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AB InBev eyes £75bn SABMiller takeover

I've been in the industry for over forty years. But,when Miller & Coors decided to enter a "strategic alliance", my thought was, "How can two mortal enemies get in bed together?"
A few months later, the next impossible marriage came together with Inbev taking over Anheuser-Busch.
That's when I figured out that there's smarter folks than me out there..... What better time to merge than when your largest competitor is taken over by another company....
Now I look at an Inbev takeover of SAB-Miller/Coors as "well they've taken market share from us so why not take 'em over and have almost all of the market....
I'm no corporate lawyer but, since both companies are overseas, does the US gubmint have any say in the matter?

Sep 16, 2014
zippypinhead in Beer

Help needed with clumping seasoning

So, you paid a dollar and got 50 cents of product out of it...
If you liked the spice, I would consider it a bargain and go buy more.

Sep 15, 2014
zippypinhead in General Topics

Looking for wine to lay down 20-25 years

I really wouldn't stress too much about the whole thing. Sometime around 2026, the kid will pull some bone-head thing. (kids do that ya know)
But, it's gonna make you very thirsty. The stash of wine will come in handy at that time.
Best of luck from every dad in the world.

Sep 08, 2014
zippypinhead in Wine


The story is supposed to end with the corporate blowhard yelling at the gate agent, "Well f%&# you !!!"
And her response? "Even for that, sir, you'll have to wait in line."

Aug 17, 2014
zippypinhead in Not About Food

Women who don't eat much when among peers

Hopefully, at 11:00pm, you'll have something good waiting in the fridge for her.
If you already know the routine, you should have been prepared for it.

40 years of "blissful" marriage talking here..... Or, as I like to say, 40 years into a life sentence with no possibility of parole.

Lobsta Land, 6/15/2014

We've had quite a few trips up to the North Shore. Lobsta Land is one of our favorites, Never had a bad meal there.
Too bad about the outcome of the game. (I'm from Cleveland)

Participle Placement in Recipes

Best example I've seen:
Let's eat, grandma!
Let's eat grandma!

Remember, practice safe text.
Use commas,,,,,,,,,
And never miss a period.

Jun 12, 2014
zippypinhead in Home Cooking

Food or drink that gets you out of bed in the morning ?

Beer!!! ;-)
Actually for me, it's fresh fruit.
Coffee? Blech! Completely lost my taste for it last year in the hospital.

May 07, 2014
zippypinhead in General Topics

Rudest grocery checker remark

When I was in school, we had a game where you brought 3 items to checkout to see who could freak the clerk out the most......

Thursday lunch in Houston

My "go-to" spot just south of IAH is JImmy G's.
Much less worry than going to/from downtown.

Apr 22, 2014
zippypinhead in Houston

How much should an "all you can eat" buffet cost?

I always thought that the way to charge at a buffet restaurant would be a weigh in before 'n after.....And, charge per pound.... With some sort of minimum charge if you use the bathroom...

Apr 10, 2014
zippypinhead in Kosher

Migraines: Coffee vs. Coke?

Just in case any of the posting migraine sufferers is a smoker.

I used to have horrid migraines... quit smoking 26 years ago and haven't a hint of one since.

Apr 05, 2014
zippypinhead in General Topics

Cooking for a picky eater...

Or, as my grandpa used to say,
"Guys will marry gals thinking that they'll never change. And, gals will marry guys believing that they can change them.....
Both parties are usually disappointed."

Apr 03, 2014
zippypinhead in Home Cooking

Lots of first-time posters?

Hey! I resemble that remark!!!
(Too bad this message bored doesn't have convenient roll eyes)

Apr 03, 2014
zippypinhead in Site Talk

Food for non Patients during hospital stay

And, I would add the following;
Tell him it's okay to say he needs some "alone time" and respect it. Go find something to do for a few hours and then see if he's feeling like company.
Having spent far too much time in hospital, I found that there are times you just want to be left alone.

Mar 31, 2014
zippypinhead in Home Cooking

A veggie side to go with meatloaf cupcakes for April Fools?

Don't forget to put sugar in the salt shaker & salt in the sugar bowl......

