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Quick early meal near The Fox on Queen East?

Any recos for something relatively quick for a pre movie dinner?

cevap and burek in Toronto

There's always California's on Pape. Not sure if they are the best but their food is generally very good.

New Costco location

I agree. Until I started working at Lawrence/Vic Park I would not have even considered driving to Warden and Ellesmere just to go to Costco.

Anson Mills cornmeal

Has anyone seen Anson Mills products in Canada?

Looking for roasted in-shell peanuts

Picards are good. They are located out by St Jacobs. Personally I prefer American peanuts, and wouldn't touch the Asian imports as really good peanuts need to be fresh. That said, Cdn palettes prefer slightly rancid peanuts (among my other dubious claims to fame I am a trained peanut taster), so you might like the imports if you have grown up eating peanut products in Canada.

Best Budget Pricing on Organic Free Range Antibiotic Free Meat in GTA

Last time I checked, Butchers of Distinction did not fall into the budget category. Has something changed?

Best Budget Pricing on Organic Free Range Antibiotic Free Meat in GTA

How do you define 'safe to eat' ? The meat you buy at any retail outlet in Canada is CFIA inspected and therefore 'safe'. But most meat at supermarkets, plus stores like Walmart and Costco, are industrial meats i.e. raised with drugs and under awful conditions such as a feedlot for cows or an industrial chicken farms.
You are much better off finding a place like Fresh from the Farm (definitely not cheap) or a farmer who raises animals humanely and is selling in quarters or halves. There are quite a few around the GTA or you could go to a farmers market and talk to the farmer about buying in bulk. Your cranky toddler would probably love going to Evergreen market one Saturday morning as the place is crawling with other toddlers, but cranky and otherwise!

Kitchenware store in Toronto that won't break the bank

We bought the cheaper version of Reidel at Winners and they are our weekday wine glasses. Got a box of 8 Bordeaux glasses for about $20.
And not all Winners locations are crazy busy. The location in Gerrard Square is reasonably quiet and has had great deals on Reidel, Le Crueset, lovely Portuguese pottery bowls and great quality bakeware.

Best craft beer joints in Toronto

The Only at Danforth and Donlands. It is not not only the best watering hole in the city, but every out of towner I have taken there loved it. Fantastic beer selection, great music, best laid back but totally with it vibe ever.

Looking for Empire Cookies in Toronto

If you're up for a trip to Prince Edward County, check out Scottish Accents in Wellington. Fabulous Empire cookies, amongst other yummy Scottish delights!

La Maquette for Winterlicious?

Anyone been recently? Last post I found was from 2011. We are wondering about checking it out for Winterlicious. Thoughts?

Wine corks?

Banita you need to drink more! :)

Where to buy wild or healthy shrimp year-round in Toronto?

Check out Fisherfolk at Evergreen Market on Saturdays. They only sell sustainable fish including fabulous shrimp. Not cheap, tho.

Russian Federation cuisine (or former Soviet Union cuisine) in Toronto

Totally jealous of your book club reading list and now have another must read, not to mention another must eat by checking out Crepes Club.

Chinese food for Christmas day.... Best place downtown is???

So we ended up at TOC. Food reasonably good but they screwed up our order, dumped a dirty knife onto my wool coat, and it took over an hour from when we ordered to get served. Plus we arrived there at about 445pm and they weren't full, but doing a booming takeout business. I am assuming that they figured if you were already in the restaurant you would wait and they gave priority to takeout. Whatever. Lesson learned. Eat at home on Xmas!

Chinese food for Christmas day.... Best place downtown is???

Thanks Slants. Just a question about the yummy sounding oyster pork jowl reco. Is that at TOC?

Chinese food for Christmas day.... Best place downtown is???

Thanks for the recos. We are leaning towards Crown Princess and are looking forward to trying the recos below!

Chinese food for Christmas day.... Best place downtown is???

Looking for recos for Chinese food downtown/Chinatown on Xmas day. Any part of downtown, any type of Chinese ok. Just has to be Chinese!

Lots of high profile new restaurant closings, anyone know why?

Consistency in food and good service are what take me back to a restaurant. We were in NYC for Thanksgiving and had some lovely meals, one at a resto where we have eaten at several times over the last 5 years. In addition to eating some really good food, the service was great at all places we ate (which were all in the $$ or maybe $$$ categories). Good service elevates a meal and makes you want to return.

In Toronto, service is rarely really good or for that matter rarely even reasonably good, so the only reason to return to a restaurant is for the food. Hence, if the food is not consistently great, one simply moves on to the next place and good places come and go.

Weezies for sale

Same as what pourboi said... Why wouldn't this be it's own thread? No shortage of other threads here about what's opened, what's closed. Seems to me there was a lot of speculation on Danforth pizza before, during and after the sale and nobody asked 'why'. Is there something different about Weezies?

Sunday Night Suppers Prix Fixe

I've seen a few restaurants offering interesting prix fixe for Sunday nights, like Fishtail, Dovetail and Northern Spy (what's with the tails and fruit?).
Does anyone have any other recos or comments about the places listed above? We're staying mid-town and willing to travel somewhat (one member of our party is ancient so we can't drag him too far) and budget is pretty flexible, but a deal would be great.... let's say we'd like to keep it to $60/pp excl vino.

Sep 18, 2014
the_beezelet in Manhattan

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2014 - July to September

We've never received the exec coupons. Do they even exist?

Danforth Pizza House for sale

We had a couple of pies with friends last Thursday. Asked for extra char and it was lovely, the still not quite to the Angelo standard (although to be fair, it was hit and the occasional miss with him too). Am just thrilled that we still have such a fabulous place in the 'hood.

Hipster Coffeeshop on Pape at Sammon Ave?

Rats. I thought we'd reached peak authenticity even here in Greektown, but I guess not.

Danforth Pizza House for sale

I am going from memory here, but I think the old sign said 'since 1964'.

Danforth Pizza House for sale

The char is pretty darn good, just not quite up to Angelo's, but then Angelo had 50 years to perfect his! We've had about 4-5 pies under the new owners, and each one is better than the last.

Morgans on Danforth

For those who live in the 'hood, Morgans just sent out 20% off coupons (food only) good until Oct 31.

Best baklava in Toronto?

We went to Meli today. Beautiful presentation, texture, and great honey taste, but too sweet for my taste. I will stick with Patisserie Royale.

Best baklava in Toronto?

Meli is relatively close to where I work... I may have to try theirs and compare it to Patisserie Royale, which is still the best I've ever tried. Will try to do the taste test this week!

Prince Edward County 2014 summer season

For lunch try the Tall Poppy in Wellington... Great spot with lots of interesting choices. Or for something traditional check out Schroeders (close to Huff). Really good breads that they bake on site and lovely soups and sandwiches. Last sumner Taco Girl had her cart in Bloomfield... Not sure where she will be this summer but she makes everything by hand including the tortillas. And of course pizza at Norman Hardie, but that might only be on the weekends.
For wineries you must go to Exultet. 100% county grapes and award winning wines. Also Hinterland makes fabulous sparkling wine.