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Wedding Catering/Catering ideas Rhode Island

My lady friend and I are getting hitched in June...

We are going BBQ style and smoking some very fine organic beef and pork and have hired crew for that job...

We are looking for help for sides and apps, someone flexible and reasonable and creative!

We don't want the classic weak wedding apps such as bacon wrapped scallops (those stink!)

Any ideas CHOWHOUND community??? Any help is very much appreciated.

Wedding Pit Barbecue?!

Thanks for the tips everyone! I'll have to get out and take some samples. I will report back...

Wedding Pit Barbecue?!

I am planning an outdoor wedding for next summer in Southern Rhode Island, and my fiance and I are thinking about hiring a Barbecue master to do the meat. We don't really want the kind of sloppy pulled pork/ribs traditional barbecue, but a Texas style pit where folks can get sliced meat (pork, turkey, etc...) and then decide on whether they want to add BBQ sauce at all. There are a couple of local BBQ joints in Providence where I live, but nothing stellar. Does anyone out there have suggestions??? Thanks!