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What a sloppy mess!

Thanks for the heads up! New to PP and had been thinking about giving it a try.

One thing I noticed, is they never seem busy at lunch. Even today when I was at Publix at lunchtime the restaurant was pretty empty. That to me is a sure sign that there might be problems.

Although they seem to have their followers on other "foodie" sites, I think I will pass.

Very pleasanly surprised! Sushi in Pembroke Pines

We had a delivery from Nami Sushi & Grill in Pembroke Pines.

Never ate there, no exactly sure where this restaurant is exactly, but we were in the mood for Sushi and did not want to go out on a Friday night!

Found them on the internet and took a chance.

Very polite and courteous on the phone, they did not put me on hold, answered my questions with no problem. So far so good.

Sushi was delivered in a timely matter, beautiful presentation, fresh fresh ingredients!! Just lovely!!

I have not been overwhelmed by Sushi in South Florida (we are originally from Seattle, where there is phenomenal sushi restaurants on every corner it seems - well maybe not, but some excellent sushi can me had in Seattle!) but his place was a very nice surprise.

They are loaded on my I-phone and when we get the yearning for some good Sushi I will definitely call them!!

Nami Sushi & Grill
17007 Pines Blvd, Pembroke Pines, FL 33027

Vizcaya - Breakfast Restauant

We are coming from West Pembroke Pines.

Vizcaya - Breakfast Restauant

Day trip to Vizcaya on Labor Day. Any decent breakfast restaurants near by?

Love a good Eggs Benedict, portions do not have to be huge.

Sorry for the short notice.