Mar 31, 2014
zippypinhead in Home Cooking

What goes with olives?

Gin !!!!
Seriously, I love olives all on their own. But, a bit of ice cold gin never hurts.

Small things I can't stand at chains or other......

In a now long gone place in Cleveland (New York Spaghetti House) all the wait staff was Eastern European. I once saw one of 'em wait on a table of twenty. Drinks, apps, salads, pasta & main course and not write a thing down until totaling up the bill.
Some of the folks even tried trading seats to mess him up but he never skipped a beat.

Mar 26, 2014
zippypinhead in Chains

Saggy celery

You're supposed to seek medical attention after 4 hours.

Mar 26, 2014
zippypinhead in General Topics

Dinner Before Concert at Rocksino

Just down the road is this place:
A bit above "Red checkered tablecloth Italian"
We just ate there tonight. Solid consistent place.

Mar 14, 2014
zippypinhead in Great Lakes

One from left field: is there such a thing as a craft/boutique/premium Worcestershire sauce?

Ah, but to those of us in the food manufacturing industry, it smells like money. ;-)

Mar 14, 2014
zippypinhead in General Topics

Servers Drinking on the Job

When I first started working in the brewery industry 40 years ago, they allowed the workers to drink in the break room. If you were a line mechanic and your line was spinning along, you sat in the break room, smoked cigarettes, played cards with your buddies and drank as much beer as you wanted. Then, they would go home and complain to the wife about how hard they had to work.
There again, none of 'em wanted to go home.....

How times have changed......

Mar 13, 2014
zippypinhead in Features

Follow-up to the thread on catering to in-laws' Midwestern tastes (boy, did I open a can of worms!!!)

If they were reluctant to eat at a Greek restaurant, I would seriously doubt that offering a can of worms would go over very well.
Me? I would just suck it up and put up with them. Not worth the drama that's sure to happen if you tell 'em off.

Mar 04, 2014
zippypinhead in Not About Food

Salt in restaurant food

I've had heart drama for the past 25 years.
When I travel for work, I refer to most restaurants as "as-salting" me.
I'll put on 5-8 pounds of water weight on a typical trip... I've given up on asking the server if the kitchen could take it easy on the salt... doesn't seem to make any difference.

Feb 20, 2014
zippypinhead in General Topics

Outdoor venue Cleveland-Akron

Yes, some nice spots but no alcohol allowed.
The Medina County park system has a perfect venue at Allardale.
Unfortunately there's a conflict with a young lady marrying into the family with us using the same venue.
Sigh.... I look at it from the viewpoint that I was once young and entitled.

Jan 30, 2014
zippypinhead in Great Lakes

Pabst Blue Ribbon........quality vs. quantity Question for Beer Drinkers

And the PBR that you think is "better" was most likely brewed and packaged in a MillerCoors plant.....

Jan 30, 2014
zippypinhead in Beer

Outdoor venue Cleveland-Akron

Looking for an outdoor venue for a 40th anniversary celebration.
Anywhere in the Cleveland-Akron area. Would like to use my own caterer which takes most of the wedding venue spots out of the running.
Thanks for any help & suggestions

Jan 27, 2014
zippypinhead in Great Lakes

Eating and ogling: Are there any topless bars in MSP ...

So, by that answer, I'm going to assume that you've sampled every girlie bar in the area and haven't found decent food? ;-)

"White" or "Wheat"?

When asked that question in a restaurant, my response is always, "Whatever makes the kitchen happy....."
Doesn't make any difference to me.

Jan 22, 2014
zippypinhead in General Topics

Celery half-portions for small households.

Reminds me of an old joke.
A clerk is stocking the produce section and is approached by a little old man.
"This head of lettuce is too much for just me. Can I buy just a half a head?"
"I'm sorry sir, we don't sell half heads of lettuce."
"Could you check with the manager?"
So,rolling his eyes off the clerk goes and finds the manager....
"Some cantankerous old idiot wants to know if we could sell him a half head of lettuce....."
And then notices the old man standing right behind him.
"And, this fine gentleman has offered to buy the other half!"

Jan 13, 2014
zippypinhead in General Topics