them, which I placed around the back side of the first half of the fuse. These produced a really good, consistent smoke for the first three hours with no flare-ups. Still, the fuse setup itself was the key to this roaring success. Thanks woodburner!

BBQ Pork Shoulder on my Weber

5lb butt is currently 4 hours in on woodburner's method, for my first ever pulled pork in the Weber... let's see how this turns out! Challenge has been keeping the temperature down... think next time I may try a two-briquette-layer fuse instead of the triangular three for a slower, lower burn. I'm using Trader Joes hardwoord briquettes - they do burn hot in my experience. With bottom vents fully closed I'm running a steady 250 now but even a hair open and it spikes to 300 in about 10 minutes. Thanks for the tips all, I'll follow up when this one's done,